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Latest stories Taboo Between Pete and Dave Johnson

“Lola, do you want to marry me?” I was shocked.
I was lying on Dave’s bed and he kneeled in front of me, holding my hands.
I did not know what to say.
I am a 21 year old student who lives in Japan and comes to the US every year for summer holiday.
I can’t just get married to my summer lover! “Dave, Dave… I don’t know what to say.
” I saw unspeakable pain in his eyes.
He cast his eyes down, and let my hands go.
I took a deep breath and sat up on the bed.
I felt another gush of cum oozing out of my pussy.
This cum was the reason Dave asked me to marry him, and this cum also was the problem.
I just had experienced an awesome orgasm and was still a bit dizzy.
“Dave, I know how you feel, and believe me, I also feel deeply for you.
” Last year, in Japan, I had successfully declined a marriage proposal.
So I knew what to say.
But I was in love with Dave and I didn’t want to say what I had to say to him.
“Dave, I love you, but I live in Japan; I am studying in Japan.
” For Dave this was no hindrance.
He looked up to me.
“Then I’ll go with you! I come to Japan and I will find work to support us.
Support our family.
” He gently put his hand on my belly.
My belly that was full of his sperm.
He knew that I took the pill, so I wasn’t getting pregnant this time, but I understood that he wanted to have children with me.
“But how about your dad?” I continued to object.
Thinking of Dave’s dad made things so much worse.
The last spark of hope vanished from his eyes.
“Because of what happened just now?” Dave sighted.
“He’ll get over it.
He can find women to have sex with anytime, anywhere.
” I shifted my body and some more cum leaked out.
It was the cum of two men, Dave’s and his father’s.
I could see that Dave wanted me to be as far away from his father as possible.
Dave just had seen how much I liked to be fucked by dad’s big cock and he was jealous, wanting me just for himself.
But this threesome, my first one, just minutes ago had been such a wonderful experience for me.
Of course when I would be back in Japan after the summer break, I could have it any time.
Just go to some bar and hook up with some guys, go to a love hotel, and let them fuck me.
Threesome, foursome, only my imagination was the limit.
Dave and I knew from each other that we had lovers in those long months I was in Japan and he was in San Diego.
So, having sex with other partners was not the problem.
The problem was that Dave thought I would prefer his dad over him.
” Abruptly Dave stood up.
Seeing naked men after they have had sex with me was always so funny for me.
Their once so big and hard cock would be limp and small.
For those guys who were uncut (and that is true for all Japanese) the foreskin would cover the once so proud purple heads.
When Dave turned around and bent down to pick up his boxer shorts, I admired his butt.
Perfect in shape! I gave it a slap.
Dave did not react.
“Think about, will you? I will be going somewhere.
I need to be alone.
” I didn’t say anything until he was fully dressed and at the door.
“Dave?” He turned around.
“I love you.
” He did not reply but just murmered something and closed the door behind him.
I just laid there, thinking of nothing.
Kind of automatically, my fingers found their way to my wet and slimy pussy.
I love sperm.
The first time I tasted it, at age 17, was by accident.
The guy I was giving a blowjob was too excited and had a premature ejaculation.
I was shocked.
Why is it that such a sweet smelling liquid could be so bitter? He was so embarrassed and we never saw each other again.
But over the years I learned to love the taste – especially Dave’s.
So, I scooped finger after finger of the combined liquids from Dave and his father from my pussy to my mouth.
When I was finished, I must have dozed off, because the next time my eye caught the clock it was already lunchtime.
After taking a shower, I made myself a sandwich (I felt quite at home at the Johnson house) and switched on the espresso machine.
Dave was nowhere to be seen.
After drinking coffee, I watched a kovie and flipped through some books in Dave’s room.
At 4 p.
Dave’s dad came back.
I happened to sit in the kitchen, and when I heard the key turn in the door, I got up.
Dave’s dad closed the main door and stepped into the kitchen.
When he saw me standing there, ten feet away from him, he immediately smiled.
Of course.
