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One of my ex-girlfriends was one crazy chick! She didn’t start super crazy, but she did get crazier the more our relationship developed.
All of my friends think I let the best get away, but more on that in another story.
This story is about the theater.
And so you know, I am going to embellish the story a bit with detailed descriptions of things to make it more interesting, but it’s not too far off.
The whole of the story is intact.
So, a little background on us…We first had sex after about three weeks into dating and it was mind blowing! We sure were a match sexually.
She wanted it as much as me and we were like bunnies; always doing it.
Kelly was always very visual.
She enjoyed watching me jack off and wanted me to watch her; which I loved! After a month and a half or so, she really got us into doing it in places where we could get caught.
And not just caught by a passerby, but by people that I think “matter”.
She “made” me fuck her in the men’s bathroom during my company Christmas party (I tried to resist…kinda).
We were busted by a cop, a coffee shop owner (the mother of our neighbor), a security guard at the mall, the pastor at the church I grew up in, and my personal favorite (NOT), my Dad.
About six months into our relationship, while we were all sweaty lying in bed after a marathon session, Kelly said, “I want to do it in a movie theater.
” I just started laughing.
She said she was serious.
She straddled me and began grinding her pussy against my dick saying, “Pleeease? You know what that does to me”, and I could feel my hot cum dripping down my shaft from her pussy.
As she moved against my hardening dick, a bead of sweat ran from her neck and dripped off her hard nipple onto my chest.
“I want you to fuck me hard in the dark theater.
Think of all the people that would see when the movie has bright screens,” she said.
By now I was rock hard.
I tried to position my hips so my slippery cock would line up with her hole and I could raise my hips and be in her, but she was in total control and I just rubbed against her.
Her penetrating green eyes were locked onto mine.
“Think of that dark theater, where anyone could whip out their cocks and stroke their meat into a frenzy of sticky cum, watching US.
WE could be the reason they get hard and cum all over.
” She said the last sentence with a throaty sexiness like an uncontrolled animal.
That’s probably because she was almost ready to cum because the whole time she was slowly explaining the scenario, she was moving her hips around so my wet dick rubbed up, down and around against her clit.
I encouraged her on by saying that after they had cum they would go home to their wives and girlfriends and fuck them… Thinking about US the whole time.
That did it.
She plunged herself down on top of my stiff rod and came, screaming FUCK! FUCK! FUCK!.
FUCK, OH FUCK…oh fuck.
She got quieter as she tried to catch her breath.
Her legs were shaking, but I wasn’t done with her yet.
I was still very slowly moving my hips up and down, so she didn’t freak out too much from her sensitive bits.
I ran my hands up to her hard nipples and squeezed really hard like she likes.
“Ooooohhhhh! You’re so good to me,” she said with a devilish grin.
I then grabbed her hips and began moving them and my hips in sync with one another.
Gaining speed slowly and persistently moving my flesh all the way in and all the way out.
Just to the tip of my dick and then back all in again.
I moved faster and soon was pounding her beautiful, wet, bald pussy like one of those incessant fucking machines.
Her eyes rolled back into her head as she rubbed her red, swollen clit grunting, “Fuck me, Fuck me” AND… I… STOPPED.
Balls deep.
Buried inside her.
She looked at me with a bitter sweet look and she knew what to expect next.
I pushed her off of me and laid her down prone, on her stomach.
She “secretly” put one hand under her to rub her clit.
At least she thought I never knew, but I did.
I grabbed her cheeks and spread them so I could see her holes.
This is where she never knew exactly what would happen.
Which would I choose? She squirmed in anticipation (or the fact that she was rubbing her clit, I’m not sure, which).
“Oh, GOD Baby, just choose one! I want you inside me.
” I waited just a moment more and then rammed my cock into her sloppy wet pussy.
It wasn’t too many moments later, after relentlessly pounding her snatch that I was ready to cum.
I pulled out and came all over her ass.
