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I looked at Kathryn in my groggy state, trying to figure her out.
Was she offering to put me up for the night because she was concerned that I might fall asleep and wreck out on the way home.
or because she was getting addicted to sex and wanted to try for another round in the morning? At this point, it didn’t matter to me.
“Well, sure, I could stay.
” If the thought of not dying tonight wasn’t enough, the possibility, even probability, of a naked willing woman, even a nerdy one, wanting to get freaky in the morning sealed the deal.
“I figured you would.
” I decided I wasn’t going to ask her what she meant by that.
Was she presuming? Or just considering me to be pragmatic? “I don’t have any other clothes for you for tomorrow, but that shirt, and others that will fit.
” She lead me back to the bedroom, and I started to wonder if I should presume to get into bed with her, or offer to sleep on the couch, or what.
We arrived at the bathroom.
“I have a couple extra toothbrushes too.
It’s cheaper to buy a pack than one at a time.
” After we brushed our teeth together, she went into the toilet room, and I could hear her peeing through the door.
This made me need to pee also, so I went in after she was done and relieved myself.
After swishing with mouthwash, I watched her wash her face, aware this may have been the first time I’d seen her without her glasses on.
Even when we fucked earlier, she kept them on, but now that it was bedtime, she left them off.
The two of us were ready to retire, and I followed her as she laid her glasses on the nightstand.
I decided to climb into Kathryn’s bed rather than talk about the couch, and she joined me, lying on her side facing me, snug t-shirt pulled across her nipples, and thin cotton pajama pants draped across her bony hip.
“How do you know I’m not going to relegate you to the couch?” she asked.
“I figured you’d be okay with me sleeping in here.
after what we did earlier.
” “Twice.
” “Ummm, yeah, twice.
” She turned over, facing away from me, and scooted back into me.
The light was still on, and she wasn’t getting under the covers, so, I began to wonder.
this couldn’t be leading to another round of sex, could it? Thinking about it made my cock stir a bit.
She grabbed my hand and pulled it around to the front of her and began to caress my arm, and intertwine her fingers with mine.
I kissed her neck and shoulders, beginning to caress her thigh.
When she moved my hand to her chest, I decided not even to try to keep my growing boner away from her.
After a few light nipple pinches, she moved her hand behind her, between us, feeling for my crotch.
Finding my cock at half staff, she snickered and pulled on it, making it grow even more.
“I thought you were getting another erection.
” She turned over on her back, looking over at me.
I leaned into her, covering an upright breast with my hand again, moving my lips to hers.
I felt her smiling into my mouth while I kissed her, and caressed her through her shirt, smiling myself at the stiffness of the nipple under my palm and fingers.
We made out deeply for a couple of minutes, her hand groping me while I nipped at her jaw and ear and neck.
It was evident that she was loving the attention I was giving her face and tits, not just wanting straight dick, but trying to get the whole experience.
I pushed my fingers into the top of her pajama pants, gliding my hand over her panties.
“Checking to see if my vagina is wet again?” Kathryn snickered.
“Um, no, just.
well, doing the same to you as you’re doing to me.
” “Do you like the way it feels?” “Mmmm, yes, nice,” I assured her, squishing her pussy lips with my fingertips through her panties.
“Even through my panties?” “Sure.
but inside too.
” I sensed what she was getting at, and slipped my fingers inside, feeling her bush and flipping at her bare labia.
“Do you like the way it feels?” “Mmm, yes.
” Her legs parted some more.
“Feels so different to have someone else do it.
not anticipating.
” “You are wet down here again, for sure,” I confirm, sliding my finger along the inside of her slit.
“Do you want to go again? I could do it again.
” She hadn’t let go of my dick this whole time, grabbing at my shaft through my boxers, fingers pinching at its entire length from balls to tip.
“Why not? Tonight’s already been crazy.
why not have another go?” “You were asleep 10 minutes ago.
Not too tired?” I pulled my dick out of the hole of my boxers, waving the almost-fully-hard member in the air.
“Does it look like I’m too tired?” Kathryn leaned over and kissed me, wrapping a hand around my bare dick and squeezing.
”Mmmmmm” was her only reply.
After only a minute of tug job on my now-exposed cock, I sat up to release her hand from it – it was a little sore from fucking her twice earlier – and pulled my shirt off, sitting behind her with a leg on either side as she righted herself with me, pushing her pants off.
I made out with her neck and face and ears some more, cupping one of her nice, firm tits and then the other, till I had my hands inside her shirt.
Taking it off, one hand stayed on her titty while the other slipped inside the front of her panties back into her now-familiar bush.