What man would not smile when his lover would stand there with nothing on but an oversized T-shirt.
He came to me and wrapped his arm around me and placed his big and warm hand on my butt.
“Hi Lola, how are you my darling?” “Hi, Mr.
” Wasn’t it strange? I knew the family for so many years and had been a lover of his son for four years, and now his lover for one day, but I even did not know his first name.
“Call me Pete.
Where is Dave?” He looked around.
“He left this morning and he isn’t back yet.
” I liked the feeling of his hard cock that pressed through our clothes into my belly.
Pete wanted me and I enjoy being wanted.
But he sounded worried when he loosened the grip on my butt.
“You had a fight?” The desire for a hard ten inch cock inside of me vanished when it dawned me that Dave’s and my conversation this morning amounted to a fight.
I tried to play it down.
“Well, not a fight…” “What then? Whenever you are here in our house I see you with Dave, and this morning I found out why; you love to have sex together.
Not that I am against it.
” he laughed, but quickly his face turned serious and he stepped back.
“And now he is gone for a couple of hours, if not because of a fight.
” He left the sentence unfinished.
“I know it’s all my fault…” For the first time today, tears welled up.
That awoke the fatherly instincts in Pete and he came closer and whipped them away.
“My dear.
Why would it be your fault? Wait… he didn’t like that I intruded and fucked you?” Tears welled up again and I nodded.
Whipping my tears away again, he replied.
“But it was me who invaded your privacy this morning, it was me who took you away from Dave.
It was me, who, who fucked you in front of his eyes.
” “But it was me who had a great orgasm in front of the eyes of the love of my life!” I blurted out.
My shoulders trembled as I uncontrollably wept.
I had my face buried deep in Pete’s chest.
He held me tight and just was there for me.
I don’t know for how long, but we just stood in the kitchen.
His shirt got wetter and wetter, and I slowly calmed down.
Online Now! Lush Cams SophiaVelasquez His hands all over my back, shoulders, and hair had a very calming effect.
They even had a more intense effect.
A fatal effect, as I might say.
“I know, I know I should not do this,” I said.
With one move I turned around, bent over, placed my one hand on the kitchen table, spread my legs and with the other hand lifted my T-shirt over my hips.
My bare butt was exposed to Pete and the invitation was clear to any man in the world.
I really did not have to say anything, but I did it anyway.
“Pete, fuck me – fuck me now!” What came over me, I don’t know.
I was on the best way to throw away my affection and year-long love for my best friend and lover Dave for the sake of a quick cock in my pussy.
But there was no way back.
Pete breathed heavily, let out a groan, and within a second he had his pants zipped open and down to his ankles.
With his hand he guided his ten inch cock to the entrance of my lust hole.
When its head had separated my wet lips, he used both hands to spread my ass cheeks.
With a groan, he dove in.
I groaned, too, but out of pain.
This morning my pussy had been lubricated by Dave’s cum and Pete’s immense member did not wreck that much havoc, but now I was much tighter and drier.
“Ohh, deeper, deeper, deeeeeeper.
” I overcame my pain by shouting his name.
“Peeeeete, deeeeeper!!!!” My lips were stretched to their limits and he gave me all that I asked for.
In an instant all the frustration about Dave left.
My world shrank and encompassed only the triangle area between my legs and my womb.
Even when Pete squeezed my nipples, they felt not like belonging to me.
I was just pussy filled with cock.
And Pete started to move.
Cock in, cock out, cock in, cock out.
“No, no!” I pushed Pete’s hands away from my tits and he understood.
Cock in pussy.
Pussy around cock.
Stretched, complete penetration.
Through the sound of my blood rushing through my ears I could her Pete’s groans and moans.
“Lola, Lola, you are so tight! Lola, are you okay?” I nodded violently.
“I’m okay, Pete.
So okay, Pete.
pushhhhhhh!” His pumping became more regular and my pussy more wet.
The tense resistance in my womb relaxed and I came back to my senses.
Like a spotlight that was slowly defocussed, other things penetrated my mind.
