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Latest stories Straight Sex Naomi and Teddy Share the Kiss

I grab Naomi’s chin with one of my hands and the small of her back with the other, pulling her toward me hard.
I put my mouth against hers almost menacingly.
Naomi pulls back.
“Teddy, what are you doing?” “This is the only way to get your attention, my love,” I say to her, taking her chin harder in my hand and pushing my mouth on hers once more.
It is not my normal kiss, but I want to show her I am in charge tonight.
I want to show her that I can be rough in my kisses, but still tender.
Naomi yields to my lips and lets me hold her arms tightly against her body.
She is my prisoner, as I increase the pressure and fervor of my kisses.
Naomi kisses back harder and moves her hips tighter against me.
I feel the bulge of her pussy rub against my growing cock.
A moan comes from her throat, as her legs spread to get intimately closer.
I gain full possession of her tight body, as we kiss.
Naomi leans into me and I change the kiss.
I make it harder, rougher, as I part her lips with a purpose.
I slowly push my probing tongue into her spreading lips and mouth.
She yields to my tongue and sucks on it, as if it were my hard cock.
As Naomi sucks on my tongue, I feel heat rising between us.
Our bodies seem to melt together with the almost consuming heat of our passion.
I taste her mouth and know partly why I love her so much, she tastes like the aromatic teas she drinks, all of which have a smell and taste I love.
Naomi arches her back and pushes her lower body hard against me.
Her breath becomes uneven because I clog her mouth with kisses.
I roughly move my mouth from hers and nibble on her neck.
From her reaction, I feel she wants more nibbling, with attention that is more intimate.
Naomi adores the sensation, as she leans into me even more.
She fails to notice that my left hand, which rests in the small of her back, works its way downward.
It is un-hindered by her clothing, as my hand feels the soft supple skin of her ass.
Feeling my hand against her skin, she spreads her legs a little wider and pushes her pubic bulge tighter against me.
My cock stiffens more, as the widening slit of her pussy opens to let me slip inside.
My lips and teeth continue to nibble, as I work my way around to the back of her neck.
I push her soft black hair up and expose the light delicate skin of her neck.
As I kiss and nibble, I feel Naomi’s body shiver with the building feeling of lust and pleasure.
Small moans escape her lips, as the pleasure builds.
She rocks her pubic area against my hard cock, with increasing intensity.
Our clothes are the only thing preventing our taking pleasure from each other’s body.
My mouth moves close to her ear and my gravelly voice whispers, “I want to ravish your body tonight, until you scream from the pleasure.
” In answer to my whispered expression of wanton desire, she breathlessly pants, “Take me, use me, I am your sex slave.
” Her skin feels strangely hot and eager for more little bites.
I continue nibbling and her head lolls to the side to allow more bites that are intimate.
My nibbles start under her chin and proceed down below her neck approaching the valley between her breasts.
Again, I feel Naomi’s body shiver and her hips wiggle, pushing harder against my cock.
As I dip into her yellow tank top and taste her naked breasts, I feel Naomi lose control of her knees.
Her arms quickly loop around my neck, as she tries to remain standing.
I nibble her left breast and find her nipple hard and waiting.
As my mouth encircles her nipple, her knees stiffen and her hand pushes hard on my head.
I suck her hard nipple deep into my mouth, as I hear a low growl come from deep within her throat.
Her hands move my head and mouth to her other nipple, which is hard and eagerly waiting.
Another deep guttural growl comes from her.
Just as I reach down to carry Naomi to our love den, the doorbell rings.
Naomi screams, “Arghhh!” As she runs to the door, my cock turns flaccid.
I look down and utter, “Thanks Pal.
” Naomi opens the door to greet a UPS delivery driver who has a package for me.
Naomi signs for the package and brings it to me.
I look at the package and a big smile suffuses across my face, my new equipment is here.
It is a good night indeed, but Naomi stands mystified at my happiness.
I toss the package down the hall toward our love den, which causes Naomi to giggle loudly.
She grabs my hand and tries to pull me to the love den.
I protest strongly and pull her back into my arms.
I move my face closely to hers, but my lips kiss the very tip of her nose.
Startled Naomi pulls back away from me and opens her mouth with an expression, “What?” She allows me to pull her back close to my face again.
I kiss her left temple, which I follow with a kiss to her right temple and another kiss to the tip of her nose.
My mouth covers hers roughly, as I bite her lower lip sucking it with my lips.
Our kiss lasts, leaving her breathless.
While she catches her breath, I bite her upper lip and draw it into my mouth, as I did her lower.
