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      Melissa hurried down the street hunched against the rain.
  Her wispy blonde hair matted down to a dull brown in the downpour.
  The coat she held carelessly against the aggressive storm molded to her slight frame.
  Yet it wasn’t the weather she was trying to avoid.
  It was the stares.
  The inescapable feeling that everyone knew.
  Knew what had happened to her.
  Knew she had changed.
  Knew that she was a boiling cauldron of lust, desire, and need.
  Knew all they had to do was demand it and she would fall to the floor legs open, ready for a conquest she was all too well aware would not satiate the ever insistent desire within her.
      This appointment tonight filled her with a modicum of hope.
  Her doctor had made her believe this could be the solution.
  It had to be.
  Because Melissa wasn’t sure she could survive another day.
      Not like this.
      The street numbers flew past, but then she stopped.
  She’d gone too far.
  She back tracked and still couldn’t find it.
  But it had to be here.
  It had to …       There, a barely visible alleyway descending into pitch darkness.
  Away from the street lights.
  Away from the people.
  A dark crevice that beckoned her to enter and explore.
  Was this her destiny?  One final bad choice made out of inconsiderate need?  If so, so be it.
  If careening into the mouth of danger was what it took, Melissa would accept her fate.
  What other option did she have?         Jessie ran her hands through her long brown hair, leaned back and smiled.
  After endless weeks of moving into a new office, she was finally settled in.
  All that was left was to kick her feet up on her new desk, fold her arms behind her head, and let loose a satisfied…       KNOCK, KNOCK.
  That didn’t take long.
      Jessie had moved because her particular brand of expertise tended to bring out the nutcases and horndogs.
  She had patience for neither.
  Well, sometimes the horndogs were useful, but not at her place of business.
She’d been aggressive early in her career, talking up what she did and passing out business cards like candy on Halloween.
  She’d been worried that she wouldn’t have enough business to survive otherwise.
      Turns out she was wrong.
  People had all sorts of weird things happen in their lives.
  Things they couldn’t explain and things they couldn’t deal with on their own.
  But the world is unkind to people who present problems that don’t fit into neat little boxes.
  Jessie knew this all too well.
  So if you were willing to listen and able to help, those lost souls tended to find you.
  One way or another, they usually came knocking on her door.
      “Come in.
”       The doorknob turned slowly.
  A tiny young blonde came in, eyes darting, body trembling.
  Jessie had seen this before.
  The poor girl was in The Grip.
  She looked frail, but people in this state could be dangerous as well.
  Like a trapped animal, confused and scared.
  These first meetings were always intense, and always interesting.
      “Are you Mrs.
McClintock?”       “Ms.
You?”       The girl stepped all the way inside now.
She quickly sized up the office, and Jessie thought, herself as well.
      “My name is Melissa.
”       The girl had a surprisingly husky voice.
  It reminded Jessie of Kathleen Turner.
  A bit incongruous hearing that tone come out of the youthful, timid girl in front of her.
  Knowing what brought in clients, Jessie sincerely hoped the girl was older than she looked.
      “What brings you in today, Melissa?”       Jessie pushed back from her desk and moved around towards the girl.
  She felt her nipples harden as she got closer to Melissa.
  This part of the process always turned her on, and it had been too long since she had a new client thanks to the move.
Braden recommended I come see you.
  He said you specialize in cases like mine.
”       Well, this should be interesting then.
Braden was a natural empath, with an ability to actually see flashes of other people’s lives.
  If he was sending Melissa to her then Jessie knew she was dealing with a girl who had been through an actual event.
  Ironically Jessie had never met him.
  She showed up after each case to let him explore what her experience had been, but he never showed himself.
  Truthfully, it left her so wet that some of her greatest adventures had come after a session with the mysterious Dr.
  She was pretty sure he was getting off on their sessions as well.
  One day she figured she’d break the seal with him, and if not, well there were plenty of other options for an experienced, sexually confident woman with paranormal experience from which to draw.
      “I do.
  Why don’t you tell me what happened?”       “I’m scared you won’t believe me.
And even if you do, what can you do to help me?”       “Sweetie, I’ve seen things… been through things you can’t even imagine.
  And the one thing that I know for sure is that if you find someone willing to listen to the type of tale you’re about to spin, you best tell it.
  Because you can’t keep it in, and telling it to most folks will just get you committed.
”       Jessie watched Melissa fidget with the edge of her skirt.
