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He held my gaze, slowly pulling his fingers from my cunt and bringing them up to his mouth.
He sucked my sticky cum from them, licking them clean.
My teacher was licking my pussy juices from his fingers, in the privacy of his own home.
He bought his fingers up to my mouth and silently commanded me to suck them, so I did.
I held his green eyes with mine as I wrapped my tongue around his thick fingers, tasting my own juices.
He pushed them back into my throat and started to finger fuck my mouth.
He still remained silent.
His other hand pulled my top over my head, revealing my naked EEs as they sprung lively from the restraint of my top.
His hands cupped my breasts and he slowly started to massage them.
Each time I moaned he rubbed faster and faster, pressing them against each other.
“You thought that I didn’t notice,” he whispered as he picked me up, “all those times during class where you’d be staring at me while your tight cunt poured its sweet juice all over your thighs.
” He placed me on the couch and hovered over me.
“You thought that I didn’t notice all of the orgasms you were having during my class.
The climaxes you would reach right at the end of my lesson.
” I closed my eyes as he talked, my pussy tingling in anticipation of what was to come.
“I didn’t care if you saw or not, sir.
In fact, sometimes I hoped that you had and that you’d slam me on your desk and fuck me raw,” I gasped.
His hands travelled down my thighs, forcefully spreading my legs a part, leaving my pussy for all to see.
His fingers pressed against my clit and electric sensations ran through my body; I’d never experienced anything like this before, not even in my fantasies, and he hadn’t even formally fucked me yet.
“You’re a smart girl,” he said, nibbling on my ear.
“Why would you want to fuck your teacher?” “There’s something about you that screams out to me.
I’ve wanted you to fuck me from the second I walked into your class.
Images of you ravishing me on your desk leaked into my mind and I wasn’t able to shake them, so I stopped trying.
I let those images shape themselves into sexy fantasies and I masturbate to you every day, sir.
Every day I imagine your cock penetrating my tight cunt, filling me with your meat, splitting me open.
” “You talk dirty for a sixteen-year-old,” he moaned as he bit down on my neck.
“Gah! Fuck!” “That’s it baby, keep gasping.
Just keep gasping and enjoying what I’m doing to you.
I want you to imagine now, imagine my giant cock spreading your pussy lips, teasing your clit and pushing against your fuck hole.
Imagine my hands pinching and twisting your giant tits, slapping them until they go raw.
“Then imagine my cock forcing its way into your tight little cunt, almost ripping it apart because it’s so big.
Imagine me filling you up to the hilt, making you feel so full, only to pull back out to slam back in even harder.
Imagine your cries as I roughly fuck you, making you my little slut, treating you like a fuck toy.
“Feel my cock attack your sweet spot, sending spasms everywhere.
Feel it press against your cervix, stretching your tight, slutty cunt even more.
Feel the sweat gathering on your body as your feel your orgasm start to grow, starting in the pit of your stomach where my cock is mercilessly pounding away at your dripping cunt.
All your juices leaking out onto your thighs, all your juices leaking out for me.
“Feel each pound of my cock, hammering into you, giving you pleasurable pain.
Pain you enjoy because you’re such a tight little slut.
You’re my tight little slut.
Your orgasm builds even more, but I tell you not to cum.
You’re not allowed to cum until my seed is buried deep inside your womb, exploring your hole even more.
“Feel my cock expand as I blast load after load of hot cum into your fuck hole, filling you entirely.
Your body shakes as your orgasm-” “HOLY FUCKING FUCK!” I screamed as a violent orgasm ripped through me.
I held onto him for dear life as my hips bucked against the convulsing of my pussy.
I squirted everywhere and struggled for breath.
He had made me come using only words! His hands had not touched me anywhere the entire time he was talking.
If that wasn’t magic, I didn’t know what was.
I opened my eyes to see Mr.
Jordan staring down at me, a smirk forming on his face as he came in to kiss me, spreading my lips to let his tongue invade my mouth.
My tongue wrapped around his in a fiery passion as my hands tangled in his hair, pulling him harder against me.
I grinded against the bulge in his pants, wanting him desperately to fuck me right there and then.
“You want my cock?” he took my hint and smiled.
“You can have it,” he said as he turned himself over, lying down next to me.
He slowly unzipped himself and it became obvious he wasn’t wearing anything under his shorts.
His shorts came off and the biggest cock I had ever seen revealed itself to my eager eyes.
“Sir,” I gasped, in awe of his length and thickness, “how-how…?” “How big?” he chuckled arrogantly, “ten inches long, four and a half inches thick.
” My eyes must have popped out of my head, because he chuckled even more.
My pussy ached, both eager and afraid to have that monstrous cock inside it.
I was never one to pass on sucking a large cock.
I swiveled myself around so I was sitting between his legs, his full erect cock staring at me in the face.
I slowly lent forward and gave his member one long, wet lick from the base to the tip, and was rewarded with his moans.
I gently sucked the swollen head, my tongue swirling around it, teasing him about what was to come.
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My hands came up to massage his balls and his hips bucked up, forcing me to take more of him in my mouth.