A small moan escapes her, as my right hand holds her head forcing her lips hard against mine.
Her tongue pushes out through her lips gently, softly probing my mouth, which opens to allow her in.
I suck on her tongue, which tastes, as if she put her favorite tea there to entice and grab my soul.
As I drift in her taste, her hands slide down my back over my firm ass to cup each cheek.
She pulls our bodies together, as she succeeds in relighting the fire of lust, which blazed earlier.
Her legs spread around me, as she drives her pussy against my growing cock.
Small urgings of her pussy against my cock cause moans to emerge from my throat against her probing tongue.
My left hand strokes her face, as if she needs gentle coaxing to continue her subtle movements against me.
“Oh, my sweet Naomi your movements are fueling the fires of lust, which burn between us,” I whisper haltingly with difficulty.
A small wicked laugh comes from Naomi, as she pushes hard against my trapped cock.
Her hands pull on my ass, as her hip movements increase in speed and intensity.
I slide the hand, which caressed her cheek down her body underneath her yellow tank top.
I cup her left breast and squeeze it firmly, which draws a quick breath, which she holds.
Her nipple hardens and pushes against my fingers urging me to continue squeezing.
I grab her nipple between two of my fingers and twist it while I pull it away from her breast.
The breath she holds rushes quickly from her mouth with a loud moan.
Naomi’s hands slide up to my waist, as she moves them to the front of my pants.
She unbuckles my belt, unbuttons, unzips my jeans and pushes them to the floor.
She moves her hips away from me, as her hands push my boxers to join my slacks on the floor.
She pulls her short shorts quickly down to join my clothes and moves her hips with her wide spread legs tighter against my hips.
My cock nestles nicely in the wide slit of her pussy lips, which brings a guttural moan from Naomi.
The heat between us erupts into a fully consuming bonfire of lust, as she rides my hard cock up and down her slit.
The lips of her pussy swell and consume my cock.
The head of my cock rides up her pussy lips hitting her hungry clit with each push of her hips.
Her breath comes in quick heavy pants with each thrust, as she increases the speed and intensity.
The wetness of her pussy increases with each thrust and my cock slides easily.
I take both my hands and slide them under her heart shaped ass, which thrusts her hips against me.
I pick her up pulling her thighs up to wrap her legs around my hips.
I carry her slowly over to a large couch where I lay her body down.
As she lies on the couch, my hard cock plunges deep inside her quivering pussy.
I start a slow plunging motion with my cock sliding deeply in and out of her.
I keep my hands on her soft ass holding her hips up to help my cock get deeper with each thrust.
Her breathing slows but is still heavy.
Her hands tug and pull her tank top over her head.
She tugs and pulls the rest of my clothes off.
When we are naked, she wraps her arms around my neck kissing my lips hard.
As her kisses become more wanton and intense, she bites my lower lip and sucks it into her mouth.
She continues to kiss and play with my lips, as she takes my cock deep in her tight little pussy.
She keeps urging my movements to increase in speed, but I resist driving into her harder.
The pace of my thrusts slows, which causes her to express a loud moan of disappointment.
I pull out of her and roughly roll her over, as I pull her hips up putting her on her hands and knees.
This is her favorite position and a moan of pure satisfaction greets the change.
My hands grip her hips and pull her to me, as my cock enters her throbbing pussy.
Her ass spreads, the deeper I push hard into her.
Her moans grow louder and longer as I drive my cock in and out.
As I push slowly in and out, the rushing in my body of the pending ejection of my sperm increases.
The rushing starts in my head and focuses on reaching my balls and hard cock.
My cock stiffens and my thrusts increase as my desire to release my cum grows.
My thrusts become reckless and intense, as I pull Naomi’s hips hard against me, driving as deep as possible.
Her pussy throbs against the movement of my cock at each thrust.
I feel her pussy harden and pull against my cock as her orgasms grow.
As I release deeply into her, her orgasms erupt around my cock.
I feel her wetness increase and flow around my cock, as we share our pleasure.
Her moans turn into screams of ecstasy and pleasure, as she pushes her body against me.
The shudders and quivers of her body increase, as her orgasms take over.
Her hands grip the cushion under her head as the intensity grows.
Her breathing grows labored, as I pound into her releasing everything I have for her.
I slow my thrusts, as my release slows and I stop deep inside her to have her pussy milk my cock.
Nothing compares to having the woman you love give herself completely.
Naomi does that every time we are together.
She focuses on our achieving the ultimate pleasure of sharing our bodies.
We fall together onto the couch, as our coupling ends and we bask in the intense feelings of love we have.



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