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Latest stories Taboo Our Little Secret (3/3)

It was noon on Saturday and my friend Sara was at my house.
We were fooling around in my room, listening to cheesy pop songs, reading trashy magazines, painting our nails and talking about boys we liked.
My mom was down the hall in her bedroom on the laptop doing work, and more than once she came into the room and told us to be quiet, which we did but this wasn’t enough so I suggested to Sara that we get out of the house and away from my mom, who was stressed out with her work.
As Sara and I were leaving the house, my step-dad Jack pulled up.
He had just returned from golf with his friends, which was something that he did once a month.
Our paths crossed on the way and I saw this as the golden opportunity to re-introduce Jack and Sara, seen as he had specifically asked for her a few weeks prior.
“Christa,” he nodded at me in acknowledgment as he got his golf clubs from the trunk of the car.
“You remember my friend Sara?” I asked.
Jack scanned Sara, greeted her and then went into the house, saying nothing more to the two of us.
He had asked me to bring her to him and here she was and he didn’t make a move like I thought he would.
I put it down to the fact that mom was home, and I expected him to bring the subject up later on when she wasn’t around.
I can’t imagine that mom wouldn’t have been too thrilled if she found out her partner was sleeping with school girls.
She would have been even less thrilled to find out that one of the school girls was, in fact, his step-daughter.
But he didn’t say anything to me later on that night after mom had gone to bed.
Or the next morning when she was in the shower and Jack and I were eating breakfast.
It took him two weeks to bring the subject back up.
It was after school on a Thursday and mom was working late, as per usual.
Jack wasn’t much of a cook so we were having fast food again.
“Your friend Sara,” he started, as we sat on the sofa watching television, which we always did when mom wasn’t home for meal times.
When she was at home it was television off and sitting at the table.
Jack was far more liberal.
“She pleases me.
Find out if she’s averse to the idea of us sleeping together,” stated Jack.
“I can’t imagine she would be,” I answered, wrestling a prawn with my chopsticks and losing.
“She’s slept with most of the guys on the football and basketball teams.
Something tells me that she’s not concerned with personal morals or respectability.
” “Good,” Jack replied.
“Bring me up in conversation the next time you see her.
Mention in passing that I think she’s very attractive, but don’t go overboard, just plant the seed in her head.
If you do it correctly it won’t take much more goading on either of our parts for this to happen,” he explained.
“I see you’ve been planning this,” I stated.
Jack was unfazed with my sarcastic tone.
“Oh, I’ve thought long and hard about this Christa, believe me.
” “So what happens after I’ve mentioned you to Sara? Do I bring her back here and lock you two in the bedroom?” I asked.
Jack laughed.
“Tempting, but no.
All in due course Christa, all in due course.
” And that was the end of the conversation, at least for the time being.
It wasn’t until Saturday afternoon when mom was out with her friends that I said to Jack that I had mentioned him to Sara.
“And?” he asked like an excitable child.
“She said that she was flattered that you thought she was pretty.
She then mentioned that you also weren’t too bad yourself and that mom was a lucky woman having a guy like you around,” I said, relaying Sara’s words to Jack.
I wasn’t about to mention to Jack that Sara had gone further and started nattering on about how she had thought of Jack a few times while she had masturbated, and that she had always wondered what it would be like to sleep with an older man.
I did not tell him that.
I wasn’t about to give him too much power seen as Jack has the tendency to go power crazy from time to time.
No, that would stay between Sara and me for now.
I would tell Jack at a later date.
“Good,” he said.
“This is good.
” “So what’s next?” “Your mother is going away in about a month’s time on a business trip.
Invite Sara to stay for the weekend.
In the meantime mention me a few more times, but that’s it.
Don’t mention our plan.
She’s slutty, if she wants it then she’ll come to me on her own accord without too much work,” he said.
I found it rather funny that he had referred to it as ‘our plan’ when it was all of his own doing, but I didn’t say anything more on the matter.
And besides, I wagered that I had already done most of the work seen as Sara was already thinking about having sex with him.
The next time I saw Sara, which was a few days later, I mentioned again how pretty she was and that Jack certainly thought so.
An odd look washed over Sara’s face and her blue eyes lit up.
It seemed that my work was almost done.
I didn’t mention my step-father anymore over the coming weeks.
Sara would have been suspicious if I did.