  It was a careless gesture that slowly pulled the floral pattern higher than would typically be thought appropriate around someone who wasn’t your lover.
  Well, she wasn’t her lover yet, but if this story went the way Jessie expected, that would be remedied soon enough.
  She leaned back, imagining herself like Han Solo in Star Wars, but instead of unbuttoning her blaster to teach Greedo a lesson, she popped her jeans open and slid her fingers slightly inside.
  Jessie was a pro and Melissa would never know, but this kind of story required a certain release to get through and Jessie was not one to deny herself basic needs.
      “Alright,” Melissa said with determination.
  “As near as I can tell, I got fucked by a ghost.
”       Jessie leaned further back in her chair with a sigh, sliding her fingers ever so much closer to her rapidly lubricating pussy.
  This felt like it was going to be a good one.
      “When did it happen?” Jessie inquired.
      “Two weeks back, Monday.
  My boyfriend…my ex-boyfriend and I were going to check out a haunted house.
”             TWO WEEKS AGO       “I’m not sure this is such a good idea, Brett.
”       Melissa hated to say it.
  She knew how much he wanted to do this whole haunted house thing, and she hated, even more, the patronizing way he looked at her when she didn’t want what he wanted.
  But the closer the car got to their destination the more she felt like they were playing with things they should leave alone.
  It was a feeling she couldn’t shake and it was starting to freak her out a bit.
      “Relax, babe.
  Do you have any idea how unlikely it is that a haunting is legit?” Brett smirked.
      She loved and hated that smirk.
  He was such a mixture of caring and cocky.
  It’s what she had initially fallen in love with about him.
  Well, that and his gorgeous bronzed skin, broad shoulders, dreamy blue eyes, long blonde hair and a bulge in his pants that had proven to be a harbinger of a very impressive cock.
  As young as she looked, Melissa had taken advantage of her college years to learn her way around a man’s, and in some cases a woman’s body.
  Brett had one of the finest she’d had the pleasure of exploring.
      “Then why are we going,” she inquired not for the first time.
“We could find other ways to spend the night together.
”       “Oh, we’ll do that too, babe.
  Think about how hot the fear and adrenaline will make the sex later!”       It was impossible not to be charmed by his natural enthusiasm.
  And his tendency to grope her vigorously at every opportunity.
  In fact, one of those impossibly strong hands of his was making its way up her thigh right now.
Scared and irritated though she was, it was impossible for Melissa to deny the surge of arousal she felt every time Brett touched her.
      Those sensuous fingers he used with equal skill on her body as on the piano he loved to play were delicately tracing their way to the top of her thigh.
  She could feel her lips engorge with lust, almost reaching out for him, pulsing with blood and desire.
Begging to be touched.
  Needing her man to fill her.
      “God Melissa, you’re so hot I can sense it.
  I told you this would be amazing.
”       Melissa wanted to protest.
  She wanted to say that being turned on by the idea of something was different than actually doing it.
  She wanted to tell Brett that she had a bad feeling about this trip ever since he started planning it and she felt like if they went through with it, it would be the end of them.
  Whatever that meant.
”       His fingers had just grazed the outside of her soaked underwear and it was all she could do to keep from leaping into his lap and humping him with abandon until the car went off the road.
  Fear of the night ahead or not, Melissa’s body was so primed to explode that she was in a space of pure animal heat.
  Every other consideration pushed out of her head.
      “I love how wet you get, baby.
”       Melissa cried out as Brett pushed the thin fabric of her panties aside and slipped two long fingers inside her.
  She reached out and grabbed his arm as her body began undulating with small convulsions.
  It was no wonder Brett was excited about tonight’s adventure if the thought of it had her this heated up with hardly a breath of foreplay.
  Melissa could feel her inner walls squeezing Brett’s fingers as he moved them in a circle inside her, gently guiding them in and out.
      “Brett I’m gonna cum,” she warned through clenched teeth.
      “There’s nothing I like better,” he smiled back.
      “It’s gonna be a wet one.
  Maybe you should stop…” Melissa panted, not meaning a word of it.
      “Hell no, baby.
  I’m gonna make you cum all over my car, and then I’m gonna fuck you until you can’t walk straight.
  Until you stop worrying about this haunted house because you know I’m always going to be here to protect you.
”       Melissa felt her insides clench and her back arch.
  Brett knew just how to talk to her to take her over the edge.
  She felt the car stop.
