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‘Oh, oh, oh,’ Penelope gasped, her finger nails gripping Rich’s butt cheeks as her orgasm swept over her, her legs wrapping around him, pulling him deeper, riding out her climax.
On top of her, Rich thrust his full length into her tight opening as she contracted around his stiff shaft, pulling him over the edge, and he groaned as he came, pumping his cum into his girlfriend.
Penelope whispered his name as she felt him climax inside her.
Lying next to Rich, her head on his shoulder, her long brown hair spread over his chest, she sighed.
‘Wow, that was amazing.
I didn’t even have time to take off my underwear.
‘ Rich chuckled, his hand draped across his forehead, the sound of the ocean drifting through his balcony doors.
‘I mean, one minute I’m thinking about coffee, and the next you’re taking off my nightshirt, pulling my panties to one side and – ,’ she paused, not wanting to say anything dirty, ‘sliding inside me.
‘ ‘Sorry about that,’ Rich said, smiling, ‘I just couldn’t help it.
‘ Penelope looked a little embarrassed.
‘I’m not complaining,’ she said, ‘I think it’s my new favorite way to be woken up.
That and when you,’ she paused, her cheeks turning pink, ‘well, y’know.
‘ Rich nodded, picturing the times he had watched her sleeping and couldn’t resist slipping under the covers and teasing her with his tongue until, in her sleepy haze, she orgasmed, before drifting back to sleep.
Sitting up against the headboard, Penelope pulled the sheet up around her breasts, adjusting her underwear.
‘So are you sure you can’t come to the charity dinner with me tonight?’ ‘I really wish I could,’ Rich replied, sighing.
‘But this guy is flying in to talk about starting the production company and I can’t miss the meeting.
I’m sorry.
‘ She turned, kissing him on the cheek.
‘It’s okay, baby, I understand.
I’ll just miss you tonight.
‘ ‘Me too.
Can you come over tomorrow? We can go out to lunch and then take a drive up the coast.
‘ Penelope smiled.
‘That sounds perfect.
I’ll get the driver to drop me home after the dinner and then I’ll drive over in the morning.
‘ ‘Sounds great,’ Rich said, sitting up next to her.
‘But it’ll be strange sleeping on my own tonight.
‘ She nodded, suddenly missing him.
But, not wanting to focus on the negative, she looked over at her boyfriend.
‘I want coffee,’ she said, smiling.
‘Wow’ you’re high maintenance,’ he said, trying not to smile, ‘even for an actress.
Even the actors on my show aren’t this demanding.
‘ ‘Yes, well, the actors on your show don’t don’t let you do them first thing in the morning,’ she countered quickly.
‘Or give you blow jobs in the shower.
‘ Rich could only nod in affirmation.
He loved how she could be so sweet and innocent but then fire a great come back at him.
‘You need to get up,’ she said, knowing she had won this round.
‘I’m going to take a shower.
‘ Slipping out of bed, Penelope padded across the floor towards the bathroom.
Rich watched her half naked body, thinking about how he could take her again even if he had only just cum.
Reaching the bathroom door, she stopped and turned back to him in mock irritation.
‘That doesn’t look like getting out of bed,’ she said.
‘Penny needs coffee.
‘ She clapped her hands.
‘C’mon, quick like a bunny.
‘ Rich laughed, making no effort to move out from under the sheet that covered his lower half.
‘What do you think you’re looking at?’ she asked, cocking her head to one side.
‘I was just watching that sexy little ass of yours in those cute little pink panties,’ he replied, feeling his penis twitch at the sight of Penelope’s firm breasts as she stood in the doorway.
She loved the way her boyfriend complimented her and she couldn’t help smiling, breaking her pretense at being annoyed.
But despite his frequent compliments she never knew what to say and so she turned, stepping through the bathroom door, giving him one last look at her silk covered buttocks.
Rich groaned as the door closed, sliding out of bed and heading downstairs to the kitchen.