The creamy, warm, sticky goo dribbled down her crack toward her cooch.
After I totally drained my cock by squeezing it all out, I started rubbing my dick head in the cum.
Over her ass, up and down her crack and at the entry of her pussy.
I stopped with my head resting on her ass pucker.
With one thrust I slid it in her ass.
“Ooooh, YES!” she yelled.
“You’re really charged up, big boy,” as she pushed her ass into my thrust.
“Must be the movie theater idea,” I said.
We finished up ten minutes later with her sucking the remaining cum from the nether reaches of my balls.
I was drained.
We laid there for awhile.
Then, I grabbed my blackberry and started searching for a movie.
Kelly asked what I was doing.
With a grin, I said I was looking for what was playing at the Marcus theater nearby.
Then she burst into laughter.
I was like, “What’s so funny?” “I wasn’t talking that kind of theater.
I meant the adult kind of theater,” she said.
Well that’s different, now isn’t it?” We spent a few minutes discussing if that was a safe thing to do with all the creeps in there until she stopped the conversation, saying, “Look, let’s not spoil the fun and spontaneity by discussing the details and planning it out.
Let’s just go.
How about Saturday?” I knew better than to argue with her.
On Saturday, while in the car on the 45 minute drive to the theater, I asked her what she was wearing under the trench coat.
She smiled and said, “You’ll see.
Spontaneity, Sweetie, Spontaneity!” When we arrived at the theater, we got out of the car and Kelly took off her trench.
I shook my head, and the corners of my lips rose in a big smile.
Kelly was wearing kind of an emo-like outfit.
Knee high black socks with pink stripes on them, a tight, black short-sleeved shirt with some skulls on it and tactically placed rips to demonstrate she wasn’t wearing a bra.
Her skirt was kept on by a black studded belt and wasn’t a mini skirt, but pretty close, showing off her tight runners’ legs.
Black stiletto boots, all 8 of her earrings, her nose piercing and braided pig tails rounded out the outfit.
I was so in awe that I started feeling blood rush to my cock.
In we walked and we paid to enter.
Online Now! Lush Cams Naomi_Hill For awhile, we hung around in the sex shop part where you can buy toys, lube and the like.
The “sex shop game” is something we had played more than a few times before and she was in prime form on that day.
Kelly would talk in a slightly louder than regular voice, and comment how we should get this or that, or how I could fuck her really hard if we got the sex swing.
This was part of her fun.
I never admitted it to her, but I found it pretty fun too.
She’d fondle the dildos and go on about how this one was too small for her or that another would do nicely in her ass.
What a show for all those in the shop.
After working our way to the back of the store, where the theater entrance was, we opened the door to the dark musty smelling room.
I got a glance as the light streamed behind us that there were about 10 or 12 bodies sitting in the seats.
We walked in slowly and let our eyes adjust looking for the “right” seats.
We pointed and decided to sit about in the middle.
The screen was showing a young girl getting pumped from both ends by two very well-hung studs.
All you could hear was the guys grunting and the girl gagging and trying to moan while getting rammed from both ends.
As we began to walk to our seats, Kelly’s stiletto boots clicked through the film’s audio.
Almost every head in the theater turned to looked at us.
Now I knew why she wore them.
She wanted to announce her arrival.
We sat down and she grabbed my hand and shoved it between her legs.
No panties, and sopping wet.
I couldn’t believe we were doing this.
This was the riskiest exhibitionism we had ever done.
I was worried about something bad happening.
At the same time, I was incredibly turned on.
So, we sat down and there were about 5 or so people in front of us and roughly five strangers behind us.
She whispered, “Finger me”.
But it wasn’t too quiet because I saw one guy in front and to the right of us turn his head briefly.
I started by slipping two fingers into her slippery snatch, and she slid down to give me more freedom to work.
I pulled my fingers out, all wet with her juices and rubbed her clit slowly.
Her hips jerked upwards and she moaned softly.