  Had he pulled over?  Someplace quiet?  Who cares?  He unbuckled and turned his body towards her, smashing her lips with an enthusiastic kiss while plunging three fingers from his left hand deep inside her.
  Melissa nearly bit his tongue off from the sensation.
  The deep, musky smell of him, the feel of her hand on his arm, those ridiculously long fingers absolutely ravaging her.
      “AhhhhhAHHHHHHH!” Melissa screamed, pushing Brett back, feeling the orgasm crash through her entire body like a current.
  Her pussy pulsed around his fingers, greedy for the sensation, and then she felt herself let go.
  Brett was the first man she had ever squirted with.
  The first she ever felt comfortable enough to let go that fully.
  And now when he made her cum it was like a geyser of pent up lust and frustration.
  She could feel herself spurting all over the car; saw the streaks hitting the inside of the windshield.
  She could feel everything dribbling down to her ass.
  An ass that Brett had used well on so many occasions.
      One thing that Melissa absolutely loved about being a woman was that while men usually needed some recovery time after cumming, she found the opposite.
  The harder she came, the more she wanted.
  And she wanted more right now.
  With a ferocity that Brett had gotten used to she leaped into his lap, fumbling with his buckle, trying to unbutton him, pull his zipper and pants down.
  It was clumsy, and frustrating, but so worth it when those jeans finally fell to his ankles and she could grab that big, beautiful cock.
      Wasting no time Melissa grabbed it by the base, aimed it at her center and sat down hard on the damn thing.
  She nearly blacked out as she felt her insides stretch around this gorgeous invader.
  Her clit ground hard against Brett’s pubic bone while she felt every ridge caressing her insides.
She could feel her body unleashing what felt like torrents of fluid; soaking his crotch.
  She felt herself spasming around his shaft and nearly causing her brain to short-circuit from the pleasure.
  Then he grabbed her ass with those gigantic hands and started pumping her up and down his shaft.
  Hard and fast she could tell he was driving for a cum.
  Sometimes he took his time, but not tonight.
  Not after the way he’d watched her explode over and over again.
      Melissa knew that when Brett came it would send her off again, but she wanted more.
  Pulling her dress over her head she drew his mouth to her aching nipples.
  She rarely wore a bra because her A cup breasts didn’t need it, but her nipples were like champions, triumphant at the end of battle, demanding to be seen.
  Demanding to be loved.
  Brett took one in his mouth and immediately began sucking.
  Melissa felt her eyes roll back at the sensation.
  His teeth dug cruelly into her and she felt her ass clench in pleasure, felt the roll from her stomach to her pussy begin again.
      As Brett switched breasts from which to feed on, he also began hammering with all the force he could muster.
  Melissa felt it.
  That shift.
  That change.
  The moment when she knew he’d moved from wanting to cum, to his impending explosion being inevitable.
  And her body responded the way she knew it would.
  Drawing her inward and outward at the same time.
  Making the universe seem to stop and pay attention to the orgasm she was about to experience.
      There is was.
  That unmistakable pulse from the base of Brett’s shaft.
  He was going to cum deep inside her and Melissa was out of her mind with the pleasure of it.
  His urgent thrusting now accompanied with slight muscular reverberations as Brett painted her insides.
      “Arrrgghhghgh!” he growled.
      Melissa exploded.
  Her body rocking, her head lolling from side to side, she sucked Brett’s mouth to hers and dove into him with a desperate kiss while their bodies spent themselves fully.
      Neither one of them saw the flicker of candles flare up in the windows of the creepy mansion just up the road from them.
            Melissa was always slightly embarrassed after fucking like that, and as good as Brett’s somehow still mostly hard cock felt inside her well used pussy, she was also now becoming aware of the hazard lights she had inadvertently turned on.
  And the windshield wipers.
  And the brights.
      “Damn, baby.
  Now tell me, do you think I would ever do anything to risk being able to do that with you for a very long time?”       Melissa always appreciated Brett’s appreciation, but now that her immediate carnal needs had been sated, she felt that same sense of dread returning.
  Although it was now mixed with the blush inducing realization that the windshield wipers weren’t clearing the fluid from the windshield because said fluid was from the inside of the car.
  Thankfully Brett grabbed a towel from the back and began cleaning up the mess.
      “I always come prepared,” he laughed, amused by his own stupid pun.
      “Thank God.
  Listen, I still feel like we should consider bailing on this whole…”       “No,” Brett cut her off.
  “I looked really hard to find a place like this, and if I hadn’t run into that dude at the Ghost Chaser meeting then I’d never even know about this location.
