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It was October of 1987.
Kelly and I lived in an area with a strong German heritage.
There was a German social/sporting club a few small towns away that held a series of Octoberfest dances each year.
They ran every other Saturday culminating in a big party on Halloween weekend, which that year was actually on Saturday.
The fact that we were all taught the polka, schottische, and waltz in high school gym class tells you all you need to know about the heritage thing.
Kelly and I enjoyed dancing and we attended the first of their Octoberfest dances that year.
We had a good enough time that we planned to also attend on Halloween when costumes were the norm.
Kelly spent the next month sewing herself a customized “Beer Wench” costume.
She always liked the look of them as they were so boob-centric.
With a pair of 32F tits, Kelly had plenty to be proud of.
She built in a half-bra and she made a leather waist cincher that combined really put the girls up on a platter.
The blouse under the leather was just thin white cloth covering her nipples.
The front of Kelly’s dress was cut much lower than traditional garb, showing plenty of her cleavage.
She built the bottom of the dress so that lots of layers would go flying as we would sometimes wildly spin about, but with one inside layer that would let her skip the panties yet keep her from flashing her goodies to everyone.
White stockings were traditional but Kelly went with bare legs instead, a decision I applauded.
I was a devil with some face paint, plastic horns, and a cape.
Everyone sat at long rows of banquet tables.
Kelly and I sat closest to the dancefloor, across from each other.
Soon we were joined by another couple around our age (we were twenty-seven at the time) and then a group of four college-age guys.
There were eventually another couple of dozen people beyond that along the half-dozen or so tables in a line, one of many in the huge room.
Of course, as we had our own beer wench, Kelly was quickly expected to be the table’s beer runner.
Pitchers of beer were the norm and Kelly had a lot of fun with it.
When returning to the table she’d bend so far over to fill everyone’s cups that we all thought for sure her tits would spill out.
Kelly had worn a garter to carry her cash that night.
Everybody was giving her ten bucks to fetch a six-dollar pitcher and she had a stack of cash growing in her garter as the night went on.
The bartenders were all volunteer guys who belonged to the club.
Their pay was tips and all the beer they wanted to drink.
All were men, mostly in their forties and fifties.
Kelly was a shameless flirt with each of them, tugging the top of her dress extra-low before she approached the bar.
Before long, Kelly was ordering four pitchers at once, picking up two with each hand and nodding to the bartender to pull the cash from between her tits.
Needless to say, Kelly was served first at the very crowded bar from that moment on.
Lots of drinking, dancing, and flirting had gone on.
Kelly was taking turns dancing with many of the guys at our table.
Kelly had her extremely long dishwater blonde hair in costume-appropriate pigtails that night, each of which hung to her waist.
At only five-foot-two, Kelly was much shorter than her dance partners so they all had a good look down at her boobs.
Kelly started accepting beer money and tips from some of the guys directly in her garter, which she wore high on her thigh.
Needless to say, as they buried their hands up the bottom of her dress, the guys were taking quick feels of her shaved pussy.
Kelly started using five-dollar bills to pay for the beer so the bartenders had to make a few trips into her dress to get them all.
She also placed them directly over her nipples so the guys would tweak her hard pebbles as they gathered their cash.
Kelly was horny as hell and soaking wet.
She was keeping several cocks at half-mast or better.
Around ten or so the band switched from only traditional music to more of a wedding band playlist, still with a few polkas mixed in.
That brought the young crowd out and filled the dance floor.
They also brought the lights down.
For Kelly, it meant “game on!” Guys were rubbing their hard-ons against her and copping feels of her huge boobs by slipping their hands inside her dress.
One of the college guys really was head over heels for her.
There was an open double door next to the band that led to the parking lot.
Folks were in and out all evening as it was quite warm inside.
He invited Kelly to go outside to cool off.
She accepted and he walked her fifty feet or so away from the door and pulled her in for a kiss.
Kelly was ready, probably even more so than that kid.
She stroked his cock through his jeans as they kissed.
He said he had a car.
In moments Kelly was flat on her back in the back seat with her knees in the air.
The flouncy dress bottom was blocking her view, but she could hear the guy pulling down his jeans.
The next thing she felt was a blazing hot cock slipping inside of her.
He leaned forward and smashed down the dress between them.
He stuck his tongue nearly as far down her throat as his cock was up her twat.
He broke the kiss just long enough to ask Kelly to show him her boobs.
She pulled the small amount of white blouse down exposing her nipples.
He mashed them with one hand but he couldn’t handle his excitement.
Kelly felt him squirt his happy juice into her.
He was embarrassed, blah, blah, blah.
Kelly knelt by the front of his car to drop his cum and do a quick pee.
They were back at our table before anyone had missed them.
I did notice the guy hand his car keys to another guy though.
Kelly went to get more beer.
Her “main guy” told her he had a break just then and asked if she’d like to join him.
To Kelly, he was a good looking fifty-year-old, ruggedly handsome, who had been tweaking her nipples for the past couple of hours.
But what really had her squishy down below was the fact he spoke with an authentic German accent.
She excitedly joined him.