*** ‘How do I look?’ Penelope asked, walking into the kitchen.
The sun had moved to the back of the house and was pouring through the bi-fold doors which lead out onto Rich’s deck and pool and, beyond that, the ocean.
They had spent most of the day outside, drinking iced tea, swimming and walking on the beach, until Penelope had announced that she had to start getting ready for the charity dinner she had been invited to, leaving Rich to swim a few laps before letting the setting sun dry his body on the sun lounger.
Rich looked up from his book on the island counter top and groaned.
The dress she wore was like a thousand tiny mirrors sewn together with thin white straps over her shoulders.
The hem came to just above her mid-thigh, and the silver, strappy heels she wore made her already impossibly slim legs look ever more slender.
She had curled her hair so that it hung in loose ringlets over her tanned shoulders.
‘Oh crap,’ he sighed, pushing away his book.
‘You look amazing.
You are so beautiful.
‘ Penelope blushed and Rich continued.
‘And you’re so fucking sexy.
‘ Penelope giggled at Rich’s profanity.
‘I”m sorry, honey, but it’s true.
‘ ‘Thank you, baby.
I’m just sorry that you’re not going to be with me tonight.
‘ ‘Me too,’ Rich said sadly, ‘me too.
‘ He thought for a moment, taking in the sight of his girlfriend.
Then he grinned wickedly.
‘Are you wearing any underwear under that?’ Penelope giggled again.
‘Of course I am.
‘ Then she paused.
‘Well, panties.
I couldn’t really wear a bra with this dress.
‘ Rich groaned.
‘Really? Oh, shit.
‘ He shook his head slowly, a smile turning the corners of his mouth.
‘Can I see which panties you’re wearing?’ Penelope cocked her head to one side.
‘No you may not,’ she said, smiling.
‘If you were coming with me tonight I would let you see them when we got home, but-‘ She left her sentence hanging in the air, punctuated with a gentle shrug.
Rich sighed.
‘Can you at least describe them to me?’ A car horn sounded from the front of the house.
‘Oops, that’s my driver,’ she said, a glint in her eye.
‘Gotta go.
Maybe I’ll wear this again sometime and you’ll get to see what’s underneath.
‘ Rich shook his head, laughing sadly as he got off his stool and walked around the island, putting his arms around her, kissing her lips as her face tilted up to meet him.
Her arms slipped around his waist, the time for joking and teasing passed.
‘I’m going to miss you tonight,’ Rich said as their lips parted.
‘Me too.
But I’ll be here first thing tomorrow.
‘ And then she was gone, leaving him standing in his kitchen, the scent of her perfume in the air.
Rich sighed, heading for his bedroom to get ready for his business dinner.
*** The cool air from the refrigerator as Rich opened the door and retrieved a beer was a welcome relief from the mid-summer, California night.
Twisting off the lid, he stood under the ceiling vent as the air conditioning started, sending a blast of cold air over his body.
The cool floor tiles felt good beneath his bare feet.
He undid the top buttons of his shirt and untucked it from his pants.
He took a draw on the bottle, turning his face towards the cold air.
The sound of the doorbell made Rich jump, breaking the silence of the house.
He paused, looking in the direction of the front door, as if staring hard enough would allow him to see through to whoever was outside.
Putting his bottle down, he walked towards the door, the security light outside casting a thin line onto the tiles inside.
As he opened the door he heard the sound of the car pulling out of his drive, through his gate and out onto the street.
Standing in the pool of light, her dress sparkling like sunlight on the ocean, Penelope looked at him, her smile not quite hiding the wave of nervousness she felt as the door opened.
‘Hey, gorgeous!’ he said, a smile of his own spreading over his face, stepping back to allow her in.
But the pretty brunette standing in the doorway didn’t move.
‘I didn’t want to wait until tomorrow to see you,’ she said, her smile fading a little.
‘I hope that’s okay.
‘ ‘Are you kidding?’ Rich replied, taking a step to one side, reiterating his invitation to enter, but still she stood on the doorstep.