  It’s going to be awesome and we are going to do this.
”       “It’s just…”       “Stop it, Melissa.
  Just stop it.
”       She could tell Brett was starting to get angry.
  Not an easy thing to make happen, but no good for anyone when it did.
  He sighed.
      “Will you just trust me, babe?  This is going to be awesome.
”       Melissa screwed up her courage, ignored the warning bells in her head and made a decision.
  Let’s do this.
”             “Are you sure this is legal?”       As Melissa and Brett had crept toward the haunted house just off the road she felt her earlier trepidation come on full force, no matter how much she wanted to trust that it was safe.
      “Of course it’s not legal.
  We’re trespassing.
  But the dude that told me about this place said there’s only one cop around this area and he’s a drunk.
  As long as we don’t set the place on fire we’re good.
”       “And what’s the story behind this place?”       “Supposedly it used to be a whorehouse.
  The guy that ran the place got killed by some of the girls who got tired of him being dominant in ways they didn’t care for.
  The rumor is that he still haunts the place, looking for new girls to bring into his stable and teach to be submissive like a woman should be.
”       Melissa punched Brett in the arm.
      “Hey, that’s his thinking.
  I’m not saying I agree,” Brett back peddled.
      “Uh huh,” Melissa smiled.
  She never could really get mad at Brett.
  “So you’re bringing your girlfriend to a house where a horny ghost is going to try and become her pimp?”       “Well, when you put it like that it sounds bad.
  But don’t forget that all the women who died in the house over the years are still pulling tricks by all accounts.
  So you might get a new pimp, but I could end up in a sexy ghost threesome!  Wait, wait, just kidding.
  Don’t hit me again.
”       At last, they were at the door.
      “You ready?” Brett grinned.
      “Not at all.
”       Brett reached out and turned the antique brass knob.
  As the dusty wooden door swung open the creak that echoed through the candlelit rooms of the house caused both of their sexy bits to pull back into their bodies a little.
      “Um Brett, if this place is abandoned why are there candles lit everywhere?”       It was awfully difficult to get Brett to take anything seriously, but the way that his fingers squeezed hers tightly told Melissa he was not prepared to encounter this particular weirdness.
      “Honestly, I have no idea.
  I guess it must be some local kids or something, but I wasn’t expecting this.
  At least we don’t have to worry about our flashlights going out,” Brett joked.
  But Melissa could hear the obvious strain in his voice.
  This was not going in the manner he had anticipated and that was never to Brett’s liking.
      They began to move through the main floor of the house, impressed both with the massive scale of it compared to how it looked from the outside and the surprising upkeep for a supposedly abandoned house.
  Melissa was getting increasingly nervous, and if Brett’s firm grip on her was any indication, he was too.
      “Doesn’t this all seem a bit off?” she asked.
  I don’t understand how they’re making money here.
”       “What do you mean?”       “Well, obviously the dude scammed me.
  He was a shill for this place.
  There’s no way an abandoned haunted house looks like this.
  I just don’t understand how they’re making money off this.
  Maybe somebody comes along in a little bit offering to help us survive the night.
  I’ll bet the front door is locked.
”       “Don’t even joke about that.
”       The two nervous kids raced to the front door and found it was indeed closed fast.
      “Goddammit!  What the hell?!” Melissa fumed.
      “Calm down,” Brett tried to force a grin.
  “Obviously they’re going to try and freak us out here.
  I don’t know exactly what the hell is going on, but it’s kind of exciting don’t you think?”       Brett reached down and caressed her ass for emphasis.
      “I think I’ve had enough excitement tonight.
”       “Baby, don’t be mad at me.
  At least you know this place isn’t really haunted.
  We’re clearly just dealing with some poorly conceived theme park nonsense.
  X-rated theme park apparently.
”       “What are you talking about?”       Melissa turned to follow Brett’s gaze and found herself embarrassed to see a mostly naked woman walking towards them.
      “What the hell, Brett?”       “Shhhhh.
”       Melissa would have slugged Brett for that, but she was too distracted as the woman, maybe mid-twenties but with a definite old-timey look about her seemed to glide over to the two of them.
  Her sheer nightgown covered absolutely nothing.
  Not her heavy boobs with the adorable nipples on top, not her curvy ass, and certainly not her glistening pussy.
      “What the hell is going on Brett?”       “I have no idea.
”       There was something unnatural about the way this woman moved.