Pete’s cock in my pussy, his balls slapping at my clit was still the center, but I could think of Dave again.
How terrible I was.
Every time Pete’s rammed his dick deep into me, he pushed me away from Dave – his son and my future husband.
If Dave would come in now and see us, it would break his heart.
But I didn’t stop fucking his dad.
Soon I was not only thinking about Dave, but also shouting his name.
“Dave, Dave, ooohhh, Dave!” This made Pete only to ram his thick dick faster in me.
I felt how he was ready to cum, and I remembered the promise Dave and I had.
I wanted Pete’s cum so badly in my pussy.
I knew that he must have thought of fucking me all day and that his balls were loaded with gallons of cum.
But still there was this promise between Dave and me! I would only allow Dave to cum in me, and he would not give his cum to any other girl.
On Pete’s next out-stroke I let his dick pop out of my pussy.
“Lola, what are you?” I knelt down and I grabbed the base of his cock.
A thick peace of meat covered with a thick layer of my juice.
The tip was deep violet and I opened my mouth to swallow it.
Since Pete had been so close to cumming, two, three flicks with my tongue around its rim was enough to release the flood.
And a flood it was! I could not take it all.
It splashed out of my mouth on the T-shirt and on the floor.
It took eight jerks for Pete to empty his balls.
The last ones I was able to swallow.
We were both breathless, Pete towering over me and me looking up to him, licking my lips.
He pulled me up.
“Lola, let me lick you! I give you an orgasm like you never had in your whole life!” But from one instant to the next, my mood changed.
From the whore that I had been with Pete to a girlfriend who was worried about her boyfriend.
I was in a panic.
Dave! Was it possible that he had done something stupid? Was it possible that he had? I threw the T-shirt over my shoulders, and now I was completely naked in front of Pete, but we both did not care it.
I could see in his eyes that he understood.
We had to find Dave! I used the shirt to wipe my triangle dry and then I ran upwards to Dave’s room to get my clothes.
“We have to find Dave!” I shouted from Dave’s room in which my clothes were.
I took three steps at once to run down the stairs and Pete was waiting at the entrance door.
“Don’t worry, I know where he is!” He started the engine of his Dodge and backed out of the driveway.
Pete looked over his shoulder and the car came to a screeching halt on the street.
He slammed the automatic into D and rushed off.
“La Jolla.
He is fishing in La Jolla.
” “The cliffs? I have never seen him fishing there!” I knew what one could do something else at the cliffs.
When I thought about it, an ice cold hand gripped my heart.
“Yes, he goes there.
I know it.
You don’t know about it, because he always goes there the day you leave back to Japan.
” Pete continued to speak in a pressed voice.
“I should have known, I should have known.
when I saw his eyes this morning, this morning when I took you.
I should have known it is serious for him!” The Dodge roared down the road past the airport, and we did not speak a word.
Up to La Jolla, and still we were silent.
Pete had his lips pressed together.
The July sun was burning mercilessly on the asphalt.
A few miles down the road, Pete took a sharp left turn.
A few more curves, and we were close to the ocean.
The road was a dead end.
Pete got out and his cowboy boots kicked a few stones over the rubble path in front of us.
I had a hard time to follow him the steep path down.
Pate stopped so suddenly that I ran into him.
We both froze at the scene we saw.
A fishing rod, angled at 45 degrees, secured with a few stones.
A blue plastic bucked filled half with water.
No fish inside.
A small tin can with bait.
And a jacket.
Dave’s jacket.
Dave’s blue jeans jacket.
The one I had bought for him the previous year.
The one he liked so much.
I bent down and touched the sleeve.
“Dave?” I whispered.
I jumped up, looking around.
“Dave!” I shouted.
“Dave, I wanna marry you!” I knew that it might be too late for this confession.
Dave wasn’t here.
And I did not want to go to the edge of the cliff to see if he would be down there.
“No need to shout it out to the whole world.
Nobody here in La Jolla will be interested in that!” I swirled around.
There he stood, a soda bottle in his hand.



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