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Vaguely, Stacy was aware of her husband and Betty exchanging a few words.
Jared got up and went across the room for something.
When he returned, he was tearing open a foil condom wrapper.
Helen was still showering attention on Stacy’s tits and playing with her cunt.
Frank got between the young woman’s legs with cock in hand, ready to give the nymph a good strong fuck.
Helen held up a hand.
“Now honey, I want you to fuck this little doll and I want you to make her cum.
But, you are not to cum yourself.
I’m not done with you yet.
I saw what this little slut was doing when I walked in.
I want your load in my pussy and then I want this baby doll to clean every drop out of me.
” Frank didn’t have anything to say to that.
His wife was challenging him to perform and he would do his best to obey.
But, the expression on his face was equal parts determination and concern.
His wife smiled.
“Don’t worry, I’ll help.
” Before Frank got to business, Betty crawled over.
That big toy was still in her cunt, now hanging low as she crawled.
The shaft and heavy balls dangled and swayed, knocking into her thighs while the buried head made her sex bulge obscenely.
“While they’re doing you, honey, I want your husband to fuck me in the ass.
” Stacy just stared at her while the big woman moved near Stacy’s head, facing away and at an angle.
She positioned herself on her knees and settled her head and shoulders to the carpet.
Her breasts were so large and soft that they cradled the woman’s chin and spread out wide across the floor.
Jared came into view, rolling a condom down over his hard cock.
He exchanged a brief glance with his wife that seemed to say “Hey, whatever.
” With her ass high in the air and the rest of her body supported by her head and chest, Betty’s hands were free.
She grabbed the mass of rubber hanging from her groin and slid most of it back into her body.
She stroked it in and out a few times while Jared got into position behind.
As her husband spread the big woman’s ample cheeks, Stacy took a moment to study the other woman’s rectum.
It was a deep brown but looked clean.
Sparse black hairs surrounded it on all sides.
Not exactly being an expert in asses, Stacy didn’t know what it should look like but the various folds and wrinkles of flesh that she saw suggested that it had been used many times before.
Stacy jumped in confusion.
As she watched her husband nestle the flared head of his latex-sheathed cock against Betty’s rosebud, Frank did the same at the entrance to Stacy’s dripping pussy.
The visual and the physical sensation were in such synchronization that for a fraction of a second Stacy thought she was feeling her husband’s cock.
She whipped her head around to look up at Frank.
He smiled down at her.
He had one hand on her knee and another at the base of his cock.
His wife Helen held and stroked his shaft while still lavishing Stacy’s breasts with attention.
She guided her husband into the young woman’s pink slit.
A sighing groan escaped Stacy’s throat and at the same time, she heard a much throatier moan coming from Betty.
She whipped her head around again and watched as Jared sank his tool into Betty’s ass.
Once again, the combination of sensory stimulation was momentarily confusing and extraordinarily arousing.
The men reached maximum penetration at the same time.
Stacy watched as her husband’s stomach pressed into Betty’s plush posterior.
As he held himself deep in her bowels, Betty pressed the enormous rubber cock as deeply into her cavern as it would go.
She couldn’t quite fit the entire thing into her cunt but was able to use its massive head to stretch the deepest regions of her sex.
“Oh god, so full.
So fucking full.
” She pumped the toy in short jabs, pummeling her womb.
“Fuck me Jared.
Oh god, I love being filled with cock.
” Jared’s hands buried themselves in pliant ass flesh.
He began a steady rhythm of firm thrusts, stroking his entire shaft into Betty’s ass each time.
Stacy’s clouded mind barely registered Helen’s departure when the older woman left her side for a few moments.
Frank was delivering slow, long thrusts, ensuring that she felt every inch slide in and out.
When Helen returned, Stacy became aware of a buzzing sound.
Helen had fetched the plastic vibrator and began teasing it around Stacy’s engorged nipples.
Stacy’s eyes closed against her will, the multiple sensations becoming too much for her body.