He led her out a side door to a quiet patio with a couple of picnic tables.
They sat down and after a couple of words of small talk, Kelly lowered the front of her dress and he went to town on her boobs.
Kelly loves having her tits sucked and he knew what he was doing.
Biting them hard, but feel good hard, not hurt hard.
Kelly was rubbing his cock.
She asked, “Can I do anything for you?” and gave him her sexy doe eyes.
She quickly had him unzipped and popped out a nice six-inch uncut meaty cock.
Kelly loved to play with uncut cocks and she slid his foreskin up and down his fat shaft.
Then she worked up and down his dick with her hot tongue.
She tasted a few drops of pre-cum and then swallowed him whole and quickly bobbed up and down his whole shaft.
He was quietly moaning as Kelly tried to empty his nuts with just suction action.
He lasted maybe five minutes against her attack when she felt a hand on the back of her head hold her tightly against his groin.
Moments later she felt a couple of strong, hot blasts fill her mouth as he said “I’m coming” in that accent she loved.
She stayed on his cock until he began to soften.
Once she was sure she had drained him of every last drop, she lifted off his dick and swallowed his load.
She gave him a big cum-tasting kiss.
He slipped his hand under Kelly’s dress.
It caught her a bit off guard as she thought they were done.
He found her bare twat and started to finger fuck her with two strong fingers.
Kelly was as bad as the college boy.
She didn’t last but a couple of minutes before she came with a loud groan.
The soft applause got her to quickly open her eyes.
Two other bartenders had joined them on the patio.
Kelly could just tell that they had seen the whole show.
They were actually being very cool about it.
They congratulated their coworker as he and Kelly walked past to go back inside.
Kelly returned to our table with four pitchers of beer and gave me a quick peck on the lips as she was being dragged to the dancefloor by another college boy.
I tasted her adventures.
Kelly needed a break and they were back to the table after a couple of songs.
The college boys slipped a couple of more tens into her garter and felt up her wet pussy before she walked away from their hands.
Her bartender saw her approach and another guy intercepted.
He said his buddy said maybe they could help each other out.
 Kelly was confused.
 “Maybe you could join me on break and then I can get your beer?” Kelly thought he wasn’t as good looking as her main guy and maybe a little older, but he seemed nice so she joined him on the patio.
There were only the two of them out there and he wasted no time.
He leaned against a picnic table and pulled a stiff seven-inch hard-on out of his slacks.
Kelly deep throated him for a few minutes until he pushed her head away.
He turned her around to face the table.
Kelly laid her top half onto the table and gave her bottom half to him.
Online Now! Lush Cams Juicy_Molli He lifted her dress layers and then slid his hard cockhead up and down her open gash.
Kelly shuddered each time he rubbed it over her clit.
Finally, he stopped teasing and slowly stuffed his bratwurst into her cunt.
He fucked her with strong rhythms, making sure his cock was rubbing across her G-spot on each thrust.
Kelly came twice within minutes.
He picked up the pace and Kelly could hear the sound of her wetness as his cock slammed into her sopping cunt and his nuts banged her clit.
She was always embarrassed by hearing her own wet cunt.
But, I’ve never heard a man complain.
Kelly started to cum a third time and he fucked her through it, cumming himself as he fucked.
Kelly came back down and he slid the brat out of her bun.
Kelly stayed put and felt his large load slide out and splat onto the concrete.
She squealed as a different hard-on suddenly pushed its way straight into her vagina.
Kelly was one hundred percent taken by surprise.
No “Hello!”, no nothing.
She had, mistakenly again, assumed they were alone on the patio.
With her big flouncy dress shoved up onto her back, with her entire butt and cunt exposed, the dress was the only thing she could see as she turned her head to view the owner of the new cock.
In very short order, Kelly didn’t care who was behind the cock.
He was fucking her at a hundred miles an hour and she could barely catch her breath enough to moan as she came.
As fast as it started, it ended just as quickly.
He shocked her again when he pulled his dick out.
Kelly soon understood why as she felt a hot stream of cum land on her butt and then a second in quick succession.
He smeared the head of his dick around her buns to clean off his spunk and then he was done.
Kelly hesitated for a moment and then heard a soft ”Hey sweetheart, how about you let me fill you up?” Kelly stayed still, bent at the waist, lying on a picnic table with her bottom half-naked in the cool fall weather.
He shuffled up to her crotch and pulled his cock up to her opening and slid in.
Kelly thought his cock felt thinner than the rest but as he kept pushing she realized he was also a couple of inches longer.
He held her hips tightly.
 Kelly was getting too cold by then to really care if she came or not.
She was pleased when he pulled out his cock.
He pushed his head against her butt hole and she started to jump, but just then she felt his warm cum flow onto her.
Kelly was done on the patio.
She stood up quickly, turned, and recognized the bartender whose cum was now dripping off of her butt.
She spread her feet to let it fall to the ground.
All he said was, “Can I see your boobs?” Kelly thought to herself that no matter how old men are, they are all just stupid little boys.
This guy was as old as her dad but just wanted to see some tits.
Kelly hoisted them out and let him grope and fondle them for just a minute and then announced she was cold and going back inside.
