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Latest stories Straight Sex My Boyfriend and I

I will start out by telling you all that I am 19 and my boyfriend it 20.
We have been together for over a year.
I am 5’5″ with long dark hair and bright blue eyes.
He is about 5’7″, dark hair and he also has blue eyes.
We are very intimate with each other every time we get the chance.
One day, we had the house all to ourselves.
Since this doesn’t happen very often, we both knew what this meant.
We were going to have a long wonderful day filled with sex and romance.
He had stayed with me the night before, and when we woke up, after laying there and making out for about 15 minutes, we decided we were hungry.
We went into the kitchen and we made pancakes together.
After laying in bed making out for so long we had both been aroused, but we wanted to get breakfast so we could relax.
While making the pancakes, he stood behind me and rubbed his firm hands on my back and shoulders, occasionally putting his hands around my waist, moving up to rub my breasts, and then he slowly ran his hands down to my clit area where he rubbed, but only for a short period of time.
I could feel his hard-on against my back, and I rubbed my body on him as I was standing there.
It drove him crazy for me to only use my body, not my hands.
So, every once in a while I would turn around and kiss him passionately and use my toungue while I was running my hands up and down his rock hard abs all the way down to his erect penis.
I would rub on him for a moment, then turn back around to the food.
After eating our breakfast, we decided to lay on the couch and watch some T.
Honestly, I couldn’t even tell you what we watched because we were so distracted with each other.
He was laying down on the couch and I was laying on top of him, face to face and we would kiss each other and I could still feel that he was as hard as a rock down there.
I pulled away from kissing his face, gave him the look, and slowly started kissing all the way down his neck, chest, and finally all the way to his throbbing penis where I took him all in my mouth, while sucking on him, he reached down and grabbed one of my breasts, then both.
With his dick in my mouth, I looked up at him to see his face.
He was letting out moans of pleasure and I could taste his precum in my mouth.
He knew that this really turned me on, which also turned him on even more.
After playing with my breasts for a while, he finally couldn’t take any more of the teasing that I was giving him, and he grabbed onto my hair and started guiding my mouth exactly where he wanted it and how fast he wanted it to go.
This really made my pussy wet and he knew it.
I was loving every minute of pleasure that he was getting.
I could feel him tensing up, as I knew he was just about to cum.
I slowly pulled my mouth away from his cock, looked up at him, and said to him, “Baby, give it all to me right in my mouth.
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” I went back to sucking him off and before I knew it he had blown a huge load into my mouth, I swallowed it all and went back up to kiss him some more.
After laying there for a few minutes, I stood up and demanded for him to get into the bedroom and lay on the bed, naked.
He did as I said and I stripped down to nothing but my black lace bra that was holding back my 34 DDs and my already wet matching panties.
He told me to lay down, so I did so.
He laid down beside me and started kissing down my neck, moving to my 34 DDs and stopping on each one to suck on each nipple.
After playing with each of my breasts, he continued down my body to my stomach, and finally made it to my soaking wet mound where he loved to be.
His tounge is larger than normal, which is a great benefit for me.
He performed oral on me and drove me to my climax.
But, as soon as I was about to orgasm, he pulled back and told me that I wasn’t able to let myself go yet, because he wasn’t done.
He grabbed both of my legs and threw them on top of his shoulders.
He knew that I loved this position.
He pounded me hard right then and there making me beg for mercy.
All the while he was telling me how good, tight and wet that my pussy was all over his dick.
This made me only more wet.
Soon he had my pussy flowing with juices.
He licked his fingers and put them down on my soaking mound and began rubbing my clit.
Soon, I was climaxing and orgasming.
My juices flowed all over his still rock hard dick and he loved it.
After letting me recover for a minute, he ordered me to get on all fours.
I did as he said and he started pounding me harder and harder from behind, then he would slow down to long and slow strokes, then he would speed up again.
I always loved this.
As I came to another climax, he was also coming to an orgasm.
He kept telling me that he was getting closer and closer.
Finally, he said “Here we go baby, cum with me! Cum with me!” Then all at once, we both came together.
After we came, we laid there for a few minutes wrapped up in each others arms.
After a few moments, I whispered, “Poor, baby.
You’re all worn out.
” He replied, “Well I’m still hard down there and up for it if you are.
” That’s all I had to hear.
Within just a short moment, I was on top of him riding his cock.
I was bouncing up and down just as hard and as fast as I could go.
He was laying there enjoying every moment of it and playing with my breasts that were bouncing with me.
After getting much enjoyment out of that, I got off, turned around, and started riding him reverse cowgirl style.
This position really turned him on, as well as myself.
I rode him until we both orgasmed again.
This cycle kept going on and on all day long, and we both had a day that we will never forget.



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