‘All evening I was thinking about this morning in bed and how you were watching me walk across your bedroom.
And then how you were asking me about what I was wearing under my dress this evening,’ she paused.
‘And I wanted to show you.
‘ Rich watched as she reached up with both hands to the straps of her dress, pulling them outwards off her shoulders.
Dropping her arms to her sides Penelope let the straps slide down her arms, her dress catching on her pert breasts.
Online Now! Lush Cams Alberto_Carlo With a quick, almost imperceptible shake of her shoulders the material detached and slid down her body, revealing first her firm breasts with their tight nipples, her flat stomach and then, as the dress pooled at her feet, Rich could see the nude, silk thong which had been the source of his distraction all evening.
He stood in the doorway, his eyes roaming over Penelope’s small, tight body, her hair, the ringlets now dropped into deep waves, washing over her defined shoulders as she stared back at him, allowing her lover to take her in.
Then, silently she hooked her fingers into the narrow material of her underwear and, bending at the waist, she pulled her g-string down over her narrow hips, letting it fall onto her dress.
She straightened up, once again allowing Rich to stare at her naked body.
Her vagina was waxed and smooth, the gentle folds hiding in the gap between her thighs, her nipples sitting high on her breasts that raised and lowered with her excited breathing.
For Rich it was like he was seeing her for the first time despite the weeks they had spent together.
In that time she had opened herself to him, allowing herself to instigate sex but rarely taking full control, and although she was now comfortable enough to walk around his house topless, he had never known her to have this level of confidence.
Realizing he was staring, Rich looked for something to say.
‘I – I, you’re – amazing,’ he said.
‘I mean, I always think you’re amazing, but just when I think I know you, you do something like this.
I-‘ ‘I want you, Richard,’ Penelope said, the words sounding almost alien in her head.
‘I want you to take me.
I want you to fuck me.
‘ Rich reached out to take her hand but she stepped back.
‘No, I want you here, outside.
I want you to fuck me at the front of your house.
Take me.
‘ Then she was reaching for him, taking his belt, tugging at it until it came undone.
Rich could already feel his penis thickening but it was still yet to be hard.
Penelope pulled at the button on his pants and then the zipper, pushing his khaki trousers to the floor, grabbing for his boxers, pulling them down.
Then she was dropping to her knees, taking him in her mouth, feeling him swell to his full erection between her lips, pressing down on her tongue.
Rich gasped as he felt the warmth of his girlfriend’s mouth around his head and shaft.
Penelope looked up at him, her mouth sliding inexorably back down his erection until the swollen head of his penis appeared at her lips.
‘I love your cock,’ she whispered as he left her mouth, her saliva leaving his erection shining in the security light.
‘Fuck me.
‘ Turning, Penelope walked the few feet from the front door to the older of the two Ford Mustangs parked on Rich’s drive.
Her heels clicked on the driveway, her tight buttocks barely shaking as she moved, the small muscles in her back illuminated in the bright light.
Rich pulled at the buttons on his shirt, wanting to be as naked as her.
He followed her, his penis flexing with each step.
When she reached his car Penelope bent forward, her hands on the long, shiny hood.
She looked back at him, her eyes silently telling him what her voice had said out loud.
Without a word he took her narrow waist in his hands as she parted her legs, although she knew that there was enough of a gap at the thighs for him to take her with her legs closed, as he had done many times with her laying face down, her legs together, his outside of her thighs as her entered her.
But still she assumed the position, the act, along with the night air drawing the image of a call girl fantasy in her imagination.
She felt the tip of Rich’s penis touch the velvety lips of her vagina, her opening already slick with moisture.
Her forehead dropped forward onto the metal of the car as she felt him enter her, a quick push which parted her lips.
She moaned as she felt the tip of his cock spread her open and then, with two more thrusts, Rich filled her, stretching her around him.
‘Fuck, Richard,’ she called, not caring if any of his neighbors were passing his front gate on a late night stroll.
Rich held her hips in place as he withdrew his cock from her, thrusting back into her again.
