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Latest stories Straight Sex Our Weekend Trip to Florida – Part III

We stayed in bed for another hour just talking and sharing an occasional kiss.
You told me more about your visit with your parents and filled me in on the things that happened after I left the office, but before you left.
We often wondered what everyone had to gossip about after we let it be known that we were a couple.
We had certainly been the high point of office gossip before we let it be known that we were well, sort of engaged.
We didn’t actually announce that we were living together, but if one person knew it, they all did.
You started to tell me about a business issue and I put my hand on your mouth saying, “I don’t mind you filling me in on gossip, but I do not want to hear any business.
This weekend was designed to celebrate us and nothing else.
If there is something really important you can tell me when we get home Sunday night.
But until then, no business discussions.
Okay?” “Okay, baby,” you said and kissed me lightly.
“Are you through with surprises?” “Not entirely,” I confessed.
“Would you like the next thing I got for you?” You rose up on your elbow and gave me a big smile.
“Is there something else?” It was always so much fun giving you things.
It didn’t matter how big or how small, you always gave me the million dollar smile and acted like what I brought you was the most wonderful thing ever.
Sometimes I spent days trying to figure out what I was going to give you next, just so I could see the twinkle in your eyes and then receive the gift you would give me in return.
I remembered the time I brought you the note pads from the Embassy Suites hotel I stayed in.
I thought they were great because they had a big “E” in the middle.
Because I had always told you that you were an “E Ticket” we both found that very funny and you laughed so hard that the people outside your office came to see what was going on.
But tonight I had another gift for you.
To be completely honest, it was one of those gifts that I give to you, but the pure pleasure of the gift would be mine.
I got out of bed and walked over to the closet.
Before I opened the door I said, “Now close your eyes and wait until I say you can open them.
” Before I opened the closet door I turned back to see you smiling, but with your eyes closed.
I opened the closet door and took the package down that I had put there several days ago.
I opened it and took out the gift.
I walked to the side of the bed and said, “Hold out your hands, darlin’, and I’ll give it to you.
” “Is it something I’m going to like?” you asked.
“I think you will,” I responded.
Placing it in your hands I said, “You can open your eyes now.
” But you kept them closed a bit longer saying, “Oh, baby.
This is light as a feather and feels wonderful.
” Then you opened your eyes, looked in your hands and unfolded my gift.
It was a lovely night gown that I had purchased from Victoria’s Secret.
“Oh baby,” you said with a lot of “wow” in your voice.
“This is beautiful.
” “It isn’t as beautiful as you, my love,” I told you, “But I think of it as a frame.
A frame that I put around a beautiful and expensive painting.
It doesn’t make the painting more beautiful, but it just enhances the picture.
I saw this and thought of you in it and my heart stopped.
You, my love, are a work of art and this little bit of fluff is your frame.
” You looked into my eyes for a long while then said, “You are way too good to me.
” “I don’t think so,” I replied.
“You make me so extremely happy every day of my life.
If I can buy little things like this that make your purr, I’m just thrilled to give some of the happiness back to you.
And besides, the chances are pretty good that I’m going to enjoy it more than you will.
” “Can I put it on now?” you asked like a child asking to open a Christmas gift.
“I certainly hope you will,” I replied.
You jumped up on your knees in the middle of the bed and slipped it over your head.
Once you had it on you jumped up on your feet, standing in the middle of the bed and spun around.
“How does it look?” you asked.
I stood there admiring and said, “It looks just as great as I thought it would.
You are stunning, baby.
Absolutely stunning.
Maybe you should walk out onto our balcony and let the other hotel guest see how amazing you look.
” Without a moment’s hesitation you jumped off the bed, ran to the balcony doors and opened them.
You proudly stepped outside so that anyone walking around the hotel or on the beach could see you.
You stood there for a while and I thought that maybe your were disappointed that there was no one there to look at you.
Turning out the lights behind you I walked out onto the balcony and put my arms around your waist.
“You are beautiful, my love,” I said softly.
“And I don’t mind others seeing your beauty, but I’m not willing to share.
” I was still completely naked and holding you close to me.
You put your hands back behind you and ran them over my skin.
“Are you going to do me right here?” you asked.
I ran my tongue along your bare skin just below the back of your neck and said, “Would you like for me to? Would you like to stand here on this balcony and have me take you from behind?” “Oh yes,” you cooed.
“That would be very erotic.
” “Then put your hands on the balcony rail, my love.
Spread those beautiful legs apart for me and bend over just a bit,” I said very softly.
You did exactly what I said, putting your hands on the railing and spread your feet apart then turned back and said, “Are you really going to do me out here?” “Yes I am,” I said as I lifted up the back of the night gown and pushed my cock between your legs.
