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Latest stories Taboo An Unexpected Bonus: A Mile High

Usually I love summer.
An enthusiastic sun-worshipper, I am also addicted to being the object of admiration under any circumstances, and my body in a bikini is certain to attract attention from any red-blooded male within view.
As a result, I like to spend my summers in tropical locales where I can live in a permanent state of near-nudity.
The logical choice would have been to spend my summer in Florida where Kyle is training for the pro tennis tour, but I just couldn’t prolong the inevitable by clinging to him all summer.
We are dating other people, separating for two years until I finish school.
We promised not to fall in love with anyone else during that time, and when I finally graduate we will hopefully be ready to take the next step in our relationship.
Until then, we will visit each other periodically and enjoy having sex with other people (at least I intend to…I’m not a celibate kind of girl, and Kyle has given me permission).
No, for this summer, Florida won’t do.
Instead, I head north.
My father has a summer home in the Hamptons, in New York, and that is my destination for the next twelve weeks.
My plane leaves in three hours, and I’ve just arrived at the airport in plenty of time to relax at the gate, read for a little while, and look forward to some time away.
I quit my job before I left.
I got a sense of satisfaction from marching in to James’s office, looking him in the eye, and telling him to shove my job up his ass.
He has treated me so badly over the last few months…giving me crappy hours and the obvious cold shoulder treatment, with the exception of some mean comments thrown in for good measure.
As much as I will miss my friends at work, it just wasn’t the same without Kyle and Rick, I don’t need the money and I certainly don’t need the crap I was getting from James on a regular basis.
It felt good to get out of there.
I grab a chai latte from Starbucks and head to the First Class lounge.
I find a comfortable seat near a window (lots of light and a view of the planes as they taxi down the runway), pull out my Kindle, and begin to read.
Vampire fiction.
My guilty pleasure.
I am immersed in reading and don’t notice the people around me until one guy sits on the couch directly opposite me.
My guydar kicks in and I can tell without looking directly at him that he’s hot.
I take a chance and look up.
Oh, God…really hot, and he’s looking right at me, so of course I smile and keep the eye contact.
This is a trick I have…the stare-down.
I always make him look away first.
This guy’s got beautiful eyes…an unusual light brown color, and he has an exotic-looking complexion…beautiful mocha-colored skin.
His head is shaved, but perfectly shaped so he can pull it off, and he’s got a nice body, filling out his button-down oxford shirt with a broad chest and strong arms.
He’s got a half-smile on his face as he checks me out.
But he hasn’t looked away yet, and now he’s walking over here.
Mission accomplished.
He sits next to me, still checking me out.
Now I’ll look away, because it’s awkward to keep staring when he’s right next to me.
I go back to my Kindle, but I’m a little self-conscious because I can tell he’s still looking at me.
Finally, he speaks.
“What are you reading?” I smile slightly, and blush just a little as I’m forced to admit my addiction to the Southern Vampire Mysteries.
“Have you ever seen True Blood? On HBO?” I ask.
“I love that show,” he smiles.
“The sex scenes are hot for a mainstream show.
” Oh, boy.
“Yes, they are,” I agree.
“and the sex in the books is even hotter, believe it or not.
” “Oh, I doubt that.
I’m very visual when it comes to sex.
And tactile.
Reading about it just isn’t the same.
” “Then you’re not reading it right,” I say, tossing my hair back, and giving him a flirty smile.
“It can be just as hot to read about sex because you can let your imagination color everything.
You can insert yourself into the act, someone you love, someone you’ve fantasized about.
” “Hmmm.
Maybe I’ll have to give it another try sometime,” he says.
“How about now?” I ask.
“There’s a website I like to read that publishes some great Erotic Fiction.
” I scroll through my Kindle menu, find the website, and pull up one of my favorite stories.
I hold the device on my knee, turned towards him so he can see it easily, and he leans towards me as we read it together.
A man and his wife board an airplane and immediately get into some heavy fingering of each other, then they begin talking to another man who fucks the wife in the bathroom, then the husband goes and fucks a flight attendant.
Basically, there is a lot of fucking and partner-swapping, and the story is just plain hot.
And it involves an airplane.
My choice of that particular story was not a coincidence.
I move my arm just slightly so it’s touching his as we read.
He reaches over to hit the scroll key on the Kindle, and then he leaves his hand resting on my knee.
“OK, you made your point,” he says as he finishes reading.
“That was arousing.
” “I can see,” I say quietly, noting the bulge in his pants.
