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Latest stories Taboo Doctor’s Visit

I stared at the small red dot that I’d discovered at the base of my cock.
It wasn’t any STD that I was familiar with and I hadn’t had any contact with an unknown woman either.
It didn’t itch.
It wasn’t sore.
There was no sign of any pus.
Guess I was going to the doctor.
I called Dr.
Chang’s office and made an appointment.
I hadn’t been there in years and was surprised how fast I was able to get in.
When I arrived at Dr.
Chang’s suburban dermatology office I found the waiting area jammed.
It sure looked like she was keeping busy.
Chang and I had a special relationship, going back over ten years when she was working in a city hospital.
I checked in and found a seat next to a young mother and her child who was still secured in a car seat.
It wasn’t long until my name was called and a nurse escorted me into a room in the back of the front desk.
She had my file clutched to her chest.
She closed the door to the room without asking me any questions, which surprised me.
I waited for about five minutes when the door opened.
A young Asian woman, maybe twenty-five, walked in carrying my file.
She wore glasses and had her hair cut very short, in a bob.
She was slim, but had breasts that made her lab coat swell at her chest.
Underneath she wore surgical scrubs.
Chang was stenciled over the breast pocket.
She sat the file on the counter and turned to face me.
She stuck out her hand.
“Hi, I’m Dr.
” I stammered, “Not the one I was expecting.
” I stood and took her hand.
It was warm and soft, though it was firm, with strength underneath the smooth flesh.
“Please, sit,” she said as she sat on the wheeled stool.
“I am her daughter, Liliana.
It is good to finally meet you.
” I nodded.
She must’ve seen my puzzled expression.
She grabbed the file off the counter, placing it in her lap.
“We lost mom about.
a year and a half ago.
” She opened the file.
On top of the charts was a square red envelope encircled with ribbon.
It was greeting card size.
“She left this for you.
” She held up the envelope.
I didn’t know what to say and sat there speechless.
Her mother, Dr Rose Chang, was older than me, but she wasn’t that much older.
I was surprised that she had a daughter in the work force, let alone a medical school graduate already in practice.
“I’ve taken over her practice,” Liliana said.
“Every once in awhile I find a patient that has one of these envelopes in their chart.
They’re from my mom.
” “I.
my address hasn’t changed, I wonder why she just didn’t mail it to me?” Liliana giggled.
“I think we both know the answer to that question.
” Now, I wasn’t going to say anything.
This was dangerous territory.
“Have no fear,” Liliana said.
“Your secret is safe with me.
” I sat back in the chair and tried to decide whether to feign stupidity.
I guess it didn’t matter if she was being honest.
“I’m sorry for your loss,” I said, finally feeling the sense of that loss start to creep up my spine.
“Your mom was a very special lady, not to mention a first rate doctor.
” “Thank you,” Liliana said.
“She was.
” She tapped the card on her knee.
“She spoke of you and your family often.
I guess you wouldn’t know that.
I doubt she shared that with you.
” “Really?” “I suppose she didn’t want to freak you out.
” Liliana returned the card to the chart and sat it back on the counter.
“I also knew that she loved you.
” “I.
” “Don’t worry about it,” she said.
“She loved my dad too, but it was very special between you.
” “I.
” “She never would’ve told you, so please don’t feel bad.
My mom kept a lot to herself.
” She clasped her hands around her knees.
“She finally confessed to me a little while before she passed.
” She giggled again.
“Sounded like a school girl when she did too and included a lot of details.
” Liliana blushed.
I shook my head and a smile crept across my face, not to mention a blush of my own.
Rose had been a devious woman.
No one would argue that point.
Almost eleven years ago I had been brought into a trauma center on the city’s south side.
I’d been shot and exposed to toxic chemicals.
I had bullet holes in my chest and burns on my back, stomach, and legs.
Rose stayed with my wife and kids after her shift ended.
She’d already spent hours focused on pulling shrapnel from the explosion and hand rinsing my skin from the hazardous chemicals.
My partner had been killed outright by the gun shots when we unwittingly entered a meth lab with the cookers still present.
I’d killed three men, or maybe they gotten blown up.
It didn’t matter.
The months that followed had me going back to Dr Chang for follow up.
Some of the chemicals had burned through my uniform pants, which were practically plastic anyway.
I had some minor burns that descended around my crotch area.
When I first visited Dr Chang, she would sit and ask about the family.
She wanted to know everything.
She was older than me, but was always a very attractive woman.
She was thin, had long black hair, and strong slender fingers.
Anytime she examined my private area I would blush and she got to the point where she was teasing me pretty heartlessly.
One time, she called the department and told them I had missed an appointment and that it was important I come in right away for my visit.
When I showed up an hour later, she told the nurse to cancel her other appointments.
I was confused to say the least.
She ushered me into an examination room and closed the door.
I apologized, though I didn’t think I had an appointment.
She turned her back on me and told me to strip and hop up on the table.
Usually when she was going to examine my private area she’d leave the room.
As I stripped, my cock started to swell.
Usually I remained flaccid, and she usually had something to say about that, one time even saying that her Asian husband’s cock was bigger than mine.
“Lay back,” she said.
I lay back and grabbed a paper towel to cover my growing cock.
She remained with her back to me, then turned and stepped over.
Online Now! Lush Cams Romiinaa She snatched the paper towel from my grasp and looked down at my cock.
She glanced at me, then back at my penis.
She smiled.