I knew it wasn’t going to be possible to take him all, at least not right now, as I wasn’t accommodated to cocks this big, but then again, who the fuck was? I slowly sucked him up and got about three quarters of the way there when I started to gag.
I loosened my throat up a bit to accommodate his length and started to bob up and down.
As his moans grew louder and louder I let my teeth graze his skin ever so slightly, causing his cock to convulse in response.
“Oh, fuck, Victoria!” he moaned, “you’re so fucking good, you’re so fucking good!” I bobbed faster and faster, desperate for him to dispose of all his glorious cum into my throat.
My hands tightened around the base of his cock and I slid them up and down, trying to milk him of his cum.
“Oh, fuck! FUCK!” he screamed, grabbing my head and holding me still as he shot load after load of hot cum down my throat, warming me up deliciously.
I swallowed all of his cum like a good girl, not letting any drip down my chin.
It took him a few minutes to get his strength back and when he did, I found myself once again on the bottom, with him towering over me.
We both smelt like cum and fucking and I knew there was going to be much more of both very soon.
“You’re such a good little slut,” he murmured against my neck, licking my jawline up to my ear.
He nibbled my ear lobe for a few minutes, arousing me once again.
“I bet you’re such a great fuck, you have been so far,” he bit down hard, once again at the base of my neck.
“I want you to beg me to fuck you.
Beg me to split open your tight cunt with my monster cock and fuck you so hard you won’t walk for a week.
Beg me.
” My pussy convulsed again and I shuddered against his words.
His authoritative tone was incredibly sexy and turned me on even more.
“Please fuck me,” I whispered, looking into his green eyes, “I want you to fuck me in my tight cunt with your monster cock.
I want you to fuck me so hard, sir.
Treat me like a fuck toy.
I want to be your little slut! I want your cock to split me open and fuck me better than I’ve ever been fucked before, sir, please!” “More, beg me more,” he growled.
“Please fuck me so hard, sir.
I want your cock to fill me so completely, I want you sir.
I want you.
Fuck me as hard as you wish sir, please oh please-” “That’s enough,” he hissed, covering my mouth with his hands.
“You’ve begged enough, you little slut.
I’ll give you my monstrous cock.
I’ll make you scream so much you won’t be able to talk afterwards.
You’re such a fucking slut.
” He positioned himself over me, his member poking against my pussy lips.
He found my entrance and spared me no mercy.
He speared into me, burying himself completely.
My body jerked and I cried out in pain as my cunt tried to push him back out, but he held his ground.
My cunt tightened around him making him grunt.
“Argh, fuck!” I cried as he started moving inside me.
“You’re so fucking big! You’re splitting me open, sir!” It was so intense that I started to see black spots lining my vision and I thought I was going to pass out.
“Mmm, fuck,” was all I could say.
Suddenly, a sharp pain flashed across my face and my head snapped to the right.
It took a few moments for me to realise that he’d slapped me!” “Don’t you dare fucking pass out, you fucking slut,” he growled, “you fucking take my cock up your tight fucking cunt and you stay awake to feel it!” I released more juices, making it easier for him to fuck me.
“Oh fuck, fuck!” I screamed, wrapping my legs around his waist, “That feels so fucking good, your cock is so fucking great.
Oh- oh fuck!” He bit down on my tit, pulling it up so it could snap back down again.
He alternated between each tit, maximising my pleasure, biting in time with his fucking.
“Oh baby,” I screeched, “I’m gonna cum!” Another slap.
“No, you are not to cum until I say.
You hold your fucking cum in.
Don’t fucking cum or I’ll punish you.
” “What? No! Oh sir, please let me cum,” I bit my lip in my effort to hold back my orgasm.
“I said wait, you fucking slut.
Wait until I say you can cum or I’ll punish you.
” His cock pushed up against my cervix, and my breath came in short, quick gasps.
I didn’t know if I could hold back my orgasm much longer and the growing pressure of his convulsing cock wasn’t helping my cause.
“I’m going to fucking cum, slut,” he grunted into my ear.
“You want it in your tight cunt?” “Yes!” I moaned, “give it to me in my tight cunt, I want your-” His orgasm interrupted me and load after load of hot cum filled my cunt up to the brim, spilling over the edge.
This triggered my own orgasm.
I screamed and thrashed around in Mr.
McIntosh’s arms as my juices flowed from my cunt, finally free.
My vision went blurry and my body shook violently as my orgasm rocked my entire body, forcing my cunt to push his cock out as it convulsed.
I found it hard to breath and I could hear the blood pounding away in my ears, my heart beat going at a hundred miles per hour.
I hadn’t experienced such an orgasm ever before in my life and I could feel the soreness already start to creep into my crotch.
I opened my eyes to see him staring down at me with a grimace on his face.
“You came,” he said, his voice dangerously low.
“I’m sorry!” I gasped, “I couldn’t help it, please forgive me.
It was the most powerful orgasm I’ve ever had.
I didn’t know how to control it.
Please forgive me!” “You came before I said you could,” he repeated, looking me straight in the eye.
My pussy twitched at his tone.
“I’m sorry,” I whispered.
“I’ll have to punish you.



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