“If we were somewhere more private, I’d help you out with that.
” “Where are you headed?” he asks, as he begins gently rubbing my knee.
His fingers cause the bare skin to tingle and spread warmth straight up to my pussy.
We find that we are both flying to Long Island.
So we’ll be on the plane together soon.
Ever hear of the Mile-High Club?” he asks.
“I’ve heard of the club, but I haven’t joined yet,” I say with a smile.
“Are you interested in joining? Because I have the ability to initiate new members.
” “I am very, very interested in having you initiate me,” I answer, and he grins.
A woman behind us huffs loudly and makes a production out of moving seats, glaring at me the whole time.
I smile sweetly at her and return my attention to my new friend.
We compare tickets and realize we are not in adjacent seats.
We’ll have to see how crowded First Class is, and make our plans accordingly.
A flight attendant announces that our plane is now open for First Class passengers to board.
I begin to shut down my Kindle.
“So, what’s your name?” my hot new playmate asks.
Yours?” “Shane.
It’s very nice to meet you lovely Lanie, and I’m looking forward to fucking you when we get on the plane.
” With that, he goes back to his seat, retrieves his laptop case, and walks away.
I’m about to fuck a complete stranger on an airplane.
What has gotten into me lately? I gather my purse and carry-on bag and head towards the plane.
Once on board, I realize that conditions are very favorable for Shane and me.
Despite the First Class section’s capacity for a dozen passengers, we are the only two seated in this cabin today.
I forego my actual seat and slide into the window seat next to Shane.
I say a little mental thank you to my mother, who always insisted that I dress up when I fly, and smooth down my short skirt, knowing that it will make our plans even easier to carry out.
Shane doesn’t waste any time at all.
He signals to a flight attendant and asks for a couple of blankets.
As soon as we get them (really big, very soft ones…first class rocks), he spreads them over us.
Other passengers are walking by as he begins to caress my leg from my knee all the way up my thigh.
He stops short of my panty line, but his fingers brush the edge of it, which is close enough to get those tingles going again.
At the same time, he reaches over and lifts my chin, then leans in and kisses me, parting my lips with his and seeking my tongue, which he expertly strokes with his own.
He’s a really good kisser.
My lips and tongue work enthusiastically against his, and I find what little hesitation I may have had completely melting away.
Under the blanket, I feel him moving my panties aside.
He runs his fingers up and down my slit, where they become coated with my juices.
“You’re really wet,” he murmurs in between kisses.
I reach my hand over to his lap and immediately feel the bulge in his pants.
“And you’re really hard,” I whisper back to him.
In reply, he thrusts two fingers into my wet and ready pussy.
I gasp at the unexpected pleasure I feel from a stranger touching me so intimately.
My gasp seems to excite Shane and he wraps his hands around my head, pulling me closer to him and kissing me harder.
I begin to caress his erection, through his pants because it’s too difficult to unzip them from where I am sitting.
The flight attendant comes in to our cabin and clears her throat.
We stop kissing, but Shane continues expertly finger-fucking me and I’m sure the pleasure shows on my face as the flight attendant goes through the pre-flight instructions.
Finally, she is finished and leaves the cabin, closing the door behind her.
Just minutes later, we are taxiing down the runway and the plane is finally airborne.
Not a moment too soon; I know that I am mere moments away from an orgasm, and I want to be off the ground when it happens.
Shane pulls away from my lips and brings his mouth to my ear.
“I want to taste you,” he whispers.
“You’re so fucking wet and I know you must taste so sweet.
Can I lick your pussy?” “Oh, my God…I would love that,” I whisper back, feeling another gush of moisture at the mere suggestion.
“Recline your seat a bit and slide down to the edge,” he instructs me, then he disappears beneath the blanket.
He seats himself on the floor at my feet.
Thank God for First Class…there is plenty of room on the floor between the seats, and you practically can’t tell that someone is under there, as huge as these blankets are.
I can’t see what he’s doing, but I feel him tugging on my panties, so I lift my hips to help him remove them.
Online Now! Lush Cams James_Olsen Then I feel his tongue, starting at the bottom of my slit, slowly working its way up, then circling around my clitoris.
I’m already so close, I don’t want him to tease me.
I really need to cum.
I close my eyes and lean my head back, enjoying the erotic sensation of having my pussy eaten by a complete stranger on an airplane.
He works his tongue up and down me, continuing to dance around my clit, until suddenly he thrusts his tongue deep inside, making my hips buck off the seat in surprise.