“Does that feel like I’m ready?” You put one of your hands between your legs and felt my stiff cock and said, “Oh yes!” You took it in your hand and moved it all around your still wet pussy.
“I want this, baby,” you said and bent over a little more to make it easy for me.
Taking my cock in my hand I rubbed it all around your wetness and then placing it at your opening, pushed it all into you.
You dropped your head down and made a sizable gasp then pushed your ass back against me.
Again you turned your head slightly and whispered, “Oh yes, baby … YES … that feels wonderful.
” It has always been one of my favorites to take you from behind.
While I do so love to see your face while I make love to you, I equally love this particular sensation.
I love the feel of driving into you.
I love the feeling of the bare skin on your ass as I dive into you and pull you back against me.
I love how wet you always are and how smoothly my cock slides to your deepest parts.
And when we are moving hard against each other I love the sound of our skin slapping together when we meet.
So there we stood, on the balcony for anyone to look up and see and not caring a bit.
We were too much involved with each other and the sensations that our bodies were feeling.
The way the rooms in this hotel were placed, I didn’t believe it was possible for anyone in another room to see us and because I had turned out the lights in the room behind us I didn’t really think that anyone looking up from the beach would see us either.
None the less, it was still exciting thinking that we were having sex out in the open.
And we were certainly not keeping very quiet.
I said, “Is this good, baby.
Does it feel good to you?” “Oh, yes,” you said as you turned your face back to me.
“This is incredible.
Please don’t stop.
I love it.
” Moving even harder into you I said, “I told you that I would fuck you tonight.
Is this what you wanted?” Your response proved that you didn’t care if anyone could hear us when you turned and said, “Yes, baby.
It is what I wanted.
Don’t stop.
Just fuck me until I can’t stand up any more.
I love your cock in me.
Oh god that feels so good!” If I hadn’t already cum twice in the last two hours I felt certain that just hearing your words would have made me reach an orgasm, but instead they just whipped me into a frenzy.
I grabbed your hips and pulled you back into me as I slammed into that dripping, hot pussy.
I was coated in your juices and knew that you probably had our fluids running down the inside of your legs.
As the ocean breezes blew I could feel that my balls were completely coated and wet as they swung and slapped against you on my thrusts.
Suddenly I pulled out of you and you turned around saying, “What’s wrong?” “Nothing,” I answered, but took you by the hand and pulled you back into the room.
Online Now! Lush Cams Emeli_Lakura “Get down on your knees and suck me right now,” I demanded.
You didn’t hesitate a second and did as I commanded.
You dropped to your knees and took all of me into your mouth and moaned with the pleasure and the taste.
“You like the way it tastes, don’t you?” I asked.
You looked up and me and said, “Oh yes, baby, I do.
I love the way you feel in my mouth and I love the way we taste together.
” I reached out my hand and pulled you to your feet.
“Sit in that chair,” I demanded.
There was a large chair in the room with an ottoman.
“Sit in that chair and spread your legs for me,” I told you.
“I want to taste what you just tasted.
” And with that almost pushed you into the chair and watched as you scooted down in the chair and spread your legs wide for me so that I could put my mouth on your pussy.
There was nothing coy or hidden between us.
We were simply giving in to our wildest dreams.
Unashamed we were letting the other know what we wanted and feeling no concern that we might be condemned or refused.
Before you moved into the chair you pulled the new nightgown off and tossed it aside so that you could be completely naked for me.
Once you settled into the chair and spread your legs wide for me you said, “Come here, baby.
Make love to me with your tongue.
Taste how beautiful we are together.
” I dropped down onto my knees and moved my hands under your legs and looked into your glorious pussy, wanting to devour it.
Before I touched it you took my face in your hands and said, “You know there is still a lot of your cum in me.
Do you mind tasting that as well?” Without saying a word I simply dropped my face between your legs and ran my tongue the length of you.
The sight, the smell and the taste was driving me wild.
I wasn’t even certain if I was sane and I ran my mouth and my tongue all over you, licking, sucking, touching with my tongue.
I found your clit with my tongue and began to lick and suck it both gentle and hard.
If I could have crawled inside you I would have.
It was so hot and wet and you were thrusting it against my face.
I was completely losing control of myself.
The animal in me was taking over and I was wild with lust.
I had my tongue on your clit and my fingers on that special little bone.
My tongue was licking and sucking and my fingers rubbing you.
All at once you moved your legs around my head, pulling me deep into you, but restricting my movement.
I continued to suck on your clit until you became absolutely stiff and I heard this sound that started from deep within you.
You put your hands into my hair and pulled my face tightly against your pussy and screamed.
It was a scream of intense and unbridled pleasure.
You locked your legs around me and your body pulsed as the waves of orgasms rocked you.
Your juices poured out of your pussy and covered my face as you rocked yourself against my mouth and lips while your orgasm continued.
