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Latest stories Taboo Caught But By Who – Part 2

I guess I should tell you a bit more about my step-mum.
She’s 5′ 4″, has short auburn hair, blue eyes, isslightly curvy and the more I think about it, she is quite attractive.
Up until that moment I had never thought of her in any other way except as my step-mum.
We are all a bit conservative in our house.
We don’t walk around the house naked, and very rarely would I see my step-mum or sister in their bra or pants.
So there I was, standing in the shower, thinking about what had just happened.
How long had she been there? What do I say? Do I ask her about it? Do I apologize for what she saw? Then I started thinking about whether she had liked what she saw, and how attractive she actually is.
Before I knew it, I was getting hard again.
I couldn’t believe it—hard from thinking about my own step-mum.
I must be sick or something.
But my erection didn’t disappear.
I tried my best to get those thoughts out of my head, but it was no good.
I was as hard as a steel bar.
I decided to finish my shower, get dressed and head into town to clear my head.
I decided I couldn’t face my step-mum again, so I just shouted into the kitchen that I was away out for a bit.
I spent a good three hours just walking about, trying to forget everything that was going on at home.
Eventually it was time to go home.
When I got back home it was about 3:00 p.
and my step-mum’s car wasn’t there.
One less thing to worry about, I thought.
When I got in the house, I realized I was the only one there.
I went to my room, grabbed my laundry basket and brought it downstairs.
While I was unloading my basket I noticed a pair of my step-mum’s panties.
I don’t know what came over me, but the next thing I knew I had them in my hand and was bringing them up to my nose to inhale her sweet scent.
I stuffed the panties in my pocket, unloaded the rest of my laundry basket and sprinted upstairs into my room.
As soon I was in my room, I had stripped off my clothes and was on my bed with my step-mum’s panties pushed up to my nose.
I then wrapped the panties around my cock and began furiously stroking it.
It only took a matter of minutes before I came.
Exhausted after my activity I drifted off to sleep with the panties still wrapped round my cock.
I’m not sure how long I was asleep for, but I woke suddenly.
I removed the cum soaked panties from my cock and was about to reach for my boxers when I noticed my step-mum was standing at my open door.
She didn’t dash off this time, but rather slowly walked away.
Oh, fuck! What have I done? How do I explain this? I put the panties under my pillow and got dressed.
There was no way I was going downstairs to face her.
Instead I decided to play the X-Box.
I heard my dad and sister come home.
An hour later, I was called for dinner.
We were all sitting around the dinner table.
I tried to catch my step-mum’s eye to see if I could judge how she was feeling.
But she never looked in my direction.
After dinner, my sister and I did the dishes.
Mum and dad were in the living room watching TV.
I couldn’t help but worry about what would happen if she told him what she saw.
As soon as the dishes were done, I headed straight back to my room.
About 10:00 p.
my dad shouted up that he was away to bed.
My sister wasn’t too far behind him.
I took this opportunity to go downstairs.
I walked into the living room where my step-mum was sitting with a glass of wine.
It looked like she had tears in her eyes.
We looked at each other for the first time.
And then came the words every male hates.
“We need to talk.
” I closed the door behind me and took a seat opposite my step-mum.
We sat in silence for a few minutes.
Finally I tried to speak.
“Mum, I’m sor—” was all I got to say before she cut me off.
“No, Ryan.
Let me talk first.
First of all I would like to say there is nothing wrong with masturbating.
We all have needs and we all do it.
But what I am concerned about is what I saw you with earlier.
” Again there was a brief silence before I tried to explain myself.
“I am sorry about earlier.
Online Now! Lush Cams Romiinaa I don’t know what made me take your panties.
I was unloading my laundry when I saw them sitting.
I guess after the other day when you saw me with my toy, curiosity got the better of me.
My head was all over the place.
It won’t happen again.
” My step-mum sat there with a shocked look on her face.
“Okay, I guess I should apologize as well,” she said.
 “I shouldn’t have looked in on you masturbating.
I didn’t intend to.
I just happened to be walking past and saw you.
If this is just a phase then I guess we will just have to wait until it passes.
” Now it was my turn to have a shocked look on my face.
“So, you’re not going to tell dad?” “No, I won’t.
But you have to promise me you won’t tell anyone about this.
” “Okay, mum, I won’t.
Thank you for being so understanding.
” She stood up and walked towards the door, and with a smirk on her face said, “It’s okay Ryan.
And if I’m honest, I found it quite hot both times I saw you.
” With that, she left the room and went to bed.
I was now more confused than ever before.
What did she mean, ‘Wait until it passes’? Was she allowing me to use her panties? Either way, the conversation I just had with my step-mum had gotten me hard.
So I went to the laundry room to see if I could find another pair of her panties.
I was in luck.
A black pair.
I inhaled her sweet scent and imagined her masturbating while wearing them.
I took them up to my room, wrapped them round my cock and masturbated like crazy until I shot my load into my step-mum’s panties again.
As I lay in bed, I thought, “If she wants to play games, then let’s play.
” The next morning I woke up with my mums panties beside me.
I was tempted to cum in them again, but instead I decided to take them down and show her my work.
Wearing only my boxers and my quite obvious morning erection on show, I went down stairs with her panties in my hand.
As I walked into the kitchen, I saw her standing doing some dishes.
She now looked hotter than ever to me.
She was wearing her nightie and if she had bent over I’m sure I would have been able to see her butt.
I walked over and gave her a big hug, making sure I pressed my very hard cock into her butt.
I gave her a kiss on the cheek and said, “Good morning, beautiful.
” She jumped a little, and spun round, instantly noticing my tent.
“Oh my, good morning to you both,” she said with a little laugh.
 I then handed her the panties.
“Someone has been busy,” she said as she opened them up and noticed my cum stains all over them.
I moved in to give her another hug.
But she stopped me and said, ” I know I said we will just have to let it pass, but you must try and keep cool around me.
We don’t want your father or sister seeing this, now do we?” “You’re right.
I’ll try and keep my cool,” I said, a little disappointed but I knew the consequences if we did get caught.
“And besides, if we are careful, we can still have some fun,” she said as she looked at my erection.
I couldn’t help but smile and let out a small moan.
I asked if we could just have a quick hug? “Okay, but just a quick one.
Then you may go and take care of that thing,” she said with a laugh.
As we hugged, I slid my hands down her back, lifted her nightie slightly and lightly caressed her butt.
I swear I could feel my cock get even harder.
I think my mum could feel it too as it pressed against her tummy.
She broke off the hug and said, “You’re a naughty boy.
Now go and take care of that and calm down a bit.
” I slid my hand into my boxers and squeezed my cock.
I leaned in and gave her a kiss on the lips before turning to walk out of the kitchen.
As I got to the door I turned round to take one more look.
I noticed mum had a one hand on her breast and one in her panties.
“So hot,” I said.
She looked up and smiled before I disappeared up to my room to take care of my throbbing hard-on and then get ready for work.



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