I t wasn’t until three days before my mom was due to leave on her business trip that I asked Sara if she would like to stay with us for the weekend.
“Nothing major,” I said.
“We’ll stay up late, watch movies and do other girly things.
” I was trying to make it seem as casual as possible, and I hoped that my tone of voice was casual and nonchalant, because inside my heart was racing and my head was pounding.
I couldn’t believe that I was prostituting out one of my best friend’s for my step-father.
It was definitely the strangest moment of my life so far.
“Okay,” said Sara, smiling in response.
The look on her face told me that she didn’t suspect anything, which was probably for the best at that point in time, but I was still very nervous.
I was nervous right up until the day when Sara was due to stay with us.
Jack was like a kid in a candy store; he was so excited and jittery.
At one point during the day, an hour or so before Sara was due to arrive, Jack was actually shaking.
He was sitting in his chair and shaking with anticipation.
When Sara did arrive at the house, Jack was in the kitchen.
He greeted her, his eyes looking her up and down and lingering on her breasts, long enough for her to notice, and then he said that he had to go out.
When Sara noticed Jack staring, she smiled at him, a devious little grin that told me everything I needed to know.
Sara was on board with the idea.
It probably was better that Jack was out of the house for the afternoon.
I imagine he didn’t trust himself to be left in the house with Sara.
It also made things seem more natural and ordinary.
The plan would have been kaput if he had started hanging around us and never leaving us alone.
But with him gone it was just two girls eating junk food, gossiping and doing makeovers.
Sara and I changed into our pajamas, ordered pizza for dinner and sat down to watch movies for the night.
I noticed that she had different pajamas than the ones she usually wore.
The pajamas she had on were a pair of little pink cotton shorts and a white singlet, as opposed to her usual night time attire of an old t-shirt and flannelette pants.
I knew solely that it was for Jack’s benefit, yet Sara acted as if nothing was out of the ordinary.
Jack didn’t return home until after ten o’clock, and when he came into the living room to check up on us, Sara looked up expectantly, her eyes never leaving Jack.
“Hello Mr.
Williams,” she greeted.
“Sara,” he greeted evenly.
He may have acted as if nothing was out of the ordinary, but I could tell by the look in his eyes that he was very, very excited.
Online Now! Lush Cams Stevens_Connor He was staring at her chest again, her nipples visible through the fabric of her singlet.
Jack nodded at me, turned his gaze away from Sara and looked to the TV briefly and then made his excuses.
“I’m off to bed,” he said.
“Don’t be too loud.
” He said goodnight to us and then was gone.
After he was gone Sara actually looked slightly upset but settled back into watching the movie.
Twenty minutes later Sara announced that she had to go to the bathroom.
With Sara gone I started texting my boyfriend Mitch, who had not long taken up a night-shift job after being kicked out of college.
Because he was working at night and sleeping during the day it meant that we didn’t get to see each other very often, but sometimes I would go to his house after school or on the odd occasion he would come to school at lunch time and I would cut class and have sex with him underneath the bleachers.
Sara had been taking a long time in the bathroom, which was a fairly good indication to me of what she was doing.
I left the living room and went to see what was going on.
Part of me was slightly jealous that someone else had Jack’s attentions while the other part of me was curious to see it unfold.
I heard muffled voices coming from mom and Jack’s bedroom, and the door was open a crack.
Jack was lying on his back and Sara was sucking him off, bobbing her head up and down.
I heard Jack moan and arch his hips upwards.
I had seen pornography a few times, but never a live show like this, and it was turning me on.
Sara stopped sucking for a brief moment, said something to Jack which I couldn’t quite make out, and then she continued her work.
I watched as one of my closest friend’s lowered her head onto Jack’s lap, taking him all the way in her mouth.
Sara was making ‘mmmm mmm mmmm,’ noises and then Jack moaned loudly in appreciation.
I was getting more and more turned on watching this live show between my step-father and my friend.
My hand slipped past the elastic waistband of my pyjama pants, moved my panties aside and found my slit.
I started rubbing myself, careful not to make too much noise.
I didn’t want them to know I was watching, I wanted to continue watching the show and I was scared they would stop if they knew I was peeping on them.
Sara stopped sucking Jack and I saw her stand up.
I stepped back away from the crack of the door in case I was seen.
She disrobed in front of my step-father and then got back on the bed.