She opened her legs and leaned her head back, letting me fondle her and masturbate her for a while.
She pushed her panties down to her knees and wiggled them down her legs so that they ended up twisted around her ankles.
Inserting one finger, then two, I explored the warm squishy insides of her vagina, which was becoming even more slick and wet as her excitement evidently increased for a good couple of minutes.
Kathryn leaned up and swung her legs over the side of the bed, hopping down and standing over me.
Pulling on my boxers, she coaxed me to raise my ass, lifted the waistband over my half-mast cock, and pulled them off completely.
Retrieving another condom from the box in her nightstand, she stepped out of her panties and tore the package open.
Wiggling the condom at me, she said, “May I put it on you this time?” “I’d be honored.
” “Did I wear him out earlier?” she teased, flipping my dick back and forth.
It had deflated a bit again, but soon enough I felt the blood resume its flow into my member as she handled it, smiling and snickering.
“It’s more work to make it stiff this time.
” “I think you’re getting it.
” She was looking at it so intently, and I swear I caught her licking her lips once or twice.
I thought she was going to lower her mouth down onto it, the idea of her sucking me off really getting my erection going.
“You can play with my balls,” I suggested.
Kathryn snickered, her tits jiggling, while she complied, cupping and fingering my sensitive sac, making me squirm.
“Oh, sorry!” she recoiled.
“Is that too hard?” “No, it’s nice.
Just sensitive.
Goes with the territory.
” She just kept stroking the head and shaft, so I had to encourage her.
“You can keep with the balls.
The more you do them, the more I get used to it.
” “Okay, good to know,” she nodded, as I could see the information being filed away in the right part of her nerdy brain.
“You didn’t come across that in your research?” “Ha – if I did, well.
learning from hands-on experience works better than just reading.
” Balls sufficiently stimulated after another minute, my boner was solid again, ready to be covered.
So she held my dick straight up by setting the condom on the head.
Rolling it down to my scrotum with the fingers of her other hand, she squished the floppy tip and smiled.
“All set.
” “Good job!” I admired her handiwork.
I started to think of her as just having natural talent, being so new to this and all, but reminded myself that she’d surely put many condoms on a variety of objects over the years.
She probably even bookmarked a dozen YouTube videos on the subject in her research.
Online Now! Lush Cams ValeryTorroja She walked over to the other side of the bed, lying down mostly on her back but cocked sideways toward me a little.
After kissing her minty fresh mouth for a minute, she was pulling me on top of her, so I rolled in between her legs, on my knees, trying to keep my weight off her, kissing her neck and moving down to suck her nipples.
She scooted down and grasped my dick, which was hovering over her, and pointed it down to insert it.
I complied, leaning forward a bit, watching while the head and most of the shaft disappeared into her bush.
Still a little surprised at how easily it went in, I pumped slowly for a few strokes, feeling Kathryn’s smooth warm snug tunnel envelop my rigid cock.
Damn, I was glad she did her research on her condoms – it felt almost like skin-on-skin.
I penetrated her deeply with long, deliberate strokes while she threw her arms around my neck and locked mouths with me, feeding me her tongue and making little “mmmrrr” sounds.
She gave it more with her hips, legs wide open, and I probed her mouth for a while with my tongue as I did the same to her pussy with my dick.
Collapsing slightly onto one arm, using the other hand to grope her ass, I drove into her harder, fucking and fucking with my face buried in her neck, some of her hair creeping into my mouth.
The way Kathryn was moaning excited me a little more.
The thought of giving this nerdy girl, whom I thought of as being so innocent until just a few hours ago, three servings of dick in one night, was pretty crazy like I was turning her into naughty sex fiend.
Of course, maybe she was already, judging by the number of vegetables and spray bottles she’s shagged, but still.
I pulled out at least twice, not that I was close to cumming, but just to give her some teasing variety, playfully grabbing and sucking her tits and kissing down to her tummy, gliding my hand between her legs and trying out some tongue play up and down her front.
ohhhh, Kathryn,” I moaned, back inside.
Her breathing and movements increased in response, and I concentrated on the feeling of her naked body as she wrapped herself around me, close enough to feel the entirety of her, but gently enough to allow our bare skin to slide against each other.
“Ahhh your body feels so nice.
” “My vagina?” she asked into my ear.
“My breasts?” “All of you.
” She wiggled excitedly under me, arms caressing my back, legs wrapped around behind me and gliding across my hamstrings and butt cheeks.
Raising and lowering my hips, I felt my pecker slide out of and back into her easily.
“seriously, mmmm your whole body feels good.
” “All of you, too,” she whispered erratically.