‘Richard,’ she called again.
‘Fuck me.
Take my little pussy and fuck me hard.
‘ Rich groaned, Penelope’s words sounding strange to him but so erotic, increasing the sensation he was already experiencing.
‘Do I feel good?’ she asked, looking back over her shoulder at him.
‘Does my tight little coochie feel good on your big cock? I’ve never said this before but I love the way you stretch me when we make love.
I adore how you fill me with your hard on.
‘ Rich’s hands moved from her waist, sliding up her body and she lifted her breasts from the cool metal of the car, allowing him to reach for her breasts, gasping as she felt his fingers find her hard nipples.
Penelope moaned.
‘Play with my tits, baby.
‘ Hearing the words in his girlfriend’s soft voice almost tipped Rich over the edge, and for a moment he slowed his movements.
Feeling the change in his rhythm, Penelope clenched the muscles in her vagina.
‘Don’t stop, baby,’ she called.
‘If you’re going to cum, cum inside me.
I want to feel you cum in my tight little-‘ she paused, ‘-pussy.
‘ But Rich had no intention of cumming yet; he pulled at her nipples, squeezing them until he heard her moan, the sensation edging from pleasure towards pain but never crossing the threshold.
‘Fuck!’ she called as he thrust back into her, pulling on her nipples again.
Releasing her right breast from his grasp, Rich reached for Penelope’s long, thick hair, taking a handful and pulling.
She gasped, her head lifting from the hood of his car.
‘Fuck, that feels good,’ she gushed only to swear again as Rich’s thrusting quickened, pushing her forward until her thighs were pressed against the metal grill, but the pain only increased the sensation that was rushing around her body from the whole experience.
She could feel her climax approaching as Rich continued to thrust his cock into her, burying himself to his full length before withdrawing again while his hands played with her breasts and pulled her hair.
Penelope knew she was close and she knew that her orgasm would be loud but she didn’t care.
Rich was filling her over and over and his touch was bringing about just the right balance of pleasure and pain.
Feeling her pussy begin to contract, Penelope reached between her legs, finding Rich’s balls as they swung with each of his thrusts.
She felt the delicate flesh between her fingers and gently stroked the tender globes as she felt her climax rush up on her.
‘Fuck, Rich, don’t stop,’ she moaned, her voice drifting out into the still night air.
‘Richard, I’m going to cum.
I’m going to cum all over your cock.
‘ Then, holding his balls in her small hand she called, ‘Baby, cum inside me.
Cum with me.
‘ Rich was already feeling the rising sensation around his balls before Penelope had reached for them, but as he felt her body tremble as her orgasm built up and washed over her he felt the indescribable pleasure as he swelled and pumped his thick fluid into her tight pussy, saying her name as he thrust into her, pushing Penelope down onto his car, her breath leaving tiny beads of condensation on the shiny metal.
He could feel Penelope’s legs trembling as his orgasm subsided but the sensation of his cock buried deep inside her was too exquisite for him to pull out yet.
He leaned forward, kissing her back and shoulders.
Below him Penelope’s breathing was labored and he felt her body shudder as another wave of her climax traveled through her.
Not wanting to squash her between his body and the car hood, Rich reluctantly lifted himself up, allowing his still hard penis to slip from her now glistening entrance, a fine strand of his cum, mixed with her own juices falling between Penelope’s legs to the floor between her high heeled shoes.
As she felt him lift off her Penelope turned, leaning back onto the car to steady herself, her arms reaching for him.
‘That was amazing,’ she whispered as she felt his arms envelop her and she buried her face in his neck.
For minutes they stood like that, their arms wrapped around each other, one of Penelope’s legs between his.
She could feel Rich’s cum sliding down her thigh but she didn’t care, the heat of his body combined with the warm summer air pulling her towards that point where she unsure if she was asleep or awake, dreamlike images drifting around her mind.
And then he was picking her up in his arms and taking her into the house, leaving her dress and underwear on the floor as a reminder for the next morning.



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