She knelt astride him, grabbed his cock and guided it to her while she lowered herself onto it.
I heard her sigh when Jack had disappeared fully inside of her.
Sara started slowly moving herself up and down on top of Jack, while he reached up and played with her tits.
A moan escaped my lips as I watched Jack and Sara going at it, but neither of them heard as they were rather loud themselves.
Sara’s thighs were slapping against Jack’s and she was bouncing up and down on him faster.
I started rubbing my clitoris, matching my speed with theirs.
“I’m cumming Mr.
Williams,” I heard Sara announced.
“Quiet,” Jack said.
“Do you want Christa to hear us?” he asked, even though he knew that I knew what was going on, I had, after all, brought her here for him tonight.
But Sara didn’t know that Jack had planned this, and I imagine she possibly would have been sickened that I had prostituted her out for Jack, no matter how much enjoyment she was now getting out if it.
I heard Sara’s breathing increase and she started bucking on Jack, whimpering, and moaning.
I then had my own silent orgasm, huffing, puffing and shaking against the wall.
I then heard Jack moan and swear and I knew that he too had reached his climax.
I pulled my hand out of my pants and quickly went back downstairs.
I got settled on the couch again and acted as if I had been watching the movie the whole time.
“Did you get lost on the way?” I asked when ten minutes later Sara joined me on the sofa.
She had tried to clean herself up as best as she could, but she reeked of sex and the look on her face said it all.
“I must have eaten something bad,” she said.
“I’ve been feeling a bit sick.
” That was a complete and utter lie, but I didn’t call her out on this.
I let her think that I didn’t know.
Not much later she crashed, a small grin on her face as she slept.
I waited another hour, making sure that she was definitely asleep, and I went to visit Jack.
Seeing him with Sara had really done it for me and I was now ready to have my turn.
Jack was asleep when I got to his bedroom.
I carefully peeled the covers back and slid in next to him.
I rubbed myself up against him and he mumbled something indistinguishable in his sleep.
I trailed my right hand down his body, finding his limp cock.
I started rubbing it and again Jack mumbled, but it was a happy mumble and I got the feeling that he didn’t want me to stop.
His cock started to harden in my hand and Jack moaned softly into the pillow.
“Sara?” I heard him mumble.
“No, Christa,” I replied.
I continued rubbing his cock.
My other hand found his balls, which I fondled and rubbed, making Jack moan again.
He thrust into my hand slightly as I rubbed him and fondled his balls at the same time.
“Jack?” I asked.
He groaned in response.
“I want to ride you,” I said.
I quickly pulled down my pyjama pants, pulled my panties aside and leaned over Jack, lowering myself on him.
Jack was fully awake now and smiling up at me as I rode him, just as my friend had done nearly two hours earlier.
I was so wet from my earlier orgasm that Jack slipped in easily enough.
I started rotating my hips back and forth and making small circular motions as I rode him.
Jack moaned and grabbed my hips, slamming himself into me.
The way we were going neither of us was going to last long, but that didn’t matter.
Sometimes sex that was quick and rough was the most satisfying.
I leaned over Jack so my tits were in his face and he managed to catch my left nipple in his mouth, sucking on it and biting it gently.
I opened my mouth and let out a moan, wanting to be louder but knowing that I could not.
Jack continued to slam into me, holding my hips and driving his cock deep into me.
I started meeting his thrusts and it wasn’t long before we were both moaning, soon to meet our peak.
Jack arched his back, forcing himself deeper and I felt his cum hit my insides.
We both leaned back, breathing hard.
I felt him start to go limp inside me and I slumped off him and lay next to him.
“You can’t stay here tonight,” he said, breathing hard.
“Your friend will be suspicious.
” “Oh right,” I mumbled.
I found it odd that Jack still referred to Sara as ‘my friend’ after all that had been between them, but Jack wasn’t the most sociable person and the less he knew about people the better.
He still referred to some of his work colleagues and college buddies by their surnames.
I re-adjusted myself and put my pyjama pants back on and snuck back downstairs, slipping back into my sleeping bag and falling asleep next to Sara on the sofa, both of us having slept with my step-father that night.
Over the coming months, when Jack wanted it and when mom wasn’t at home, I would arrange once more for Sara to visit the house and each time she did she slept with Jack.
She still has no idea that each visit has been carefully arranged before-hand,.



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