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It had been two nights since Darla had been with her Vampirelover.
Morning had come after their first night and she had woken with their naked bodies tangled together.
His place was dark, the windows all covered.
She had managed to find her clothes in the darkened room and dressed herself quietly, leaving her number and address for him beside his bed.
Leaving him there had made her sad but heading home to get ready for work had forced her out the door.
These past nights she had waited for him in the hopes he would turn up at her door, tonight however, little hope remained, maybe she had been a one night deal.
After two glasses of wine and rubbish television, she gave up.
It was now fully dark and she was going to shower and go to bed.
She lifted herself from the sofa, she was only wearing a robe, but she had done her hair and put a little make up on earlier just in case.
The soft carpet beneath her feet changed to the cool feel of tile as she stepped into the bathroom.
Darla stood in front of the mirror and removed her make up with a sigh.
Why hadn’t he called? Had she been a quick thrill for him? She pulled off the robe and felt her bare body tingle as it was hit by the cool air in the room.
The shower was turned on to let the water heat up and she ran her hands down herself as she studied herself in the mirror.
Darla quite liked to look at herself, she had never wanted to be with another woman but looking at her own exposed body always gave her a small thrill.
Happy with what she saw Darla bent over and ran her hands down her legs, nice and smooth still so no need to shave them again today.
The mirror had started to steam up so she pulled back the curtain and stepped under the warm flow of water, her muscles instantly relaxing from the balmy caress.
She soaked her hair and rubbed her shampoo through it, enjoying the feel of her hair between her fingers and the smell of summer lily.
Next she lathered her body slowly; the silky feel of her soapy hands running over her skin, her eyes closed and her thoughts were steadily growing naughtier.
Darla pinched her nipples softly as she pictured those fanged teeth nibbling them, biting her lip she pinched them harder sending tingles down her body like the water that was running down her back.
Turning to lean against the wall Darla had the cool tiled wall against her back; it reminded her of leaning against the window in his bedroom as he had slowly licked her wet pussy.
The jets of water were now running down her front, hitting her hard nipples and the warm water flowing down her body and over her exposed pussy.
Sliding her hands down her smooth, wet body Darla teased herself by slowly running her fingers up and down her wet labia.
She imagined his tongue sliding over her and let out a soft moan.
Her index finger grazed her clitoris and her body shivered.
Her thoughts ran wild with images of his muscled torso over her, the memory of his thick, powerful cock pounding into her, her heart started beating faster and it wasn’t the shower that was getting her wet anymore.
Two of her fingers curled into her pussy and she teased and tickled herself slowly.
A smile spread across her lips and she thrust out her hips as she fingered herself.
With one hand pleasuring her down below Darla rolled and pinched her left nipple with the other, a moan escaped her lips as that familiar feeling began to grow between her thighs.
She opened her eyes and froze, there was a shadow slowly reaching out to grab the shower curtain, unable to move she just stood there.
Her heart thundered in her chest.
The material was snapped back to reveal…Edward naked from the waist up and with a lustful look in his dark eyes.
‘’Oh you bastard! You scared me half to death.
’’ ‘’Sorry,’’ He chuckled.
‘’I came up through your bedroom window, I head the shower and then I heard the sounds you were making.
I was hoping to catch the show.
’’ She saw his eyes running across her bare, wet body with hunger and lust.
Dropping her gaze down his muscled torso until she noticed the unmistakable bulge growing in his jeans, she was turning him on and she liked that.
His eyes never left her naked form as he stepped out of his pants and revealed his meaty cock.
Standing there before her she watched him slowly growing harder.
Knowing what her body could do to him made her smile and she watched his body and his arousal as she slid her fingers back into herself.
As she was pleasuring herself he took hold of his growing cock and slowly stroked it.
It reached full hardness as he watched her; it looked big and powerful as he held it in his hand.
Darla was fingering herself and being watched, she had never done that before, it felt deliciously wrong and soon she was soaked, her fingers sinking into her pussy with ease.