Helen sucked most of one tit into her mouth while applying the vibrator to the other.
Betty was grunting and squealing under the twin assaults of the large toy in her cunt and Jared’s eager cock in her ass.
She was slowly sliding forward, unable to control her body.
She flattened out, arms trapped beneath her.
Her legs spread out in a wide V, her hands bending at the wrists to jam and stir the big toy into her cunt.
Jared was spreading her ass cheeks out tightly.
Several times, he pulled his dick out of her rectum and looked down into the dark hole as it gaped at him.
Then he would plunge back in, her tight sphincter popping around the head of his cock each time.
Helen pulled her mouth from Stacy’s breast.
She pulled herself across the other woman’s body, once again highlighting the exciting contrast of their skin tones: bronze and porcelain.
Helen moved the vibrator over to the tit she had been suckling and firmly gripped the other one as she held her body above Stacy’s.
She watched Stacy’s face.
She began whispering to the younger woman.
“You’re a sweet little slut, aren’t you? You like my husband’s big cock, don’t you? You like having your little pussy stretched.
You like having your body played with.
You like to fuck, don’t you slut?” Stacy was lost in a reverie, Helen’s words coming to her as if from a dream.
She was murmuring nonsense in response.
Frank’s slow fucking rhythm began to speed up.
“You’re going to cum, aren’t you?” Helen asked, still in a whisper.
“You’re a slut who’s going to cum around my husband’s cock, aren’t you?” Helen slid the vibrator down Stacy’s body.
She had promised her husband she would help him get the slut off.
As she pressed it home at the peak of Stacy’s sex, she growled at the young woman.
“You’re going to cum NOW!” On cue, Frank slammed himself into Stacy a final time, burying his shaft into her body and holding it there.
He could feel the vibrator on his cock and strode control himself.
Stacy had no need or desire to control herself.
She came.
Her orgasm was less wild and paralyzing than many but it was deep.
Her hand went down to where Helen held the vibrator against her clit and pressed it home more firmly.
Her legs lifted into the air and subtly trembled as a long, low moan ran through her body.
The moan pulled all the air from her lungs and she found herself unable to inhale for many long seconds as her orgasm shorted out her systems.
Finally, she gasped as the climax began to lift.
Frank hastily pulled himself from her pussy, unable to take any more of its tight, frantic movements.
Frank lay flat on his back, panting.
His rigid cock was purple with lust and throbbed hotly against his abdomen.
As he attempted to reign in his lust, his wife cuddled with the post-orgasmic Stacy.
The younger woman was responding, her fires still raging, more stoked by her most recent climax than quenched by it.
The two horny women explored and caressed one another’s bodies while raining kisses upon each other’s faces.
A few feet away, Betty’s body had been completely taken over by lust.
Unbelievably, she had pummeled her insides to the point where she could now fit the entire fourteen-inch toy into her cavernous snatch.
The big balls bulging from its base were pressed tightly to her slit and she was grinding her clit between the heel of one hand and those big rubber balls.
She had fought against Jared’s pounding weight to return to her knees and she was screaming incoherently as her body was deliciously abused.
Needless to say, this soon penetrated the cocoon of mutual lust the other two women had woven for themselves.
Watching the big slut thrash and scream, Helen rose and drew Stacy with her.
Helen’s eyes were heavy with arousal and her mouth wore a smile of eager perversion.
“Get off her Jared”.
Jared either couldn’t hear or chose not to.
With his hands using Betty’s buttocks as handlebars, he was now completely withdrawing his cock on every stroke and then spearing her rear hole anew with each plunge.
Helen put a hand on his shoulder.
He continued his assault on the target in front of him.
Laughing, Helen yanked him back.
With Jared’s unsteady balance, it didn’t take much.
He stumbled backward and fell on his ass.
Betty yelled in protest.
One hand on the buried dildo, she spun onto her back yelling “What the hell?” She had presented herself in a perfect position.