“Finally,” she said.
“I was thinking it might be me.
” She reached down with a hand and encircled the base of my shaft.
She closed her fingers and tugged.
“Nice,” she said.
“I might have been premature .
you’re definitely bigger than my husband.
” She stroked my lengthening cock.
“Very nice.
” Her free hand went to my nipple and tweaked it.
I got hard really fast.
Soon my cock was throbbing to my heart beat.
It had grown red and then the head went purple under her careful manipulations.
She leaned down to my face.
“You don’t know for how long I’ve wanted to do this.
” She kissed my forehead.
She kissed my neck.
Her breath was hot on my throat.
She kissed my lips, her tongue pushing into my mouth.
I worried about having bad breath or something.
But she pumped my cock and tongued my mouth deep, reaching for my throat.
She broke away from her kiss and sank her mouth over and down on my cock.
Her tongue danced this way and that over the head and down the shaft as her hand stroked me up and down.
She worked me in and out of her mouth for a couple of minutes before she came up to breath.
“I’ve been so hot for you,” she said.
“I finally couldn’t wait any longer.
” She knelt on the rolling stool with her ass pointed at me.
She hiked her skirt and lab coat up over her ass.
She wore thong panties.
She yanked the thin ribbon aside.
“Fuck me.
” I swung my legs around and stood.
I stepped to her and grabbed her hips with one hand and took my cock in the other.
I rubbed the swollen head of my cock up and down her slit and her ass.
She was wet.
She had long pussy lips that I had to push through.
Her pussy was tight and wouldn’t let me drive into her as hard as I wanted.
She reached around me and grabbed at my ass, trying to pull me deeper into her.
I pushed and pulled, working my lengthy shaft into her.
Her muscles clamped down on my cock.
It became easier by the thrust.
My pelvis moved with more vigor, and I yanked her back toward me by her hips.
She started to grunt with each thrust as I bottomed out in her cunt, impaling her again and again and again.
She looked over her shoulder at me.
“Fuck me,” she said.
“Make me cum all over your cock.
” I thrust hard into her, pushing as deep as I could.
I could feel the constriction in my balls.
I groaned.
“I’m gonna cum.
” “Not before me,” she said pushing back against me hard, sinking me even further into her pussy.
I felt a vise like clamp and then her pussy spasmed.
I fucked her hard as she came, knowing I couldn’t last more than another stroke or two.
“Cum in my mouth, cum in my mouth!” I thrust one more time and then pulled out, one hand grabbing the base of my cock.
Rose spun around quickly, dropping to her knees.
She opened her mouth and grabbed my shaft, her hand taking up pumping its rigid length.
I felt the first geyser of cum burn through my cock.
I looked down in time to see a stream of cum erupt out of my cock and streak across her face, some falling in her mouth.
Another long rope splashed across her forehead and draped down across her cheek.
Her aim improved and my cum landed in her mouth.
She lapped it up and stroked my cock.
That was the first time of many “I doubt,” I said.
“That she told you many of the details.
” “You’d be surprised,” she said handing me the card.
“But before you read the card, let’s examine whatever has brought you to me.
” “I have a rather embarrassing bump.
” “Really?” “I’m afraid so.
” “Strip and hop up on the table.
” She turned to my chart and started scribbling as I stripped.
I folded my clothes on the chair and sat on the table.
My cock had grown somewhat with the memories and the fact I’d just stripped in front of a twenty-five-ish young woman.
I was fifteen years older than her easily.
She stood and asked me to lay back.
Stepping over she pulled on a pair of purple examination gloves.
“What’s to see?” She leaned down and took my cock in one hand.
It was about half swollen.
She moved it aside and pointed with the other hand at the bump.
“This it?” I looked up and nodded.
“Yep,” I said.
She smiled.
“Ingrown hair is all.
” Her hand on my cock tightened, and then pumped down.
The other hand joined it on my shaft and they started to stroke.
Her smile grew as my cock lengthened and grew in girth.
” I closed my eyes and let my head drop back against the table.
She pumped and stroked and cooed about how her mom had been right, that I had the prettiest cock she’d ever seen.
Liliana’s head dropped and I felt her soft lips envelope the swollen head of my dick.
“Mmmmmmm,” she purred.
“You feel so big and hot in my mouth.
” I pushed my hips off the table, trying to penetrate deeper into her mouth.
“That feels so good,” I said softly.
I grabbed her hair and tried to pull her down.
“Mommy gave me a special request too.
She wanted me to say hello,” she whispered between gulps of air.
“To you and your gorgeous cock.
” She went back to mouthing my shaft, the rigid, veined length glistening with her salvia.
“She said you tasted good too,” she pumped my cock.
“And she said you came a ton,” Liliana snaked a finger under my ass and slid it into my asshole.
My cock started to throb immediately.
“I’m gonna cum,” I whispered as she stroked me.
“Cum in my mouth baby,” she purred.
And I did.
She pumped and I emptied my balls into her mouth.
At first she kept up, and then my sperm slid out of one corner of her mouth.
More escaped her mouth as her eyes went wide.
More cum oozed down my shaft as she lost her fight to contain.
Still she pumped and stroked and commenced to licking my seed from her hands and my shaft.
“Momma was right,” she said finally, licking her lips with her long tongue.
I pulled her up to me and kissed her deeply.
“Your turn,” I said.
She placed a hand on my chest.
“Next time, baby,” she said.



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