With the warm water cascading down her body and the sight of his gorgeous naked body and thick cock she sank her fingers deep inside of her pussy and teased her clitoris gently.
She watched that pulsing cock as he masturbated in front of her, his eyes watching her filling her dripping pussy.
Watching how turned on she was making him gave her a real thrill, he wanted her and her body, she bit her lip as her thighs began to quiver.
With her hips thrusting out and her moans growing slowly that feeling began to build from deep within, watching him stroking his cock would soon put her over the edge.
That hungry look in his dark eyes, the flash of his fangs as he opened his mouth to moan, he looked so sexy and so very naughty, she wanted him inside her.
Picturing her fingers as his cock Darla closed her eyes and started to shudder.
‘’Oh Edward! I want you.
I want that thick, hard cock of yours inside me.
’’ Darla moaned out as she started to cum, pinching her left nipple and burying her fingers into herself as the hot water flowed over her, she shuddered and clamped her thighs closed around her hand.
‘’OOOOOOOOOH YESSSSSS!!’’ As her orgasm hit her full force she opened her eyes to look at his bare muscled body and throbbing cock.
Her body flushed and her knees felt weak as the explosion of pleasure from between her legs washed over her body, she arched her back and was breathing heavily whilst slowly teasing her clit to keep her orgasm rolling through her.
Stepping forward Edward climbed into the shower with her, the water cascaded down his muscled chest as he took her in his arms, supported her body and holding her close to his.
She melted into his embrace, his wet naked body pressed firmly against hers, his hard throbbing cock pulsating and pressing on her stomach like a heartbeat of his lust for her.
He kissed her once on the lips slowly and with passion before sinking his lips down to her neck to scrape those fanged teeth across her soft skin.
Darla moaned softly and trembled in his arms as his lips moved down to her collar bone.
He kissed her there lightly before running his tongue over her clear skin.
Looking up into his eyes she lightly gripped his cock in her hand.
‘’Don’t start what you don’t intend to finish.
’’ Looking back at her with a glint in his eyes Edward slid his hands down her smooth back until he was gripping the cheeks of her arse in a firm grip.
He pulled her closer and started to grind his hard cock against her dripping sex.
‘’You really think I want to stop after watching you fingering yourself in front of me like that?’’ He kissed her again slowly as he nestled the shaft of his cock between her tingling labia, the shower and her excitement wetting his cock as he got ready to enter her.
Moaning softly as she felt his hard cock sliding between her sensitive lips, she dragged her nails down his back and started grinding her hips to feel that throbbing shaft rubbing against her swollen clit.
The head of his dick moved slowly until she felt it pulsing against her wet entrance.
His grip on her ass firmed and with one hard thrust he spread her tight pussy wide open and plunged deep inside her making her squeal with delight.
The hot water fell over them both, she was in his strong arms and he was fucking her slowly with long hard thrusts that had her rubbing up and down on the tiled wall behind her.
He groaned softly in her ear as he stretched her tight pussy around his hard shaft.
The tingling feeling started to grow again from deep within her as she savoured the feel of him throbbing inside her and the feel of those pointed teeth against her skin, but she wanted more.
‘’Fuck me harder Edward.
Please!’’ Darla let out a loud groan as he started to pound her harder, his hard cock thrusting up into her faster and faster, filling her, stretching her open, making her moan louder and louder amongst the spray of the shower.
His wet, muscled chest sliding up and down her body, her breasts were pressed tightly to him and her hard nipples rubbed against his skin.
Her feet were lifted, her entire body supported in his hands as he cupped her ass, she was entirely in his control as he thrust up into her and made her body shudder.
She was bouncing as he pounded her hard; her hands ran through his wet hair before sliding down his firm, toned back.
Online Now! Lush Cams Drago_Pervert Lifting her legs she wrapped them around his waist, pulled him deeper inside her and moaned loudly.