Helen swept down to the floor between her splayed legs.
She deftly batted away Betty’s hand and pulled the enormous rubber toy from Betty’s gaping maw, tossing it to the side.
She motioned to Stacy, “Get down here.
” Stacy did as she was bid, her lust-addled mind ready to participate in anything.
Betty wasn’t done protesting.
“God damn it you crazy slut, I was almost there.
” Helen laughed.
“Yeah, I noticed.
That’s why I made you stop.
You’re the crazy slut that won’t let anyone touch her pussy after she cums.
” Stacy was staring at Betty’s pussy.
It was beet red and seemed to almost droop.
Her pussy lips were so inflamed and distended that they seemed to be four sizes too big.
The fat outer lips hung in thick folds.
A steady dribble of pussy-drool was leaking out and running down her cleft to her equally slack rectum.
Stacy was one part repulsed and nine parts fascinated and aroused.
Without explanation, Helen grabbed one of Stacy’s arms near the wrist and led her hand to Betty’s seeping crevice.
Instinctively, Stacy began gently stroking the big woman’s V.
Betty was far beyond such gentle petting by this point and her groan resembled one of frustration rather than lust.
“Helen!” she said, impatient and horny.
Helen put one arm around Stacy’s back and the other clasped one of the young woman’s breasts.
Those delicate peaks hung beneath her body, slightly elongated by gravity and swaying almost imperceptibly.
The half-dome peaks of her areole remained inflamed.
Helen Licked Stacy’s earlobe and then whispered “Put your hand in her.
Make a fist and fuck her with it.
” Stacy froze for a split second.
Her eyes furtively darted to the big rubber toy that had recently been buried in the older woman’s obviously accommodating body.
It had made a large dark spot on the carpet as Betty’s juices slid off it.
The head of that monster was actually probably bigger than Stacy’s fist.
An evil smile spread across her lips.
She looked up to find her husband who was sprawled a few feet away, his hard cock still encased in the condom.
She gave him a smoldering look that threatened to make him climax right then and there.
Then she turned that gaze on Betty.
It didn’t appear that the big blond had heard what Helen said.
Still impatient and desperate, Betty began to reach for her clit.
Duplicating Helen, Stacy batted her hand away.
But Betty didn’t get a chance to complain.
Without a lot of fuss and no hesitation to speak of, Stacy balled her hand into a tight fist and pressed it into Betty’s hot pussy.
The slack pussy lips spread wide and stretched around Stacy’s hand.
The outer lips hugged her fist and welcomed the new stimulation.
Her inner lips and the elastic ring of her birth canal spread as well, pulling tight momentarily as the thickest part of Stacy’s hand passed through.
But pass through it did and really quite easily.
Before anyone knew it, Betty’s hot lips were wrapped around Stacy’s wrist.
Betty’s groaned, this time with satisfaction, and fell flat on her back.
“Oh yeah, now we’re talking.
” Stacy was lost in the experience at least as much as Betty.
The vulgar sight of her arm protruding from the woman’s steaming quim was unbelievably arousing.
Betty’s throbbing lips seemed to suck at the first inch or two of Stacy’s forearm.
Deeper in the swinger’s body, Stacy could feel the wet, rippling walls of her inner chamber.
Those walls were in constant motion, squeezing and sliding along Stacy’s embedded hand.
Helen sidled in close beside Stacy and the young woman noticed the buzzing sound that had become familiar.
Helen pressed the vibrating toy against Betty’s dark rosebud and slid it in smoothly.
In a matter of little more than a second, the six-inch plastic shaft disappeared into Betty’s ass, her wrinkled sphincter closing over its base.
Stacy could plainly feel both the buzzing of its little motor and the powerful reaction within Betty’s cunt.
The big woman groaned appreciatively.
“Play with her pussy Stacy.
Open your hand and move your fingers around.
Touch every part of this whore’s big juicy cunt.
” Helen wasn’t whispering now.
