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It was a hot July day in Texas, but there was work to be done.
Luke was on his way to the shop next to the house to work on the ranch pickup that had broke down the day before.
He wasn’t looking forward to it.
Luke was a tall man, mid-twenties, good strong build, but not bulky.
He had dark hair and brown eyes.
He opened the big roll up door, grabbed some tools and a creeper.
He threw his weathered grey cowboy hat on the bench and slid himself under the truck and got to work.
It was about noon as far as Luke could tell from the lack of shadows out in the sun scorched driveway.
He had gotten pretty far on his little project, save one stubborn bolt.
He was about at the end of his rope, when he looked across the driveway and saw two long beautifully tanned legs headed his way.
Even though that’s all he could see from under that dirty old truck, he knew instantly who they belonged to: his wife Molly.
A grin instantly crossed his face.
Her legs looked so good in the sun and the white topped boots she wore really made them stand out.
She was a tall slim girl, with long brown hair that fell loose over her tank top straps that covered her large firm breasts.
She had on a pair of cutoffs that just barely covered her perfect firm ass.
Luke thought to himself, perfect timing as always.
If he knew his Molly she wouldn’t be headed down here on a hot day like this without a couple cold beers.
He watched her walk in and, right on cue, he saw an ice cold beer lowered down to the floor beside him.
Then he heard her sweet voice ask, “How’s it going baby?” “Could be better.
one damn bolt! Typical.
” “You sound frustrated, is there anything I can do to help?” Luke noticed a little change in her voice when she asked if there was anything she could do.
He shrugged it off.
He began to reply, “No I don’t think so bu.
” He was interrupted by Molly’s hand sliding up his thigh to his now growing bulge.
“I think there is something I can do to help relieve some of your frustration,” she said.
She was now on her knees looking at him with that evil little smile that he knew all too well.
“I don’t know why you’re just layin’ there.
That’s not going to get much done.
” Smiling and shaking his head Luke reluctantly went back to his task, thinking it was just a tease, until he felt the tug of his jeans being unbuttoned and unzipped.
The release of pressure off of his swollen shaft felt so good it made him instantly harder.
He felt the wetness of Molly’s sweet tongue between his balls; it sent a shudder through his entire body.
She moved up slowly to the tip.
She gave the underside of his head a few playful flicks before grabbing the base and sliding his entire length into her mouth.
Well, most of it.
Molly loved Luke’s cock.
It might have been too much for her mouth to take, but it touched all the right places when it was deep inside her.
  Luke lay there for what seemed like hours enjoying the feel of Molly’s wet warm mouth bobbing up and down on his rock hard shaft.
She was so good at what she did when it came to him.
At one point he was in so much bliss that he dropped the wrench he was holding and hit himself in the head.
“Sonofabitch!” he exclaimed.
Molly giggled as she let his dick slip from her mouth and slap his stomach.
“Sorry, babe,” she told him.
She stood up and Luke thought she was leaving.
“A tease? Really?” he asked.
“Are you at least going to button me up?!” Luke’s question was answered when he looked down and saw Molly’s cutoffs and pink panties hit the tops of her boots.
His cock twitched as she stepped out of them and one leg stepped over him.
He started to slide himself out from under the truck when he heard her say, “I don’t think so, mister.
You’ve got work to do.
” Her evil little smile coming through in her voice.
“There’s no way, babe!” “You better find a way! Or I’ll take all of this and go check the horses like I planned when I came out here.
” Luke slid himself back under the truck with a heavy sigh and a little grin.
He loved Molly’s spontaneity.
He was shaking with anticipation as he grabbed his wrench to make his woman happy.
He knew he wasn’t going to get anything done but he had to make a show of it for her.
Online Now! Lush Cams Choco_dessert The fact that he couldn’t see her drove him crazy.
What he could do was feel her, and right then he felt the wetness of her pussy as she slid it up and down his shaft as it lay on his stomach.
He started to squirm.
She was driving him out of his mind.
Molly slid her hand down, grasped Luke’s cock and slid herself down onto it.
She let out a small moan as she took it all in.
Luke was harder than usual, it felt so good, so deep.
It was a little painful, but so good at the same time.
She smiled knowing that she was responsible for his especially rock hard cock.
She was using all of it as she rocked her hips back and forth on top of him.
Her moaning and tempo picked up as Luke felt her tighten around his manhood.
Her body shuddered and she screamed, “Oh god yes!!” Luke felt her wetness running down his shaft and spreading across his hips.
Molly slowed down as the intensity subsided.
She pushed back against the truck pulling Luke out from under it.
This was the first time Luke had a clear view of Molly’s top half since she started her sensual assault on him.
She was still wearing her white tank top and he could see her pink bra through it.
She gave him a satisfied smile.
Luke’s hands found his way to her naked hips as she leaned down to kiss him.
He slid his hands up her back and found the clasp to her bra.
When it came loose, Molly rolled her shoulders forward letting the straps fall off them.
Molly felt Luke’s rod stiffen as she sat up and pulled her shirt and bra down around her waist exposing her 34D breasts.
She smiled and gave them a little shake, she knew her man was a boob guy.
especially hers.
Luke’s hands were a little greasy but Molly wanted, needed to feel them.
She loved the way his big strong hands felt on her body; they were always warm, and his touch was so soft.
She grabbed his hands and pressed them against her tits.
Luke squeezed and caressed them enjoying the weight of them in his hands.
His fingers found her nipples and he flicked them lightly.
Molly’s head rocked back.
She moaned and arched her back in approval.
Slowly her hips started to rock once more.
She had used Luke’s cock to make herself feel so good; she was still buzzing from her last orgasm and was going to make sure she returned the favor to her sweet man.
She started to alternate between rocking her hips and sliding up and down on his pulsing cock.
Luke’s eyes were closed tight.
She knew he was close but was trying not to let go.
Molly slowed down and leaned over to whisper in his ear, “Open your eyes, baby, and cum with me.
I’m so close and I want to feel you explode inside me.
” Luke watched as she leaned back and arched her back pushing her firm tits out at him.
This coupled with her beautiful eyes staring into his as her hot wet pussy massaged every inch of his shaft was too much.
He groaned loudly as his cock started to pulse and his first shot of cum started to fill her.
That was all Molly needed to set her off.
She screamed and moaned as a second orgasm shot through her body.
Their moans ran together as Luke continued to shoot stream after stream of hot cum into her.
Molly kept pace making sure she pulled every last drop he had out of him.
She felt his firmness start to soften, she leaned down to kiss him.
As she did, his cock slipped out of her and laid against his stomach.
As she lay there gently kissing and sucking his neck, Luke could feel the combination of their juices dripping out of her covering his sensitive shaft and running down his balls.
Molly sat up quickly and pulled her bra and tank top up.
She stood up grabbed a shop towel and cleaned herself up.
Luke was still in his orgasmic stupor as she shimmied her panties and cutoffs back on.
She shot him a devilish little smile as she grabbed her beer and another shop towel.
She threw the towel at him and said, “Damn baby, you’re a mess.
How ’bout you clean yourself up!” She giggled as she walked out.
“Don’t forget I need that truck tomorrow to feed while you’re in town, so you should probably stop messing around and start getting something done.
” Luke smiled as he buttoned his pants, lay back, and got back to what he was doing.
“What a woman!” he thought as he watched her walk away from under the truck.



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