She stood at the bar and two bartenders shoved four pitchers of beer at her and said, “We’re all good.
” When Kelly got back to our table there was only one college guy and the husband there.
Kelly poured herself and them a beer.
She looked around and waved when she saw me on the dancefloor.
I had spent a fair amount of time dancing with the guy’s wife.
He didn’t dance and she thought I was pretty good.
She was a brunette with shoulder-length hair.
She was probably five-eight and was wearing a little black dress, stockings and a big tall witch’s hat.
I had long ago determined she was without bra and panties.
In fact, I had spent a lot of time feeling up her ass and had been brushing my hands across her boobs, over her dress.
Her nipples were poking through.
We were legitimately both very warm from dancing and stepped outside.
She pulled me in for a kiss.
She smelled incredible.
I don’t know what perfume it was but I’ve never forgotten that scent.
I moved her toward some cars, which were away from the lights and pulled up her dress to fondle her butt.
Then I pulled a hand around to the front and felt her own hairless pussy.
I nailed her G-spot and brought her to a shuddering orgasm so quickly she seemed in shock.
She made some comment about her husband barely able to even find her pussy.
As soon as she recovered from her orgasm she asked, “Where can we fuck?” I led her to my big-ass Suburban and we got in the back seat.
She had her dress off before I even had the door closed.
She lay on her back wearing only her pull-up mesh stockings and a pair of stiletto-heeled boots.
She had some fantastic tits.
Nice firm mounds with big puffy areolae and stiff nipples, like pencil erasers.
I shoved my slacks down, flipped the cape out of the way and used my cock to work her peach open.
I’ll admit, I’ve been spoiled by Kelly.
Want to fuck? Just slip it in.
No muss, no fuss.
This girl needed some work.
Rubbing the tip of my cock on her slit wasn’t getting her open, so I slipped a hand onto her twat.
She apologized, “I kind of dry up after I orgasm.
” For a moment I nearly laughed out loud thinking about Animal House (I think it’s locked or something?) but with a little bit of effort and patience, I felt moisture at her vaginal opening.
Another minute later and I had her clit lubed up and she was ready to fuck.
I shoved her knees way over her head and stuffed my dick inside her.
She came again very quickly and again started to dry up.
I got one of her nipples in my mouth and a couple of fingers on her clit and kept her machine oiled.
She was grabbing my butt with both hands holding me tightly against her.
I was thrusting her so hard the whole car was rocking side to side.
She really wasn’t going to let me stroke her.
I was locked in.
I worked my gluteus maximus muscles for all I had and rocked her to another orgasm.
That was good enough for me.
I was past the point of no return and, locked in place, I spurted stream after stream into her tight snatch.
Her eyes got wide and she looked at me and asked, “Was all of that you cumming in me?” “Well, yeah.
” Okay, I mean the fuck was plenty good, don’t get me wrong.
But I was starting to think this gal was all air above the neck.
I was done with her.
I zipped up and opened the door and offered her a hand.
She was grabbing her dress.
I pulled her out of the car and helped her get it on.
A couple walked by and got a good view of her tight ass as I helped her get the dress over her head.
She felt between her legs.
“For fuck sakes! What a mess!” I led her back inside.
She disappeared, I assumed to find a restroom.
Kelly was on the dancefloor with three of the college boys.
I joined them and we all danced for a while.
I was kind of ready to head out but Kelly pulled me down and loud-whispered, “I owe the blonde a blowjob before we go.
” I took Kelly’s hand and she took his hand.
We went back to the Suburban.
I got in front and fired it up.
They climbed in back.
I listened to some music.
I heard the jangling of a belt being unbuckled and then some loud slurping sounds of my wife trying to make a guy cum quickly.
She used a middle finger to play with his asshole.
He shot off a wad in no time.
Kelly swallowed him, kissed him goodbye, and he climbed out, thanking her on his way.
I pulled out of the parking lot as Kelly stripped out of her dress.
She joined me, naked, in the front seat for the drive home.
I turned on the dome lights and she put her feet on the dash.
She masturbated as she told me about her night.
From seven p.
until almost two a.
she had managed to fuck one of the college boys and blow two others, plus three bartenders had fucked her on the picnic table and she blew one more of them.
I honestly had no idea that she had been so busy! As I told her about my fuck of the night, Kelly really got off hard and sprayed a load of lady cum all over the dashboard.
Kelly was on fire.
She dove into my crotch and fished out my limp cock.
She had sucked me for just a minute when she popped up and said, “I can taste her.
Not bad.
I could eat her pussy.
” It was a challenge to finger Kelly’s twat, drive, and be sucked all at the same time, but I was up to the challenge! When we got home I chased her naked butt into the bedroom.
She beat me and was on all fours waiting for me.
I fucked her hard doggy-style and she came again.
Kelly was lit and horny as hell, while I needed some extra help, having cum so recently.
I pushed her to her tummy, quickly grabbed the KY, dropped a splat on her brown eye and pushed in.
That was just the friction I needed.
I gave her a good fucking and squirted a load deep into her bowels.
Damn, that woman is a good time!  



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