Stacy’s hand opened as it was bidden.
Betty trembled and bit her lips.
The clinging heat of Betty’s cavern was fascinating to Stacy.
She pressed more deeply, exploring the contours of her internal being.
As she did so, her other hand went to her own twitching pussy.
She rubbed at it roughly, aroused to such an extent that she barely knew what she was doing.
“Can you find her cervix? It’s a big, firm lump deep at the base of her canal” Helen asked breathlessly.
“When you find it, don’t try to push into it or anything.
just pinch it in your fingers.
” Stacy had already bumped into the doughnut of muscle a couple times.
She found it again and caressed it.
Betty squirmed and suppressed a squeal.
She stuffed one of her fat nipples into her mouth and tried not to bite it too harshly.
Stacy squeezed Betty’s cervix gently.
The big woman jumped and let loose a cough-like groan.
“Oh god.
” Stacy could tell that Betty was getting off on the bizarre stimulation in a big way.
The young woman had now sunk all four fingers of her other hand into her own cunt and was jabbing at it mindlessly.
Stacy half-closed her hand and rubbed her knuckles against Betty’s cervix.
The big blond convulsed and grunted.
For a split second, the muscles of her pussy clamped down hard on the young woman hand.
“Keep working on her.
Play with her cervix.
Find her G-spot and dig your fingers into it.
Spread your fingers wide and stretch her out.
Do whatever you want to her.
Ream her out good.
” Stacy was digging in deeper into both her own cunt and Betty’s body when Helen noticed a shadow pass over her.
She looked up.
Both men were staring down at her with big smiles on their faces.
Jared had pulled the soiled condom off and his pale cock was sticking straight out from his body, bobbing erratically.
Frank’s cock pointed up at a steeper angle and was purple and menacing.
Helen smiled back at the two horny men.
Frank grabbed his wife by her armpits and lifted her to her feet.
Palming the back of her head, he bent her over in front of the other man, pressing her face against his waiting cock.
She didn’t have to be told what to do.
She opened her mouth and inhaled Jared’s meat, strangling her own gag reflex as the flared head of his cock entered her throat.
Jared hissed in pleasure.
Helen buried her nose into his curly-haired groin.
Her husband sunk three of his long, thick fingers into her red hot snatch and frigged her roughly.
Helen used her throat and her entire mouth to massage Jared’s pulsing dick.
Her tongue caressed his shaft and her lips were nibbling at its base, teasing his dangling ball sack.
For about a minute Helen hummed and sucked while her husband mauled her sex.
Betty’s wilds cries were surrendering to her panting breath as Stacy’s hand ran rampant through her internal organs.
Helen had her hands on Jared’s hips and he had his around her head.
He began fucking her throat, stroking in and out at a rapid pace.
Few women could tolerate this kind of repeated invasion into their mouths and throats but Helen took it in stride, breathing when she had a chance and swallowing his rod whole every time it plunged into her face.
Frank’s hand was dripping with his wife’s juices when finally pulled it away from her pussy.
Regardless of how many times she had already cum, Helen was nowhere close to cooling down.
Frank, on the other hand, was at his limit.
his next orgasm was sure to be the last of the night.
He had held it off for as long as he could.
The tall man stood behind his wife.
She was bent over at the waste servicing Jared.
Frank was so much taller than his small bronze wife that his cock and balls could rest on top of her lean, upturned ass.
Taking his cock in hand, he bent deeply at the knees.
He thrust into his wife, jamming his thick meat into her welcoming body and driving her hard into Jared.
Muffled by her face full of cock, Helen groaned deeply.
Then Frank stood up straight, lifting his wife off the ground with his stiffness.
Helen squealed and nearly gagged.
She was spitted by two rigid hunks of meat, dangling between the two men.
She clung to Jared for dear life as her legs waved aimlessly, seeking some kind of support.
The walls of her cunt held onto her husband and her flat buns were pressed hard against his abdomen.