When you finally released the hold of your legs on me you said, “Now I want you to cum for me, baby.
Stand up and let me watch you.
Cum for me.
Cum all over me.
I want it all!” Of course I was completely ready and my cock felt like it would split open if it got any harder.
I stood up in front of you, with my legs between yours.
Your legs were still spread wide and I could look down and see your dripping pussy.
Still crazed I grabbed my cock and began to jerk-off for you.
I watched as your eyes were fixed on me and could tell that you were still as wild as I had been.
My cock was still coated with your juices and I slid my hand over it as if it were coated with some kind of lube.
“Wait,” you shouted and sat up and took it in your mouth.
You sucked it hard for several seconds and then sat back saying, “Cum all over me, baby.
That’s what I want.
” I knew that you’ve always liked to watch me do this, but this time it was different.
This time it was exceptionally special.
And this time you wanted me to cum on you.
You wanted to feel the hot cum on your skin and I wanted to let you do just that.
My hand flew over my cock that was now even wetter and I could feel my orgasm building.
“I’m going to cum, baby,” I told you in a not so soft voice.
“I’m going to cover you in my cum!” You reached up and grabbed my balls in your hand, squeezing them slightly and said, “Yes, baby.
” So many times I have described what I did as “exploding.
” But what happened then was that much and more.
The first pulse shot out of me and hit your chin and neck.
The second two shot all over your breasts.
The next two dropped on your belly and the last one dropped all over your vaginal lips.
And as I looked down you put your fingers in the last load and rubbed it all over your clit as you held eye contact with me.
I put my fingers into the cum running off of your breasts, scooped it up on my finger and put it into your mouth.
You sucked my finger hard and when I pulled it out you said, “I want more.
I want more cum and I want more of you.
” You ran your hand along the side of your neck where the first stream of cum had gone.
You pooled it up on your fingers and put it into your mouth saying, “I love this.
I love you and before this night is over I’m going to want more.
” Unable to stand another second I dropped back down to my knees between your legs.
I pulled myself up so that my face was next to yours and kissed you passionately.
“As long as I have breath, my love, there will be more of me for you.
” “Do you have more plans for the rest of the night?” you asked with a little laugh.
“Not really,” I answered.
“I thought that maybe I should let you figure out where to go from here.
After all, I have been very self-centered so far.
” “Yes you have,” you said with a laugh.
“You have been such a self absorbed pig.
When is it going to be my turn? “Please feel free to take control,” I said in a weary voice.
“I think that I need a nap.
” You pulled me to your face and kissed me one more time.
“I think we should get in bed and cuddle up for a nap.
But the key word there is nap.
I’ll have you again and the next time it will be my choice.
You okay with that?” Your words gave me a spark of lust again and I said, “You think it and I’ll do it.
” You gave me a big smile and said, “Let’s get a little rest then.
The girls are going to want some more attention before the sun comes up.
Assuming that something else comes up too.
” We both laughed and headed for the bathroom for a quick rinse before getting back in bed.
We were both covered in our body fluids and beginning to get a little sticky.
You ran a very warm wash cloth over my cock and I pressed one against your crotch as I pressed my lips against your nipples.
We both stopped and looked into each other’s eyes and laughed once again.
“Rest first,” you said.
“Good idea,” I responded.
You walked across the room, found your new nightie and slipped it on.
You looked up at me and spun around.
“You still like the way I look in this?” “Stunning,” was all I could say.
You walked quickly to me and threw your arms around my neck.
Looking deeply into my eyes you said, “You treat me so special.
I know that I don’t deserve it, but I love you so much.
You always say that my eyes talk to you.
And I want you to know that when I look into your eyes I see the depth of your love for me and sometimes I think I could cry.
I’ve had many men look at me with lust and you certainly do too, but your lust is completely surrounded with an overwhelming love.
You want to love me, not just fuck me.
But, baby, when you fuck me my head spins and my toes curl.
” You gave me a long, slow kiss and then pulled me into the bed.
We tumbled in beside each other and you ended up about halfway on top of me.
“Are you trying to avoid the wet spot?” I asked.
“No I’m not,” you said softly.
“I just want to be close to you.
I had to wait a long time to be with you and now I just don’t want to waste any of the time we have.
I need to touch you and I need for you to touch me.
” You rolled you off of me so that we were laying side by side with our noses just an inch apart.
I moved so that I could kiss you softly.
I sat up and pulled the sheet over us and lay back to kiss you again.
“You know that I could kiss you for days,” I said.
“I know that, baby,” you said, “and I love the way you kiss me.
” Then I watched your eyes close and knew that you were asleep.
I touched my lips very softly to yours once more and drifted off to join you.
But just before I slept, I ran my hand softly over the bare skin on your ass and smiled.



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