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“So, sweetheart, what are we going to do while the house is a man-free zone?” Robert had to visit his parents for the weekend at short notice; too short for the three of them to go together.
Melissa had some commitments at college on the Saturday morning, and Sarah was reluctant to leave her by herself.
It was not that she was not capable, but a lot had happened this last few weeks, and they all thought that some serious ‘girlie’ time was overdue.
“Mummy, can we talk about sex please? Can we be giddy, and silly, but serious as well, and will you tell me things? I am trying to work out where I am going.
I’m not a virgin but…” She paused.
“It’s not been as exciting as it gets talked up to be.
” “OK! Let’s go shopping tomorrow afternoon for things we don’t need, but which will be nice to wear, or play with.
Then we relax and chill out, and we drink lots of wine and munch pizza.
No holds barred darling.
You can ask me anything you like.
When your Daddy died, life changed for us both, and we became more like sisters.
I always want it to be that way darling, because I think we help each other.
What Robert and I do is ‘us’ – it’s not ‘you’.
I think I need to tell you how we got there.
We can have some fun, and be really outrageous if we want.
” “Mummy, I would absolutely love that.
” “Hi Rob my darling,” said Sarah on the phone just after tea-time, the following day, “how’s Mum doing?” “She’s absolutely fine love,” replied Robert, “we went out and got the new washing machine this afternoon and I’ve got it plumbed in, so she’s happy.
Sends her love.
Have you two had a good day?” “We’ve had a total scream.
I don’t know which one of us was feeling naughtier than the other, but we spent a small fortune in Ann Summers and La Senza.
” “Wow! I wish I was there for the fashion parade.
” “Well, you’ll get to see mine tomorrow night but Mel’s I don’t think you get to see unless they’re on the airer.
Anyway, this evening’s dress code is ‘T’ shirts and knickers, while sitting on our bed eating pizza and talking dirty.
” “Have fun my darling, both of you have fun.
I love you.
” “Is that where Rob sits when you’re entertaining houseguests Mummy?” said Melissa pointing to an armchair by the wall.
“Yes, sweetheart.
At least that’s where he starts.
If he’s filming he moves about, as you saw on the ones we’ve shown you.
” Melissa went a bit quiet and looked thoughtful.
“Darling, it must all seem very weird and freaky to you.
I don’t want you to be worried or upset.
Please Mel, let me explain how we got here?” “Mummy, I don’t think any of my friends are having conversations like this, but I’m not bothered.
I know you and Robert are very much in love and are very, very happy.
I also know that I am loved, and have a wonderful life.
I really love Robert, almost as a Dad, but really like a wonderful older brother.
That’s not surprising because you and I are more like sisters.
I am not worried, or upset, but I would like to know a bit more about how we got here, so to speak.
” “Then I’m going to tell you a story little Mel, but not quite like the ones that Daddy used to tell you when you were little.
We might cry a bit sweetheart, but that’s OK.
” “I loved Jimmy with every bit of my being and we had the most marvellous sex life.
We had an even more marvellous daughter and we named her Melissa.
She was our treasure and our hope, but we always kept our passion for each other.
” I still remember the times Granny and Grandad Jones walked you down to the shop for sweets.
It took thirty five minutes in total, and we could have a very nice quickie in that time.
Mum always used to grin at me when you all got back.
Never in our lives together was there anyone else for either of us, sexually.
The thought of the lifestyle that Robert and I have now, would never have entered our minds.
” “Then that moron, Alistair Mainwaring, thought he could drink five pints then drive home while using his mobile phone.
He killed our lovely man, and that’s where the story begins.
That’s when we became sisters Mel; we looked out for each other, even though you were only eight, at the time.
We loved each other with a bitter spice that most mothers and daughters are spared, but that added something rich to us as well.
It means we can sit here drinking wine, eating pizza in T shirts and knickers.
In a few minutes we will be giggling and talking.
Our lovely, lovely man left us with a legacy of love that means we can do this.
” “Mummy,” cried Melissa falling into Sarah’s arms.
For several minutes they hugged and sobbed.
They sobbed, until with tears running down her cheeks Melissa pulled away laughing.
“So, the grief ridden widow became a sex driven tigress, seeking men that she might devour,” cried Melissa.
“Certainly not,” said Sarah, “all that came later, and it was Granny Jones and Granny Palmer that started it.
” “What?” shrieked Melissa.
“Listen! Mel my precious.