‘’More Edward more! Make me cum!’’ Those pointed fangs scraped back down her neck as he pulled her onto his hard thrusts.
Her breasts were bouncing as she was pounded hard, his cock sent sparks firing through her body and her breathing deepened as moans filled the room.
‘’YES, YES, YES! RIGHT THERE! OH I’M GOING TO CUM!’’ Her legs shuddered and spasmed and she dug her nails into his shoulders and started to cum hard over his thick cock.
Darla felt herself gripping tightly onto the shaft that was still pounding her pussy hard, her high pitched scream shot out from between her lips as her body tensed and gripped onto his muscled frame.
She sank her teeth into his shoulder to keep from screaming, ripples of pleasure spread over the whole of her body and she collapsed into his strong embrace.
Her body was twitching as her orgasm bathed her body in its warm glow; she rested in his strong arms and felt him pulsating slowly inside her.
As her legs steadied Darla slid down his naked body until she was kneeling and at eye level with his delicious dick.
The water was running down his back as she took him in her hand and raised it to her lips.
The head of his cock slipped into her mouth and she slid her tongue around it making him groan.
She didn’t waste time teasing him and took the entire of his cock down into her throat bobbing her head up and down as she used her lips and tongue on him.
Sucking and swallowing him whilst she played with his balls Darla could feel how excited and how close he was getting to his climax.
With a teasing glint in her eyes she dragged her teeth over his swollen head making him shudder and gasp before making him moan with her soft lips by sliding them down to the base of his hard cock.
He wrapped his hand in her wet hair and let out a grunt, she felt his balls tighten in her hand.
Taking his cock deep she swallowed around his shaft and he groaned out loud, he thickened inside her mouth and started shooting his load straight down her throat; she swallowed every drop from his hard shaft moaning with pleasure and sending vibrations through him.
After she had gently sucked out every drop from his delicious, thick cock she stood and kissed him, running her tongue around his fangs as they rinsed themselves in the steaming water.
When they had washed each other he wrapped a towel around his waist before slowly towelling her body, kissing the skin as he dried it.
She smiled at the touch of his lips and the feel of his strong hands sliding over her smooth, creamy skin.
Once she was dry she wrapped the towel around his neck and pulled him closer before she slowly dried his muscled chest and back, running her slender fingers over his skin.
With them both dry she tugged at the towel around his waist and let it drop to the floor, she gave his cock a soft stroke before taking him by the hand and leading him through to her bed.
Climbing onto her soft sheets Darla was on her hands and knees before looking back at him over her shoulder with a coy glance and a shake of her arse.
She watched as his eyes lit up and he moved in close behind her.
Edward leant down and slowly slid his tongue across her sensitive pussy; she grasped onto the sheets and cooed softly as he ran his tongue over her and around her swollen clitoris.
He nibbled her clit gently with his fangs and slid his tongue into her, she could feel herself getting wet for him again and dripping onto his wandering tongue.
Now he had gotten her wet she felt him moving to kneel behind her, his swollen cock pressed against her soaked pussy and the head slid easily back inside her making them both moan loudly.
She arched her back and purred as her filled her again, nothing was as good as the feel of his thick cock inside her, and she felt so full, so complete and so fucking horny! ‘’Oh yes yes yes!’’ She moaned.
‘’That feels so good.
’’ Feeling his strong fingers sliding over her firm arse before a sharp sting as he spanked her hard on the right cheek, she squealed with delight at the mixture of pain and pleasure coursing through her.
With her cheek still stinging she felt him gripping tight to her hips before pulling her onto his harder, pounding thrusts.
‘’Ohhhh Darla!’’ He groaned.
‘’I can’t believe how good you feel.
’’ She smiled to herself knowing how she made him feel, his words were true, she could feel how hard he was inside her.
It was like being fucked with a steel rod and it felt amazing! Being fucked from behind like this always got her hot; she felt so bad having a man pound her tight, dripping hole like they were animals.