Frank wrapped his big hands around her waist and took a little of her weight.
He also used the grip to slide her a few inches up his cock and then ram himself back home.
Helen was getting deliciously fucked from two ends and was powerless to prevent it.
It was the sort of position that she loved to be in.
Stacy had found a new game.
Her mind had entered a surreal realm where what she was doing didn’t seem real.
She was fucking another woman with her hand.
it was so bizarre.
Stacy had prodded, pinched and rubbed every centimeter of Betty’s inner passage.
The big slut’s juices had made a big fat puddle on the carpet and she was squeezing and sucking and biting her own tits.
Stacy began truly fucking the older woman.
With her hand balled in a fist, she pulled it free of the meaty, dipping orifice and then jabbed forward again, sinking her hand, wrist and several inches of forearm into the other woman’s body.
She was basically punching Betty’s pussy and it was quickly driving the quivering woman to an explosive climax.
Helen was forced to release Jared from her mouth.
Even with all her skill and experience, being jerked around through the air on her husband’s big dick made it impossible for her to deal with Jared’s face-fucking.
Choking and gagging and gasping, she hung limply for a moment, bent over nearly in half at the waist, her husband’s strong hands holding her tightly to his groin.
Breathing hard and forcefully taking control of her body, Helen criss-crossed her legs.
This allowed her to press firmly against her husband’s thighs.
Finally having some leverage, she strained to lift her upper body.
As before, the effort placed tremendous pressure on Frank’s buried shaft.
Helen lifted herself vertical, pressing her back to her husband.
Reaching back over her head, she wrapped her hands around his neck.
“Oh god honey, fuck the shit out of me.
Fill me with your cum.
” Online Now! Lush Cams jessicalaurens She hunched herself upwards a couple times, working on her husband’s cock.
Frank re-set his grip just under her rib cage and began sliding her body up and down on his raging cock.
Each time he slammed her firmly down to the base of his cock, she would grunt loudly.
Helen and Frank’s hands were all occupied just keeping the couple upright and moving.
Her small, loose breasts were flopping wildly on her lean, bouncing frame and her prominent clit was pressed forward lewdly by the straining cock in her pussy.
Jared stepped forward.
Seeing the couple in action before had brought a lot of memories flooding back to Jared.
All the times he had seen Helen in action.
All the times he had fucked her or watcher her fuck others.
The wild way she would throw her body into any situation in pursuit of pleasure.
With all those images and sensations running through his mind, he seized upon her body.
One hand plunged down to her sex roughly.
He let her engorged clit catch itself in the V of two fingers and hooked those finger into her sex.
He wiggled his digits against Frank’s pounding cock and stretched her opening wider while squeezing her sensitive clitoris.
With his other hand, he palmed a small bronze breast and held on tightly as her body rose and fell, jerking her tit flesh this way and that.
Helen was screaming now, calling out to god and cursing and praising the two men as her body was driven to greater heights of physical ecstasy.
She was competing with Betty’s wild cries.
The big woman was cumming and Stacy was pressing her fist hard into her cavity, stretching it out as deeply and widely as she could.
Betty’s gaping pussy lips held her forearm nearly half way to the elbow.
and the slick of her juices had spread farther than that.
From time to time, the goo would drip from Stacy’s elbow.
Betty abruptly went silent and rigid, trembling.
Inside her body, the younger woman’s hand was being crushed be her pussy’s orgasmic convulsions.
Betty stared blankly at the ceiling and trembled, every nerve in her body screaming in celebration.
Frank roared.
He jammed his wife down roughly into his groin and began pumping his essence into her molten core.
Her husband’s trembling passion predictably forced Helen past the crest of bliss and into her own screaming climax.
Her arms were craned backward, her hands gripping her husband’s thickly veined neck as if her life depended on it.
Her cries jumped and warbled to match the shuddering, grunting gasps of the man she loved.
Jared took a step back to watch the Pollards embrace ecstasy.