You were going to a birthday party and I had sprained my wrist, so Granny Jones said she would drive.
We dropped you off and then went to visit Granny Palmer.
It soon became clear they had planned a conversation with me.
It was two years after Daddy had died.
I was helpless.
They had me between them with a cup of tea and a cheese scone, there was no escape.
” Melissa was laughing at the vision.
“But it was so loving my darling, so caring for us both.
Granny Palmer held my hand and looked me in the face.
“Sarah, you lost your husband and I lost a wonderful son, and Melly lost her Daddy.
You have to move on,” she said.
“You need a new companion, a new lover, a new mate.
” “I’m fine,” I said.
“Melly and me are both fine.
” “You are devoting yourself to Melly, darling, and it’s wonderful, but you have your own needs too.
Melly will go to college, or move away sometime.
She may get married and leave you.
But something worse might happen.
” “What do you mean?” I asked.
“What would be worse, darling, is that she might not do any of those things.
She may not, because she wants to care for you darling, and so deny herself a life, until it’s too late.
” “It was those last words that thundered home sweetheart.
I still had some resistance, until Granny Jones came in with the chocolate éclair hand from the left, and then I knew I was a lost woman.
” Melissa couldn’t tell which bits were serious, but she couldn’t mock any of it.
Everything was bound up in love and dressed up in allegory.
She hadn’t an idea of where it was all going, but she knew it was important to her mother.
“Goodness Mummy, the old éclair trick eh? How did she lay the cards?” “Oh it was a finesse darling.
It was a brutal finesse.
When it was played it came from Granny Jones, my own Mum.
” “I help with your housework and things, and I put things away Sarah.
I found your toys.
” “You still have needs darling.
Battery operated boyfriends aren’t enough.
” “ You need some real sex don’t you?” said Granny Palmer.
Alan and I make love regularly, and after this conversation he’d better get the message for tonight.
” “The same goes for me darling,” said my Mum, “your Dad is going to get a right pounding later, it’s my turn to be on top.
” Tears of happy memory flowed down Sarah’s cheeks.
She had a faraway look, as she was recalled the conversation of more than ten years ago.
Both women were quiet.
Melissa was discovering that the universe had new colours and places in it.
Granny Jones and Granny Palmer were suddenly sexual beings, and it was beautiful.
She broke the spell that held them both when she exhaled.
“Wow Mummy! Golly! An éclair from the right then a custard cream slice from the left; knockout blows.
” The two looked at each other for a brief moment, then the fits of laughter erupted.
They hugged and rolled around in each other’s arms, unable to contain themselves, as they whooped and shrieked and shook.
After two minutes they each stopped at the same moment, but when they looked at each other it all broke out again.
Eventually sheer exhaustion calmed them down, and they lay back breathing deeply.
They had just the odd tremor as an occasional giggle erupted.
“I’ll pour us another glass of wine,” said Sarah, “then I’ll try and carry on.
” “What those two wonderful women did for me that afternoon was amazing.
They opened up, and made themselves vulnerable, but they made me confront a big truth.
I did need someone else in my life, to share my being with.
I realised that you needed another figure there as well my darling.
We all cried that afternoon, but it was beautiful.
” “They continued to shock me a bit.
My own Mum telling me to go and have some fun.
She thought I ought to get myself some good old sex if I could, then begin to try and build a new relationship.
Granny Palmer agreed, and they told me to be careful, and safe.
Between them, they would look after you when needed.
” “I didn’t know where to begin, but they had that covered too, the sly things.
Do you remember ‘Uncle’ Simon dear?” “Oh yes! He was nice, I liked him.
” “He’s lovely.
He was the son of a friend of Granny Palmer, and they said he would be willing to take me out for dinner and to go for an occasional drink or something.
It was to build up my confidence.
It was a real bonus.
We never had any sex, but I had found someone to talk to.
Once I was out in the world a bit, I found I could fly solo.
” “I went out on a number of dates with different blokes, but it was John Bailey that got me into bed.
After over two years without sex, it was amazing, and it just got wilder and wilder.
I knew he wasn’t someone for a long term relationship, but the sex was fantastic.
Then he introduced me to the ‘swinging’ scene.
I was nervous beforehand, but I went wild when I got going.
I want you to give me a hug before I tell you the next things, please?” “Mummy, this is wonderful you and me just talking like this.
There’s so much I want to ask you,” said Melissa as they broke away from each other.
“Anything you like sweetheart.