I kept a nice, slow, methodical pace.
I wanted to drive her crazy! The scene had changed on the screen.
An older woman was getting worked over by a dildo.
Her “torturer” was talking to her.
Saying something about how bad she wanted it and how he was going to make her wait and beg for it.
It was just perfect because that was my attitude as well.
I would go from finger fucking her fast to slowly rubbing her clit in circles to a fast up and down on her clit, not spending too much time with one thing.
It was definitely building because she really started panting.
The dude in front of us was no longer watching the movie.
His head was directed at us.
Kelly was grabbing her tits, pinching her nipples through the taught t-shirt and was pumping her hips against my hand.
I quickly looked behind us and two rows back were two guys standing jerking their cocks to what they were seeing and hearing.
I put my lips to Kelly’s ear and whispered to her about the two men.
She groaned, “Yes!” and I think it was a bit too loud because right after that I saw another guy get up and change rows to get closer to the action.
The movie was getting louder too because the older “actress” was getting fucked from behind by a monster black cock.
She was moaning like crazy.
Kelly really began to take off, she had four guys with their dicks out and one just staring at us from the row in front of us.
He might have had his dick out, but with him sitting, I couldn’t really tell.
“Oh God! Finger my pussy! I need you to make me cum,” she said and then started panting like a dog, or she was hyperventilating, and between the really fast panting she was trying to talk.
“Make… Me…Cum… Yes, Yes, Fuck…Oh God!” By this time she was almost yelling it, and it was very clear above the sound of the movie.
God it was incredible! I moved closer and added my other hand to viciously rub her clit while I pumped my three fingers in and out of her slit.
She tensed up, her legs shook uncontrollably as she raised her knees in the air and she was just silent as the waves overtook her body again and again.
Although she was done, a few of the audience members were not.
And I certainly wasn’t done either.
I gave her a few seconds to recover and put my lips to her ear again, “I know you LOVED that, but we’re not done yet.
” I pushed my foldable theater seat up so I could sit higher on it, unzipped my pants and took out my hard dick.
As if we had worked out a script, Kelly got right up, bent over and started sucking my dick.
She deep throated it, taking the length in and out all the way.
God, it was awesome! I heard a “pop” sound as she pulled her lips off my dick and I opened my eyes.
Kelly had her hand at the base of my dick; she was still bending over, but she was frozen and looking back toward the screen.
Standing behind her was the man that was previously sitting in the row in front of us.
He had his hand on her ass.
My eyes met his and then Kelly’s eyes met mine.
Now, one thing you need to know about our relationship was that we have never been swingers.
We weren’t into threesomes or moresomes and this moment was the closest to anything like that we had ever experienced.
I was always curious about venturing into it, and sharing ourselves with others.
As I looked into her eyes I couldn’t tell if she was scared, or even more hot as he touched her ass.
She was definitely sexually supercharged.
All of this happened in just a few seconds.
Then she spoke.
She asked me, “What should I do?”  I said, “Whatever you want.
”  She paused.
Released her grip from my cock and stood up.
I put my dick back in my pants, she grabbed my hand and we just left.
On the way home, we talked about how fucking hot it was.
We promptly pulled over and I fucked her silly.
Later on she told me that she wanted me to encourage her to go for it.
I thought it would have been really hot to have her get fingered, while she blew me, but I figured that if she wanted to she would have gone for it.
Turns out, she totally wanted to let him work her pussy out, but she was nervous about how I’d feel if she did anything.
She also was worried that she would have had to finish him off if she invited him into it.
In hindsight, it was something I regret.
I wish I would have said, “Tell him to work your pussy and get your mouth back on my dick.
” And see where it went from there.
Oh well.
I always wondered what that experience might have been like if we had planned another trip back there, but we never did take the next step and finish what we started.
If there is enough interest, I might be persuaded to fantasize and write how I saw it going.
Let me know what you thought of the story and if there is interest in a “Theater Part 2.



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