Then his eyes were torn away by the squeals and groans of Betty.
The big woman had both hands around Stacy’s forearm and was frantically trying to pull herself off the other woman’s hand.
Betty’s massive orgasm had run its course and her inflamed pussy had become a minefield of raw nerves and ticklish flesh.
Stacy’s mind was saturated with hormones and adrenaline by the whole experience.
It wasn’t exactly working properly and it took a while for Betty’s message to get through.
Jared stared as Stacy finally allowed her hand to slide out of the other woman’s over-stimulated hole.
He had not expected things to get quite this wild tonight.
he had feared that if it did, it would turn off his darling wife.
Jared knew Stacy to have a deeply sexual side.
When she was aroused she tended to be aggressive and nearly insatiable.
On the other hand, her tastes were simple.
she liked getting fucked.
For her, sex began and ended with a cunt full of dick.
She had no objections to things like blowjobs and other sorts of “play” but they just weren’t interesting to her.
She wanted to fuck.
Jared’s one concern in introducing his wife to swinging was that she wouldn’t care for the extra stuff.
Would she get anything out of being with another woman? Jared had had his doubts.
Thank god they’d proven unfounded.
Right at that second, his wife had one hand busy on her own pussy, rubbing and probing and slapping at it with mindless abandon.
She was running her lips and tongue over her other hand, actually, most of her arm, slurping down Betty’s copious juices.
She looked a lot like a cat cleaning herself.
Abruptly his attention was drawn back to the Pollards when a small hand with a powerful grip clasped his upper arm.
Helen was leaning forward towards him.
Frank was visibly swaying, his body physically spent.
He took an unsteady step forward, pressing his wife into Jared’s arms.
“The fucking cunt hasn’t had enough yet.
” He croaked.
Helen wrapped her arms around Jared’s neck and lifted herself off her husband’s shrinking manhood.
Jared took her weight and embraced her perspiring, feverish body.
His hard cock was sticking straight out between her legs and her slobbering pussy came to rest on his shaft.
He could feel the hoops from her piercings pressing into their flesh.
She encircled his hips with her strong legs and grinned at him as she slid her slit along his hungry cock.
He slid one hand up her back until it reached the back of her head and then plunged his mouth forward to meet hers.
Each of their tongues competed to reach the deepest reaches of the other’s mouth.
Helen reached back with her right hand to caress his cock head where it just barely protruded from between her thighs.
Jared nearly lost his balance as she rubbed his engorged glands.
They were slick with his lube.
Wrapping both arms around her securely, he carried Helen over to a couch.
Standing at one end, he urged her to lay back against its armrest.
With some reluctance, she released him and allowed him to lay her body out.
He settled her hips across the arm of the couch, arching her body and presenting her dripping pussy for easy access.
Someone brushed one of his legs.
His wife had crawled across the carpet to stare at the other woman’s open, dripping pussy.
Helen had taken multiple loads in rapid succession, cumming herself numerous times.
The results were flowing from her hole and dribbling down her ass crack.
The glazed and hungry look in his wife’s eyes made Jared shudder.
She was getting off on this in ways he would have never imagined.
With two fingers he scooped up some of the flow from between Helen’s legs.
He offered it to his wife.
She grabbed his wrist and stuck his fingers into her mouth.
She sucked at them, sliding her tongue between them, devouring the discharge like the life-giving substance it was.
When Helen kicked him in impatience, he extracted his hand from his wife’s adoration and grabbed Helen by the ankles, spreading her legs high and wide.
Her cunt gaped at him, her pink inner folds swollen with use and arousal.
With his cock hanging free and straight before him, he drove forward into the Pollard woman’s welcoming hole.
Helen’s adaptable cunt was momentarily loose as he buried his bone deep into her body but as he ground his pubic bone against hers, the muscles of her pussy grabbed hold of his cock and made her unsatiated hunger known.
“Come on baby, make it last.
I bet you can make me come off a couple more times.