“Your penis, but all of you too.
” After a couple more bouts of missionary-style sex, I sat her up and settled beside her, beginning to kiss her neck, feeling her hand at my crotch.
She didn’t stroke it, but held it firmly at the base, wiggling it and waving it in the air.
I dug my hand into the bush between her legs and glided my finger up and down her wet slit for a minute, When I hit her clitoris, she tensed up and threw her head back, continuing to shake my raging boner while she enjoyed the pleasure.
“Here,” I told her, pulling on the leg farthest from me.
“Get up here.
” She swung her leg over and straddled me, kissing my neck and crushing her pelvis into mine.
Lifting up, she allowed me to line my dick up with her hole and then sunk down on it comfortably.
After a couple of gyrations, she settled her weight fully on me.
“Uhhgggh,” she sighed.
that’s deep!” She humped against me a few times, holding me close, and then leaned back a bit, giving us both quite a view of our sex, her titties bouncing and her pubic hair meeting mine intermittently between glimpses of my shaft penetrating her.
My eyes fixated on the explicit view as she spread her legs wider, her pubic hair parting to allow her large flappy pussy lips to poke through, collapsing around my shaft on the in-strokes, spreading and revealing plenty of thick lubrication on the out-strokes.
Pushing me flat on my back, she planted her hands on my chest and leaned into me, grinding her crotch into mine forcefully.
It was almost like fucking a different chick this time, her riding me hard, above me, panting, more confident and experienced, and even showing me a different look without her glasses on.
She cowgirl-fucked me for quite a while, even manually stimulating her clit and holding her tits down to my face for some sucking.
I wanted to stop, but this was pretty fucking hot for a nerdy chick, so I let her have her way with me.
I was holding her tits and watching and feeling as she fucked me more frantically, with grunts and sighs too.
I thought, I’m going to lose it if she keeps it up.
Then after another half minute, Oh, fuck it.
  I just grabbed her ass and thrust up into her, figuring that I’d cum but I’d try to help her get off afterward.
Maybe my fingers will do the trick.
or does she keep that dildo she mentioned in the drawer with the condoms? A few seconds later I was done, feeling my balls let go of their third load of the night, injecting a few shots of jizz up into her as I trembled in orgasmic pleasure.
After feeling all my cum pump up through my shaft and ooze around the head, I was spent, and slowed down.
but she didn’t.
She was still going at it, hips bucking more wildly than ever.
I guessed she was getting close herself.
She adjusted, sitting upright and thrusting her ass backward, getting my dick inside as deep as it could go.
As she continued, it was getting a little less deep, because it was starting to wilt.
For quite a while, she ground and gyrated on me, breathing harder and almost gasping.
I wondered how long this was going to last – she wasn’t getting any more hard dick, but she was still fucking me like mad while I held tightly onto her tits.
Finally, after at least a couple more minutes, she leaned over me, groaning, arms barely holding her up, hunched over, crushing her crotch into mine.
Hair hanging in my face, she whimpered, legs shaking, gasping, tensing up and trembling uncontrollably for a few seconds.
When her climax was over, she let out a couple of high-pitched sighs, rubbing her crotch on me in long full strokes.
My dick had come out of her so now it was just her rubbing her pubic hair into mine.
She settled down with her tits against my chest, lying with her full weight on me, a little sweaty and very warm to the touch.
I held her around her shoulders for a while as her breathing returned to normal.
She slid off and lay against me, putting a hand down to my crotch.
Sounding surprised at the feeling of my soft pecker, she snickered.
“What do we have here?” “Well, yeah.
you kind of did that to me.
” “Ewww.
” Squishing the condom around, she verbalized her findings.
“Wow, you, uh.
I didn’t know that you ejaculated already.
” “Yeah, like five minutes ago.
” “Oh, shit, really!?” She blushed.
“I figured I’d just let you keep going since it looked like you were having so much fun.
” “Oh, well, yeah.
I guess I was just lost in the moment.
” She looked at a bit of slick fluid that her fingers picked up from my pubes, then wiped it on me.
“It looks like you had your own.
” The condom was almost completely off, so she grabbed it and tried to keep the mess inside while she held it up.
After lying there on her back for a minute, breasts rising and falling with her elevated breathing, studying the condom hovering above them, she took off to the bathroom with it.
I heard water running again, and when she returned, yep, she had washcloths and a hand towel.
She wiped off my crotch this time, and then I did hers.
After drying, she flipped the light off and crawled into bed with me, drawing close, obviously with no intention of bothering with clothes.
As we drifted off to sleep, her tits pressing against me, I heard her whisper something about cuddling.



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