He fucks me with his tongue for a long moment, turning it so the sensations change as it thrusts in and out of my pussy.
Then he slides it up to my clit again and begins to flick it quickly with his tongue, just as he slides his fingers back inside me.
That is all it takes for me, and I’m biting my knuckles to keep from screaming out, my thighs are gripping the sides of his head, and my pussy muscles are convulsing as I ride out a massive orgasm.
When I open my eyes, Shane is beside me, his eyes bright with excitement.
“I take it you enjoyed that,” he says, more of a statement than a question.
He knows I did.
This is a man who is obviously confident with his own skills.
“That was amazing.
Even better because of where we are…we could get caught any second,” I whisper.
“Sexual pleasure is always heightened by a little danger,” he says.
“Well…heaven forbid you should take all the risks,” I say.
“May I return the favor?” “I would never in a million years turn down a blow job from a woman as gorgeous as yourself,” Shane smiles.
“You are every man’s fantasy.
” I grin and take my own turn hiding beneath the large blanket.
Shane unzips and lowers his pants and boxers down to his hips, unleashing his massive, hard cock.
I immediately go to work, licking the tip, running my tongue up and down the shaft, stroking his balls with one hand while I work the base of his shaft with the other.
His cock twitches in my hand and grows even harder.
Shane rests his elbows on the armrests and draws the blanket up over them, creating a larger tented area so my bobbing head is not so obvious to anyone who may walk by.
I’m still teasing right now, licking him all over and working him with my hands.
Between his precum and my saliva, he is good and slippery and I focus on the tip of his cock with my lips and tongue for a moment while I work the shaft over with both hands.
I hear him groan softly, then Shane reaches one hand down and grabs the back of my head, pushing me down on his cock, forcing me to take more of him in my mouth.
I breathe deeply and concentrate on opening my throat, and he pushes harder as I take in his entire length.
Just then, I hear a female voice and notice a pair of heels on the floor right next to me.
“May I bring you a beverage, Mr.
Clair?” I freeze in terror…the flight attendant is right there! Shane’s hand grabs my hair and continues to pump my head up and down on his cock as he talks to the flight attendant.
“Yes, please.
I’ll have a beer and a water, and please bring a rum and Diet Coke and a water for the lady who is currently in the restroom.
” “Of course.
Is there anything else you need?” she asks, as Shane’s fist winds tighter in my hair and he shoves me faster and harder onto his dick as his hips begin thrusting upwards.
“No, I’m being very well taken care of.
Thank you.
” His voice sounds tight to me, and I know he is on the edge.
Out of the corner of my eye, I see the heels turn and move away, just as Shane’s balls tighten and he gasps out “Oh, fuck!” as he shoots his load of warm cum into my mouth.
I climb out from under the blanket and back into my seat, reaching for Shane’s hand.
His fingers entwine with mine, and he turns his head to give me a satisfied smile.
“I think I can tell you who the amazing one is around here.
Hot damn, girl.
A seated blow job doesn’t usually get me off, but you are just fucking hot.
” I just grin.
He doesn’t have to tell me that my oral skills rock.
A girl should always be aware of her own talents.
“Well, thank you for initiating me into the Mile High Club.
That was incredibly fun.
” “Oh, no no no, not so fast…you’re not a member yet.
” “But, we just…” I trail off…he knows what we just did.
“We made each other cum, but you haven’t been properly fucked yet,” he says.
“Until a cock invades your pussy while a mile up, you are not a true club member.
” “Oh…I see…so why did we just…” I trail off again.
“Because it was fun.
Because it felt fucking amazing.
Don’t you agree?” I absolutely agree.
I just smile and nod.
He takes my hand and moves it back to his dick, which is not completely soft but definitely needs some work to be ready for Round 2.
I grasp it with my fingers and begin stroking it.
Shane leans his head back and closes his eyes.
The stewardess brings our drinks while I’m working Shane’s cock, but if she notices or suspects anything she doesn’t let on.
Frankly, I’m surprised that the stewardess actually brought me alcohol, considering I’m not old enough to drink, but apparently she doesn’t care.
Shane places my glass in my cock-free hand and clinks his beer bottle against it.
Now toss it down.
” Shane tilts the bottle up and quickly drains his beer.
I close my eyes and do the same with my Rum & Diet Coke.
It’s really good, and I can feel my throat burning just a touch and a warmth races through me.
Shane presses a call button next to his seat and orders us another round.
I’m continuing to stroke his dick, which is now hardening under my ministrations, when our second round of drinks arrives and I toss that one back.



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