And then, when you do fill me with your spunk, I’ll let your little slut wife drown in my cunt.
” Jared almost whimpered.
He was being asked to perform a task his body may not be up to.
All that he had seen and experienced had his body primed for release.
Slowly, he withdrew his tool, feeling his prominent cock head bump along the folds and grooves of Helen’s chamber.
Helen sighed in contentment, letting her pussy squeeze him just enough to ensure they both could feel everything.
When the head of his shaft reached the entrance of her cunt he let it hang up there, gently stretching her inner lips.
Then he forged forward once again, pressing aside her sensitive flesh.
Stacy was now hovering over the pair, watching her husband fuck the small woman with shining, eager eyes.
Motivated by the slower movements of the pair, she let her fingers brush along different parts of their bodies, caressing their flushed skin.
Several times, her brushes sent goosebumps shimmering across their skin, making them shake and jump.
As Jared continued with long, slow thrusts, Helen gently teased her own clit.
Her body was sitting at a high simmer and she was content to wallow in the heated sensations for a while.
A few times she attempted to reach out to the pale young woman but Stacy was lost in her own world, moving around the two at random to touch and examine their bodies.
Even the familiar contours of Jared’s back and thighs and arms seemed exotic to her at that moment.
As for the small bronze woman her husband was embedded in.
Stacy spent some time examining Helen’s chest.
Laid on her back with her hips elevated, the little slut’s small breasts resembled fried eggs.
They moved loosely, surmounted by dark areolae and hard, sharp peaks.
Stacy had seen that Helen seemed to like having her tits abused rather harshly.
On close inspection, she could see that the nipples were a bit the worse for wear.
Faint traces of the holes that had been ripped through them were still visible though Stacy didn’t actually know that’s what they were.
All she would really see was that her nipples looked like they have been through a wringer.
Well, they had actually.
But not recently.
Stacy looked around for the vibrator that Helen had used on her earlier, for a moment forgetting what had been done with it.
When she saw it, she remembered.
It lay between Betty’s legs where she had finally pushed it out of her ass.
Stacy quickly put the object out of her mind.
She returned her attention to Helen’s body.
She bent her head low over the other woman’s chest and breathed in the hot and sweet scent of a woman in heat.
As she exhaled, she blew across Helen’s nipples.
If the brown nubbins had been capable of rising any higher or becoming any harder, they would have.
As things stood, Helen just shivered with lust.
Jared continued slowly working his cock in and out of the older woman as his wife took a nipple into her mouth.
Her hand caressed the lean woman’s hard stomach, her skin slick with perspiration.
Stacy could taste salt and other, musky flavors as she licked and kissed Helen’s small mound.
She took the hard rubbery nub gently between her teeth and teased it with her tongue.
Stacy’s brought her hand to Helen’s other tit and rolled the flesh between her fingers.
Helen’s chest was rumbling with inaudible moans, her eyes closed in contentment.
Helen’s hand found one of the pale younger woman’s fuller breasts and began to return the favor, caressing and squeezing the soft, dangling flesh.
The two women began mirroring each other’s mammary manipulation.
As Stacy began to squeeze harder and pinch Helen’s nipple, the slim woman replied in kind, her strong fingers tweaking and pulling on Stacy’s delicate pearl.
Stacy started to lose focus a bit.
Her free hand was once again rubbing and probing her steaming sex.
She was vaguely aware that it had been too long since her last orgasm.
She was no longer sucking on Helen’s near tit.
her moth now hung open dumbly as the two over-heated women twiddled and pulled on each other’s peaks while Jared looked on, his hips always in motion.
Stacy was staring at Helen’s face as she began pinching the other woman harder and harder.
Helen matched each squeeze, watching the younger woman as she did so.
Stacy’s delicate nipple was beginning to throb and sting.
She liked having her tits played with gently, softly.
She had been known to vocally object to any sort of mistreatment.
But clearly, Helen enjoy



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