  It was too smooth.
  Melissa was trying to focus on it, but she also found that the closer the woman got, the more turned on she felt.
  Despite the thorough and glorious fucking she and Brett had shared not 30 minutes ago, Melissa couldn’t deny that she was feeling a bit weak in the knees.
      Looking over at Brett she could see by the growing tent in his jeans that he was having a similar reaction to this unexpected vision.
  Whatever this place was, modesty was not on the menu.
  Yet even though you could see absolutely everything this gliding vixen had to offer, it was somehow all the hotter because of the shimmery fabric that caressed her skin as she moved.
      Melissa almost expected her to glide right through the two of them, but instead, she stopped directly in front of them.
      “Welcome to Manor House, m’Lord, and m’Lady.
  How may I serve you this evening?”       Brett and Melissa locked eyes confused, and more than a little bit turned on.
  Both were wondering what the hell was going on.
      “Um, we’re not a Lord or Lady,” Brett managed to stammer.
      “You’re not?” The girl looked genuinely confused.
“I had better ask The Master what to do then.
  Please make yourselves comfortable.
”       That last offer would have been much easier to take if the mysterious lass hadn’t suddenly up and disappeared.
      “Brett?” Melissa trembled as she grabbed his arm tight.
“What’s going on here?”       “I don’t know, babe.
  I guess this whole thing is supposed to be some sort of adult themed haunted house.
  I had no idea there were gonna be naked chicks, and I definitely didn’t expect F/X that good.
  She must have slipped through a trap door or something.
”       “What if these are actually ghosts?  And who is the Master?  I’m not sure I want to meet him.
”       “These are not real ghosts.
  Ghosts are bullshit and this place is just a really well done haunted house.
  I am getting a little concerned that I know how they’re planning to make their money though.
”       Melissa blushed at the hot surge of wetness she felt thinking about that possibility.
  A “ghost” wench having her way with the two of them.
  Watching some pseudo specter riding her boyfriend’s cock while he ate Melissa out and she made out with the ghost girl.
  Melissa had been thinking about threesomes more and more lately.
  She’d never had the guts and felt a spike of jealousy any time she thought about sharing, but she also had some blistering orgasms when Brett wasn’t around to satisfy her with the image of the two of them fucking another woman.
      “The Master will see you now, m’Lady”       Ghost girl had returned and had with her another spectral hottie.
  This one was slimmer, with small, pert breasts on a lithe frame that reminded Melissa a little bit too much of herself.
      “Wait a minute, I’m not letting my girlfriend out of my sight,” Brett insisted.
      “M’Lord, The Master only speaks with women about matters of business.
  He is quite a progressive thinker in that regard.
  I understand it can be troubling for a man to relinquish control of his woman, but Kaitlyn and I will happily tend to your needs while your Lady meets with the Master.
”       Melissa was finding herself more and more fascinated by this whole situation.
  And as much as she wanted to tell herself it was all an improbably impressive show, she couldn’t shake the feeling that this was very real.
  And that whatever transpired in her meeting with The Master would have consequences reaching far beyond one evening of boundary pushing adult entertainment.
  She began walking in the direction the Ghost Girl indicated.
      “Melissa, what are you doing?” Brett snapped as he grabbed her arm.
      “Relax Brett.
  It’s just a bit of fun.
  It’s not like some ethereal Master is going to take me against my will while you have a threesome with two ghost hookers.
”       Brett was surprised by the casual demeanor that had overtaken Melissa, but he also couldn’t deny the straining he felt in his pants at the idea of having his way with these two pale vixens.
  He was worried about one practical matter.
      “Ladies, how much is this evening going to cost us?”       “Cost, sir?” they echoed in unison.
      “How much money will we owe you for whatever is about to happen?”       “Oh no, The Master does not deal in money with a situation like this.
  He will make…other arrangements.
  Now please, m’Lady, The Master does not like to be kept waiting.
      Melissa gave Brett a quick kiss.
      “I’ll be fine.
  Have fun and I’ll be back soon.
”       Brett watched his girlfriend disappear down the hall, absolutely puzzled by her appearing to give him the green light to have a threesome without her, and wondering where all the trepidation she’d felt earlier went.
  Those thoughts dissipated quickly as the two woman approached him.
  The one named Kaitlyn gave him a smile that caused his already straining cock to threaten to burst the zipper on his jeans.
  Fortunately, as she slipped her fingers through his hair to draw him in for a passionate kiss, Ghost Girl was working to relieve the pressure he felt.