She felt naughty, like a bad little girl and that thought only get her wetter.
Just then a very bad thought ran through her head, something that would be very, very naughty.
Should she ask? It would be her first time trying it and she might not like it.
But oh how excited the thought was making her, she could feel her pussy quivering as if it was telling her to be bad.
She just had to try it; she leaned over her shoulder to look him in the eye.
‘’Edward? Would you…I.
I mean could you…could you please fuck my arse?’’ That dark glint sparkled in his eyes, she felt him swell inside him as she spoke the words.
Her cheeks flushed and she bit her lip sheepishly waiting for his answer.
‘’Are you sure you want this?’’ Darla couldn’t bring herself to say the words; she looked him in the eye and nodded silently.
That devilish smile of his spread across his face baring those pearly fangs and she felt him pulling his cock from within her.
The thought of what he was about to do had gotten her very excited and his cock was slick from being inside her; she felt a finger dip inside her before he started to gently slide his finger into her tight backdoor, even just having a finger in there made her feel incredibly naughty.
With her arse lubricated with her own juices she felt the press of something much larger than a finger pressed against her.
Arching her back and pressing her face into her pillow Darla tried to relax, she turned her full attention to the sensations of his hard dick pressing into her ever so slowly.
Opening her mouth in a silent scream as she felt her arse being stretched open for the very first time.
There was pain as she was stretched wide open but it was soon mixed with pleasure as he slowly sank deeper and deeper.
‘’Darla, are you ok?’’ She nodded, not trusting herself not to scream if she opened her mouth.
The feeling of him inside her arse was making her head spin, she felt so dirty and she groaned with delight.
His cock was pulled from her slowly as he started to fuck her slowly, steadily and deep.
She couldn’t hold back any more and her scream of pain and delight filled her bedroom.
‘’FUCK THAT’S GOOD!!!!’’ His hands were on her hips as he carefully pulled her tight arse onto his cock, she could feel a very different pleasure building within her and her pussy was like a waterfall dripping onto her sheets.
Reaching under her Darla buried her fingers into her wet hole and rubbed herself wildly as her arse was steadily fucked.
The feeling building within her was amazing; pleasure flowed from both her naughty holes as she had both of them filled.
She felt him thickening inside of her and his breathing started to deepen, she knew he was getting close and called out to him.
‘’Edward…don’t stop…FILL MY ASS!’’ His groans loudened and he dropped down over her, his head behind her shoulder as he kept fucking her tight back door.
‘’Darla…I’m going to cum!’’ He groaned into her ear and bit down on her neck, his fangs pressing against her skin.
She felt his cock throb deep inside her arse before the warm wave of cum washed over her insides.
‘’OOOOOOOOOOOOH’’ She screamed out loud as her orgasm suddenly exploded from deep within her.
She could feel her arse gripping tightly to his hard cock and her pussy spasmed and gushed cum over her fingers.
Her body was shaking and she slumped onto the bed breathing heavily and gasping for breath as she writhed in pleasure over her sheets.
She felt him pull his cock carefully from inside her and his cum flowed from her ass and down her pussy until it mixed with hers in a puddle on the bed.
He moved to kiss her softly on the forehead before whispering in her ear.
‘’I need to get back to my place before sunrise; I’m not running out on you.
I will be back, and it won’t take as long this time.
’’ He kissed her on the lips and she moaned softly at his taste.
‘’I’m coming back for you Darla.
’’ She felt him pulling a blanket over her naked form and she drifted off to sleep fully content and smiling.
The next morning she awoke feeling amazing.
She wondered if it had all been a dream, then she moved and felt that wet puddle of cum spread all over her thighs.
Giggling to herself she remembered how naughty she had been the night before.
She stood up and headed to the bathroom, she really needed a shower now.
As she stepped into the room she saw a small memento written on the mirror.
‘See you tonight.
Edward xx’ She smiled to herself and her hand slid back down between her legs.



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