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Latest stories Straight Sex The hissy fit

Thinks I went a bit too far with this one and he would never ever treat me like this.
Challenge accepted I say.
He clearly doesn’t know what he got himself into when he chatted me up a few months back.
  I was at Tesco browsing the chilled aisle for some chicken fillet for dinner, when he called me.
‘Are you done having your hissy fit?’ he set off.
  ‘What? I am not having a hissy fit.
I can’t believe you just said that.
‘ I should have known, he was just teasing me with pesky little comments like that.
But even if I had known I would have played along.
We had our first ever fight the day before.
Well, it wasn’t really a fight, but he had other things to do over the weekend and blew me off, making me play the ‘oh I don’t care and anyway I’m not that into you and I will ignore your ass a little bit’ game.
  I did not call him all day Sunday and didn’t reply to his texts or when I did I was like ‘whatever, M.
‘ So this was, what he was referring to as a hissy fit.
I looked around.
I was alone in the aisle, at least no one was within earshot.
  ‘Just let me get my claws on you, Mr and I’ll show you a proper hissy fit.
I will kill you for saying that.
‘   ‘I kind of want that,’ he said teasingly.
  ‘You want me to kill you?’ His laughter was loud and echoed in his room at the other end of the line.
  ‘No, you know what I mean.
‘   I looked around again and my eyes grew together as I whispered into my phone,   ‘Do you want me to punish you and torture you a little?’   ‘Finally she got the point,’ he pretended to be talking about me to someone else.
‘Tonight would be fine.
‘ And with that, he not only secured a date for that night effortlessly but also made sure that it will not be some vanilla missionary one.
Not that vanilla missionary was ever going to be a threat to us.
No wonder I was crazy about him.
  ‘I missed you, Annie,’ he said on his irresistibly sweet voice greeting me at his door.
  ‘Oh, shut up.
Don’t play sweet with me now.
You blew me off for the whole weekend.
‘   ‘I told you what happened.
Then you were avoiding me, you little brat.
And don’t you fucking dare telling me to shut up!’   ‘Wow,’ I say on my everyday voice trying to sound like a narrator, ‘I thought you wanted punishment and a little torture.
‘   ‘Maybe, just maybe, I have changed my mind,’ he laughed.
Then he put his hands on my arms pushing me backwards into the closed door.
‘Showing up at my door, three hours after my phone call, like a desperate little cunt just made me want to fuck you really hard.
Really-reeeally hard.
‘   Part of me wanted to let him do just that.
That part of me was responsible for my soaked underwear.
The other part of me wanted to push him away and scream at him for calling me all those names.
The latter one won.
I attacked his chest and pushed him as hard as I could, sending his arms flying off me.
He was surprised by my strength.
He always suspected it, but it was the first time he experienced it first hand.
He stood there for a second startled, bracing himself for another attack.
  ‘Desperate little cunt? Really, M?’ I was hissing and grinning and I folded my arms showing my confidence.
  ‘That’s what you are,’ he said on a smaller, testing kind of voice, a hungry little cunt.
‘ Not only he was smiling, but he was playfully rocking his head side to side.
‘But don’t you worry…’ he rose the end of the sentence playfully ‘I’m gonna fuck that desperate little cunt of yours…And it’s gonna be all right.
‘   All I could think was, Oh my fucking god, where have you been all my life?   He looked at me studying my face and I was pretty sure he read my mind as he went on, ‘I know, I know, I know,’ teasing me further, the way only he can.
  ‘So should we wrestle a bit more or just get on with the fucking?’ Now I was grinning inside and outside.
  ‘Make me.
‘   ‘Make you do what?’   ‘For a start you could try to make me suck you off.
‘   ‘Dirty,’ he grinned.
‘That will not be hard.
You love giving head.
‘   ‘Maybe, just maybe…’ He hated when I stole his words…’I’m not in the mood today.
‘   He smiled and started rubbing himself with a flat palm on his fly, making sure, the outline of his hard-on is visible through the material of his jeans.
Online Now! Lush Cams Loren_Brice He was moaning as he was pleasuring himself in front of me unscrupulously.
Then he stopped the tease briefly, leaving his palm on his cock but stopping the noises and he looked at me.
‘On your knees, slut.
‘ I just stood there smiling, arms still folded.
‘I said, on your knees,’ he repeated with clenched teeth, not opening his mouth, only his lips moving.
  When I still did not move.
He stopped touching himself and his hands slowly, gently and unthreateningly found their way back onto my arms.
As he pushed me slowly against the door my arms got unfolded and dropped in front of me.
He took one of them and placed my palm on his bulge.
‘Don’t make me make you,’ he said.
  I smiled, but I just stood there as a lifeless doll.
My back and shoulders were supporting my body against the door.
Keeping me pinned and my hand on his cock he pushed his knee up into my crotch making me part my legs for him.
‘Come on,’ he said inches away from my ear ‘I know you want it, my little cock sucking whore.
‘ Still holding his knee between my legs, his fingers sought out my clit through the material of my knickers and my jeggings.
Neither of them were made of very thick material but yet his expert knowledge of my anatomy impressed me.
He just pressed his fingertip against it as if it was a button.
Then when he got nil reaction from me, he started moving his fingertip up and down rather roughly.
  My pulse racing, I involuntarily threw my head back.
It gave him an easy access to my neck which he used to his advantage and started kissing and biting me as he continued rubbing me.
Between the flood of kisses he started his irresistible arousing talk on his irresistible turned on voice.
  ‘Oh come on, Annie.
You know how much I want to play with you… how much I want to undress you.
‘ he started pulling off my jeggings and underwear both in one go and I didn’t do anything about it as I simply didn’t want him to stop talking.
‘I want to part your legs.
‘ He did.
‘And wet my fingers.
‘ He did.
and rub that little already too excited clit of yours.
‘ He took his fingers off my button and with both of his hands he turned me over pushing the side of my face and chest into the door.
He gathered my hands behind me and held it tohether with his left hand, while his right one was playing all over my pushed out easily accessible bottom.
  ‘You have no idea how much I want to bend you over the bed and dig my tongue into your wet pussy.
‘ He was fingering me and my running juices probably told him that from now on, basicly he could do whatever he wanted to do with me.
But he didn’t stop the tease just yet.
‘I really, really want to taste you.
I want to lick you everywhere.
‘ His fingers rubbing me between my labia.
Oh so soaked I was.
‘Even here.
‘ he said sliding his index finger up, and gently pressing it against my little sensitive star.
  ‘Would you like that? ‘ he asked breathing heavily into the back of my neck.
‘Do you want me to rim you?’ I lost it, and I made that little desperate whinging sound that I never heard before I met him.
And even with him it was a very rare treat.
It sounded like a puppy who can’t find it’s mummy.
  He licked his digit and fingered my very tight hole.
‘I’ll do all those things.
‘ he said breathing ragged.
‘but first I need to use your mouth.
‘ ‘I need to use it and maybe fill it up with my cum.
And it’s not because I want it, it’s because You want it.
Do you want me to fill your mouth with my cock?’   My answer was a ‘mmmm’ and an involuntary turn of my body and weakness in my knees.
While I lowered myself under him I wondered about the twistedness of our power games.
Now, here he was seemingly controlling me, but didn’t I order him to do this to me.
I did.
I smiled inside.
No matter how he degraded me, how he seemingly had the upper hand, I was always and forever the one in charge.
Didn’t he use to say that he is a gentleman and he wants me to be his princess? I smiled with my lips around his cock.
Look at him.
he is so not a gentleman it hurts.
And me? A princess? Well.
maybe a very slutty princess.
A very slutty princess who always had her way.



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