  Within seconds his jeans were down around his ankles for the second time tonight, but this time he felt the delicate pull of two sets of unfamiliar fingers working his shaft up and down while delicious lips played over his body.
            Melissa moved gently down what appeared to be an impossibly long hallway.
  She was sure it was simply a trick of the light, but the walls actually seemed to twist at the oddest angles.
  Her body was on fire.
  Each step threatened to bring her to orgasm, a light shock of pleasure shooting from her clit with every movement.
  As good as Brett made her feel, Melissa had never come close to this level of heat in her life.
  All at the thought of her boyfriend being ravaged by ghost whores and a spirit Master waiting for her with God knows what intent for her aching, dripping pussy.
      It was impossible to tell how long she’d been walking.
  Seconds, minutes, hours?  Melissa was lost in a phantasmagoric experience.
  She felt eyes on her; that was sure.
  She wasn’t clear on where she was going or when she’d get there, but she knew she’d know.
  Somehow that was obvious.
  Occasionally she felt a touch letting her know she wasn’t alone.
  A hand on her ass, a tweak of her nipple, a finger sliding gently across her slit.
  All hot, soft phantom contact.
  All seemed gentle and directed towards turning her entire body into trembling, molten heat.
      And then without warning or drama, she was there.
  It was the door she was supposed to be at to meet The Master.
  She could feel his presence inside.
  A subtle pull at her navel encouraging her to enter.
  Without hesitation, Melissa pushed the door open.
      Upon entering the room she felt her breath catch.
  There was no Master that she could see, but she felt his presence filling the room.
  Her legs trembled from the avalanche of desire coursing through her body, threatening to overwhelm her.
  Melissa pressed her legs together hard, trying to get some relief, but somehow knowing it was not allowed.
  Desperate for some indication that he approved of her, wanted her.
      The first touch was surprisingly gentle.
  She expected to be taken, hard and fast without question or recourse, but instead two strong and steady hands fell on her shoulders.
  Melissa closed her eyes.
  There was nothing to look at anyway, and the feeling of The Master’s hands on her was to be savored.
  This is where she belonged.
  This is who she belonged to.
  She would do anything, be anything for him.
  No questions asked.
      As soon as that thought settled into Melissa’s brain she felt one of those hands press against the small of her back, guiding her over to a sturdy wooden table with a gorgeous antique mirror above it.
  The moment her hips touched the table’s edge she felt herself pushed over it, bent at the waist, her skirt slipping higher than modesty should allow.
  And then, with exquisite patience the fabric of her skirt was pulled higher, completely exposing her soaked panties to The Master’s wishes.
  At least for a moment.
  In no time she felt the soft cotton of her underwear pulled by invisible fingers over her sacrum, gently past the twin globes of her toned ass, and finally all the way down her legs; releasing her pussy to the open air with what felt like a wet kiss goodbye.
      Melissa had never felt so vulnerable nor so ready to explode.
  She could tell that the first touch between her legs would send her cascading into a world of unimaginable bliss.
  Though The Master was patient, she was greedy for more sensation, desperate to cum.
  Melissa inadvertently started pushing back, trying to hump the air, attempting to make contact with the apparition that would not show himself but had her in animalistic heat.
      The Master did not approve.
  She could feel the energy shift from tender to irritated.
  Fear tickled the back of her neck because the power that was causing her insides to boil was also available for punishment.
  She could sense it.
  Could sense that she was about to be taught a lesson in obedience.
  Could sense she was about to learn that her desires were inconsequential.
      There was no warning before the first smack.
  Melissa was bent over, trying to decide how to apologize to The Master for forgetting her place, and then she had tears streaming down her face as her ass burned from a hard, cruel spank across her backside.
  And then another.
  And another.
  Melissa felt the pain emanate with angry heat, but also just below it something else.
  Her desire.
  Her need.
  They were taking over.
  Every smack of her ass caused the flesh to shake and her pussy to clench.
  Every spank made her clit tremble.
      It wasn’t long under this assault before she felt the arousal take hold, overtaking the pain, even transforming it.
  Making each blow a welcome step closer to orgasm.
  She found herself feeling profoundly grateful that The Master cared enough to correct her in this way.
  And when he paused, for just a moment, she knew her release was about to be granted.
      SMACK!!       It was unlike anything Melissa had ever felt before.
  Pain and pleasure dancing together like Yin and Yang, streaking throu



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