I’ll just be happy you’re still talking to me after this next bit.
” “Mummy, I have sat and watched videos of you having sex with strangers.
It’s smoking hot, but I don’t want to try it.
I don’t think you have anything to worry about shocking me now.
I’m agog to hear it.
Come on, don’t be bashful.
Fess up Mummy.
” “Well, at parties I was often the first one with my clothes off, and I’d suck any and every cock I could get my hands on.
Some parties were swapping sessions, but the ones I really enjoyed then were more like orgies.
The rules were very strict though.
No meant no, whatever.
Condoms every time, even if the person you were bonking was your spouse.
” “What do you think really surprised me about it though, do you think?” “I can’t think Mummy.
Watching other people have sex?” “No dear.
That was fun and a great turn on.
I found a huge excitement in being watched, as I was been fucked.
I know that’s got to sound really weird.
I had no idea I was such an exhibitionist, but I loved it.
So much so, that at my last party, John fixed it so that I was gang banged.
It was awesome, but that was the turning point.
” “That night I gave myself a good talking to.
It was time to give up that lifestyle before it took me over.
I remembered what Mum and Granny Palmer had said.
I had had my fun, and it was now time to try and build a relationship.
I wasn’t going to find one in that circle.
” Melissa couldn’t make up her mind whether to be shocked, or turned on by her mother’s revelations, and decided she was both.
It was also true that she understood just how deeply Mummy and Robert loved each other.
Whatever happened in the past, she decided, stayed in the past.
She had been devastated by her Daddy’s death, but she and Mummy had then grown so much closer.
Only now could she begin to grasp some idea of what the loss had meant to her mother, in a way she could never have imagined when she was just eight years old.
As if Sarah guessed the thought sequences of Melissa’s mind, she shuffled over to give her a hug.
“You’re my angel Mel my darling, and I love you and always will.
” “Mummy you know I love you too, this is all a bit of a shock to me, but it’s also rather exciting.
In fact,” she laughed, “I think I need to go and change my knickers.
” “Me too, sweetheart.
Online Now! Lush Cams SophiaColeman I think some time out, and more wine are called for.
” Once composure and comfort had been restored to them each, Sarah continued.
“John tried to persuade me to continue, you couldn’t go to the parties without a partner to swap, for fairly obvious reasons.
He was persistent at first, and he thought he had won me round.
I said there might be a possibility, but he had to do something for me first.
” “Name it!” he said excitedly.
“We simply have to find out if my daughter would think you acceptable as a new Daddy, and then you marry me.
It was the last I heard from him.
” They both laughed.
“I remember you bringing various blokes round to have tea with us.
I didn’t realise that I was judging them,” said Melissa.
“You weren’t darling.
I was watching for how they really interacted with you.
I had no sex for six months, partly to try and get it back into proportion with my life, but mainly to begin to think of it as part of being in a relationship, instead of a lifestyle.
Of course my various toys worked overtime, and after our conversation they’ll be doing a shift tonight, I can tell you.
” “Mummy, that one we bought for me this afternoon.
Will you show me how to use it please?” “Certainly sweetheart.
I’m a bit concerned about you saying that sex isn’t what it’s talked up to be.
Allowing for inexperience you should still be finding it more fun than you seem to be.
So, we’ll have a good chat about it before we go to bed, OK?” “OK Mum, now carry on telling me about how you came to marry Robert and then start having sex with other men.
I’m probably naïve; most girls, I’m sure, have this sort of chat with their Mums all the time.
” “Important point that my darling; as you well realise, they do not.
This is the story of my journey, and it isn’t one to be copied or played with.
Don’t envy me darling for all the fun bits.
You know the pain we both went through that set me down the road.
Don’t blame either of your grannies either.
When they said ‘fun’, I don’t think they had the sort of thing I was doing in mind.
” “Anyway, you were actually there with me when we met Robert and I think you fell in love with him straight away didn’t you?” “He was lovely.
You’d tripped and hurt your ankle when we went to the park.
He came over to help us and he treated me like a grown up.
He had his neighbour’s dog ‘Fergus’ with him.
He gave me ‘Fergus’ to look after and take to his car, while he helped you to a seat.
Then he explained the First Aid bits to me and he showed me how to put the bandage on you.
” “I fell in love with Fergus, straightaway.
When he came round the following day to see how you were he was walking him again.
I played with him in the garden while the two of you talked.
” “Robert was the first man who.



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